Thursday, December 27, 2012

Theek hai?

Uff…where do I begin speaking about the whole ‘Theek hai’ episode with our ‘dis-respected’ Manmohan Singh!

This man has finally shown to the world that he surely and undoubtedly runs by a remote control and has absolutely no brains of his own. These are the kind of situations which bring distress in the country. How can a Prime Minister not have a heart for his nation? He has three daughters of his own and not once did he ponder upon the sensitivity of the issue. Mr. PM could’ve shown at least some apathy towards the innocent girl and humbly apologized to his people for the atrocity in his country. It’s time to shed egos and the corrupt attitude!

Kehne ko we live in a democratic country but how is it a democracy when the entire desh is run by crooked Neta’s and narcissistic Gandhi family? Our youth generation has witnessed the barbarity of our government and it’s about time we bring revolution to the country. The government and police can exercise all of their man power. From this point onwards, there is no backing down!

Please tell me if this sounds theek hai to any one of you!!! A girl gets brutally gang-raped and beaten by 6 men in a moving bus along with her boyfriend. The Public decides to peacefully protest against the heinous crimes happening around the nation and police intervenes with lathi charges, tear gas shells and water cannon. A girl has no right to complain in our so-called-democratic nation if she’s raped, assaulted, tortured, or beaten. Aam junta is not allowed to raise voices over crime, bribery, or exploitation. From head-to-toe, the media is controlled by biased paisewallah’s! And while the entire country is raging over the chaotic circumstances; our PM decides to show up after four days to express condolences with a script. So yes, it is not ‘theek hai’, anymore!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Delhi Gang Rape

Firstly, if you live in Delhi and reading my article then please don’t say… ‘This is normal’. ‘So many rape cases come out every day, nothing new in this case’. Please, don’t make this a standard, don’t stay mum, speak about it out loud and act as well. It’s time to freak out, it’s time to spread the word, and it’s time to take some action.

A 23 year old decided to watch a film with her boyfriend. On their way back, the duo takes the public transportation to head home. Seven men who are already riding the bus decide to take advantage of the girl. They thrash the boyfriend and rape the girl numerous times. But wait, their lust is still not over. They chastise the girl with an iron rod and throw the duo on the road.

I would like to know what kind of world we live in??? After this episode, there is no doubt that humans are the biggest savages living on Earth. For some ‘fun’ these men decided to beat the innocent couple and raped the girl one by one. Not only should they get hanged to death, they should get the same torture and face humiliation in public to set an example for all the monsters out there.

The girl was so inhumanely beaten up that even after 48 hours she’s still not out of danger. She’s breathing with a full support of a ventilator. May God be with her in these tough times.

Let us all collaborate and spread the word as much as we can. Let us all come up with one deadly punishment for the seven savages and set a good example. Let there be justice for the innocent girl who’s fighting for every breath. Let us not forget that it could’ve been you or me on that ventilator support.

Torture them, punish them, and hang them. Please spread the word, my fellow readers…

Monday, December 3, 2012

CNN Hero of the Year – Pushpa Basnet

Once again, a Nepali woman awarded CNN Hero of the Year. In 2010, Anuradha Koirala received the CNN award for dedicating herself to combat women’s trafficking and sex slavery. And this year, the award was given to Pushpa Basnet. She devoted her life to support children whose parents get incarcerated and are forced to stay behind bars with their mothers.

At the age of 29, Pushpa received such a prestigious honor by CNN. Not only did she receive the honor, she also got awarded $250,000 to continue her work. Hopefully, this money will benefit her in nourishing the lives of these children and provide them with the best of education, food, and medical care.

It’s always relieving to see a common man supporting the mango people. Since we live in a cruel and a selfish world, not many come forward and do their due diligence for the poor and needy.

Pushpa has been helping these children since 2005 and takes care of more than 140 children of incarcerated parents. She has been a very focused and determined person from her teenage years. At the age of 21, Pushpa witnessed how children lived in prison with their mothers; and from that point onwards she was persistent to help them live a normal life outside prison.

Let’s all hope that Pushpa gets the best in her life, so she could accommodate a better life to all these children who have nowhere to go. Wish you all the good luck and the dignified life. Women like you, make us proud and make the whole nation content. *Big Hug*

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Diwali in India!!!

We, pardeshi’s love visiting our desh any day, anytime! It’s hard to fathom how we have settled and accepted a foreign land!? Recently, I took a mini trip to India and couldn’t believe how fast our country is changing. If you think that India is still a backward country then it’s time for you to take a trip to your motherland.

One can find gigantic flyover’s all across the country; construction at every corner; all kinds of cuisines available; and all the luxury you find in abroad. And one of the biggest attractions for all tourists is the IGI Airport. Since I visited around Diwali time, I got to see Rangoli, lights, flowers decorated all over the airport. You get to see all classy and authentic shops with trendy items and very hatke d├ęcor.

It was sheer joy to see all the houses, market, roads, shops lit up everywhere during Diwali time. Experienced how chaotic people get in shopping, exchanging gifts, visiting family, decorating their houses, buying diya’s and candles after thirteen years. Even celebration Diwali has completely changed in India. People no longer distribute Mithai, these days fancy packaged gifts are trending. Mithaiwala’s suddenly started to experience a decrease in their market.

Fireworks in India are simply phenomenal. For almost a whole week, I heard fireworks every night. Watching all the kids light up chakri, phul-jhadi, anar was a delight. Neighbors’ showed off to each other with the most expensive fireworks. Just watching the whole society come together and blow up rockets was charming.

All in all this year’s Diwali will remain special and close to my heart.

There is no place like home…

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Finally, Bebo tied the knot with the most powerful person of Pataudi. The Kapoor girl has proved to the world that she is undoubtedly the queen who dominates the Industry…at least for now! Not only does she acquire every blockbuster hit in her kitty; she also creates brouhaha for her big day to remain at the top on media charts.

Kareena Kapoor was born with a golden spoon and now she pertinently secured her future with the Pataudi Legacy. The Pataudi’s hold colossal treasure and Kareena will be allotted a fair share. As one of the magazines said, ‘Kareena now holds the two most paramount surnames!’ She’s Kareena Kapoor Khan…!

I was wondering if Saifoo’s kids will be attending the grand second wedding of his father. Well, surprisingly they did. It must have been a super awkward moment for the kids to get clicked with their dad and the new mummy. Wonder if the kids will actually address her ‘Mummy’?! Mind you, the daughter is already on the road-way to the industry, I bet dad’s wedding just gave her another reason to flaunt her looks n physique.

From her debut in Refugee, Bebo mentioned to the media that she wants to be the No. 1 Heroine in our industry. And she lived her dream. In the Kapoor clan, she has always asserted herself to be acquainted as the Princess. She’s the Princess in reel life and the Begum in real life.

Both of the Kapoor girls have many similarities. A few of them: both became the eminent actresses of their time; both chose to marry second hand guys *wink*; both inherited step children; initially both had the perfect love interest but fate had other partners predetermined for them. Karishma would’ve dug a gold mine by marrying Abhishek Bachchan and Kareena could’ve made a pitch - perfect match with Shahid Kapoor.

But, the sister-duo wanted their wedding card to say:

‘Halkat jawani weds second-hand jawani’s…!’ - Hey, this isn’t my original, read it somewhere and decided to steal it. :P

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Amitabh Bachchan’s BIG 70!!!

Many-a-times, life brings dilemmas but one must pull themselves together and get on with life. As the legendary actor Raj Kapoor once said, ‘The show must go on’…


This man needs no introduction! He was, he is and he certainly will remain the ‘The Superstar’ of our country. Our country is going insane over their megastar’s 70th birthday. The whole India knows how Mr. Bachchan survived after his near-death experience during the shooting of Coolie. His popularity escalated post the accident. It was sheer luck and the love of audience which brought him back to life.

Even today, it’s heart-pumping to see him on the big picture. His persona has won almost all hearts out there. He not only roped in the audience through his movies, he also brings joy to aam junta on the sets of Kaun Banega Crorepati. Many actors have tried their luck with television industry but fell flat. AB Sir is the only actor still standing with a firm foot in TV Land. There is one particular trait; I’d like to point out. His patience is awe-inspiring. The way he handles hoards of people with sheer humbleness is purely commendable.

Each time Mr. Bachchan visits the hospital for any medical reasons, there are numerous well-wishers praying for his speedy recovery. These people are not just followers but devotees.

Aam Junta went gaga over Mr. Bachchan’s Big 70 celebration at Film City in Mumbai yesterday. It was no less than a red carpet event. The who’s who of the country showed up and flaunted their best attire and attitude. The Bachchan clan rocked the party and looked ravishing in their flashy ensembles. The media and the internet went berserk uploading pictures of this event. My personal favorite is Shweta Bachchan Nanda. Who was yours?

This is what Shahrukh Khan once said in one of his interviews, “Amitabhji is God.” Indeed!

It is bewildering to see Mr. Bachchan hale and hearty at the age of 70!!! Wishing him a very Happy Birthday…

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Barfi & Heroine!

Well, where do I begin? Barfi speaks for itself. The movie not only wooed the audience, it’s also heading for Oscar nomination. Undoubtedly, the best picture award goes to Barfi this year. Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra pair portrayed their character pitch perfect. For me, Ranbir aka the (Murphy baby) Barfi has truly proved himself.

The movie generated such positive vibes. Both of the characters brandished how simple life can be. No jhamela, no tension only fun! Ranbir acted out Barfi with such ease; it was nearly impossible to believe that he’s not mute. He silently showcased all the emotions with pure joy and mischief. There were many scenes which were copied from Charlie Chaplin film; however, he carried them vigorously.

Jhilmil (Priyanka’s character) played an autistic person and she literally got into the skin of the character to play her part. The director didn’t make us feel sympathetic towards Jhilmil, instead he demonstrated, irrespective of having a disorder, it is still normal to have feelings and emotions. It was heavenly to see Jhilmil and Barfi love each other in the most unusual manner.

Another Southie crossed over to our end to try their luck in B’town. Illena D’Cruz very well executed her part and didn’t get outweighed by two prominent stars or our industry. She was the perfect material for a Bengali girl. Overall, Barfi stole hearts and I wouldn’t mind experiencing it one more time…

Heroine on the other hand falls flat. The expectation had already died down when Madhur Bhandarkar announced that Ash is out and Bebo is in. However, with the hype of this film and the non-stop desperate promotional stunts by Heroine team brought back all the excitement. The PR team did an exceptional job otherwise this picture would’ve been a FLOP! The movie changed track in blitz. It was clearly visible that the entire episode of Ash opting brought Madhur under immense pressure and he had to revamp the entire film in short period of time. Unquestionably Kareena gave it all to the film, however, the script failed to excite the audience.

This brings us back to the previous blockbuster hits directed by Madhur. Fashion was a milestone for his career in Bollywood Industry and with that the expectation barometer was brought to a new level. In fact, Heroine ended on such an abrupt note that audiences felt it was a sheer waste of time.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Uncalled Attacks

When we were already mourning on the tragic loss of 9/11 terrorists attacks; there came news of violent protest and killings in Middle East. Why? Not a single day passes without an attack or innocent killings. Reading such news everyday has become a part of everyone’s daily agenda.

The biggest factor of such abhorrent violence is Religion. Killing one another in the name of God. This really makes me wonder how queerly people react these days. It’s quite evident that any comment against any particular religion can flicker debacle across the globe. Executing blameless people has become child’s play. The recent attacks in the Middle Eastern countries have charged up other uncivilized people to join hands in such massacre.

It’s hard to fathom how the families react when they discover their family member was intentionally murdered in a religious attack. The family who goes through such torture can care less about why the attack occurred or it was for a cause etc. The fact is that they lost a member and that’s the end. It’s irreversible, and time does not heal such wounds.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lolita’s life – Part II

‘I can never forget that one vicious night; when I lost my dignity, self-respect, and myself’ said Lolita to a mass crowd. She stood bold in front of hundreds of people and took a pause. It appeared as if she froze in that moment and went into her past. However, she gathered all the courage and started speaking to her audience.

‘After I got physically and emotionally assaulted by that demon, I broke down. When I came back to my senses and the reality meter kicked in, I couldn’t imagine a future for myself. I was extremely disheartened and scared of this horrendous world. It took me months to come back to my senses. My parents never pressured me to get back to my normal life. They gave me enough space and time. I never wanted to leave my house. I always thought all the men out there are contemplating another horrifying experience for me. I went into isolation. But, one day as I was sipping coffee in my back yard, my mom came and sat with me. She didn’t speak a word. After sometime, tears came down my eyes and I cried out loud. My mom didn’t console me. When I stopped crying, she looked into my eyes and told me, ‘you have to become the strongest women in our family and in this world. Do not take this as the end of your life, fight this world and prove that you are not weak’. My mother spoke with me for an hour and I was very astounded by her words. I hail from a male dominated background and to see my mom rise up in such manner was staggering. I have never seen this side of my mom. She told me many things in that one hour and I took days and weeks to debate all she expressed that day. Finally, I gathered all my courage and decided to complete my studies and pursue higher education. I completed my studies, I performed social work, I helped rape victims, and I’m standing here in front of you telling my tale.’

The audience applauded and Lolita was thrilled to see all her accomplishments. Many ladies came up to Lolita and gave her a hug and whispered ‘you are such a brave women.’ She felt obliged to get such honor from this world. Slowly and gradually, the hush-hush of this event faded. It was hard for Lolita to digest the fact that she was the speaker for one of the most renowned NGOs. As her day ended, she kept thinking about her journey from a sixteen year old girl to a twenty eight year old woman. Whenever she recalls on her past, she always thinks how my life would’ve been… had I not been a rape victim?

It was painful for Lolita when she first came out of her shell and faced this world. She remembers how she used to cry all night long and how her fellow schoolmates used to pass remarks on her. When Lolita ponders on that phase of her life, she realized how her image was so weak in front of people. As the years went by, people around her started to see a change in her personality. She no longer looked weak; she always had a daring and fearless look on her face. That personality and gutsy attitude shut the world up!

Lolita’s parents were very supportive of all the decisions she made in her life. They never forced her or tried to change her mind. They knew that they’ll never understand the trauma she went through in her teen years. However, being a parent, they always dreamt of Lolita settling down and getting married to an educated and down to earth man. Because they knew how Lolita reacts towards men, they dared not to ever share this feeling with her. However, Lolita thought otherwise. She didn’t believe in having a husband which is the society norm. She believed to serve her entire life to those victims who struggle for years to cope with the torture they went through.

One day her team decided to nominate her for the “Hero of the Year” award. Lolita was overwhelmed by the gesture of her teammates. She decided to gladly accept the nomination. For her, this nomination was colossal. She wanted to show to her country how NGO’s work relentlessly for the betterment of the society. She wanted to show to all those creatures who believe in inequality. She wanted to show that all the women out there are not weak and can take up any challenge with our without the support of a male partner.

On the day of the ceremony, she went along with her team. Lolita was a bit nervous and happy. Throughout the ceremony, she kept thinking how she will react if she wins this nomination? How it will change her life? While her mind was wandering in her own thought process, she heard the speaker announced the winner and said, “LOLITA!” She won “Hero of the Year” award in her country. She had tears rolling down her cheeks and proceeded towards the podium to collect the award. With the award in her hands, she said to the audience, “We are strong and we will be strong.”

Friday, August 31, 2012

Are you addicted to the social network?

A day seems incomplete if you haven’t logged into Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or Instagram or Pinterest or Youtube and those unlimited networking sites... Gone were the days’ when we used to hang out with friends outside college campus and wouldn’t stop bloviating about boys, classes, movies, politics, college etc. These days one only gets to gawk at people with their phones. I’m positive that everyone has begun to observe a pattern of less vocal communication. We are so technology bound!

When I attend a family get-together, the way we connect is by posting pictures on social sites. There are no face-to-face conversations left in this world. At times, I wonder how we were living our lives without the advantage of internet and social sites. When I look into my past, I remember coming home from school; gulping lunch; finishing homework; and off to the playground with neighbors or school friends.

Times have changed. Now-a-days, everyone is so engrossed into technology that nothing else is visible to people. Our generation has made technology a vital part of our life. Infact, it’s impractical to see a life without the social engine.

Be it birthday’s, anniversary’s, get well soon messages, reminder’s, status updates, vacation plans, messages every discourse occurs at the social engine. Phoning a person is simple over-rated these days!

From news to promotions to new inventions, everything is declared on the social sites. Once you get pinched by these friendly sites, there is no turning back! In yesteryears’ people used to pick up newspapers in the morning to skim through whereabouts of political leaders, local news, movies, articles etc. And now, morning tea is savored with the Internet…

Families have also adopted a new way to correlate now-a-days. It’s no longer a surprise to see your parents and grandparents liking a picture on your Facebook profile. And the new generation feels embarrassment in adding parents to their friend’s list. Which, by the way, is normal?!

There is not a single thing you can think of which is not populated amongst these social sites.

Hail to the internet!
Hail to the networking engine!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Real Salman Khan

I couldn’t stop myself from blogging this. During the promotion of Ek Tha Tiger, I came across many interviews of Salman Khan. It is quite widely known that he’s a very arrogant man, however, after watching of one of his interviews I also found out that he’s a supreme male chauvinist.

Salman and Katrina were getting interviewed by Anupama Chopra; one of the most famous author, journalist and a critic. Of course, it was a promotional stunt by Ek Tha Tiger team, but it was amusing to see how eccentric Salman’s behavior is amongst ladies. Firstly, Salman has zero communication skills and secondly he’s quite illiterate when it comes to conversing in English. Which, by the way is fine, as long as he knows Hindi; which is our national language. However, while examining his past record, I failed to understand how he conceived relationship with foreign ladies when he lacks in speaking English.

So, Salman somehow managed with the mix of English and Hindi verbiage throughout the show. In between he felt like having Green Tea and asked the camera man to get him some. Um…You’re being aired on national television! Ever heard of something called manners?!

And then each time Anupama asked a question to Katrina, he would butt in to speak on behalf of Katrina, just so he can make a male dominating statement.

It was quite astonishing to hear that he thinks male actors will prevail but female actors will retire once they lose their charm and get old. This statement not only appalled Anupama but also made Katrina to look up and raise her eyebrows. To this, Katrina commented what if you retire and I stay on forever in the industry? And Salman egotistically looked at her and said, ‘yeah we’ll see, how you’ll survive…’
Now we know why Aishwariya left him and Katrina is running away from him… *rolls eyes*


Started my day with an article on Social Networking and ended up on Salman Khan! I will publish ‘Social Networking’ article on Monday.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Madhuri’s Comeback

She’s the dancing queen. She’s the girl-next-door. She’s Saroj Khan’s favorite dancer. She’s the dhak-dhak diva. She’s Madhuri Dixit and she’s back to conquer the Industry with her million-dollar smile in her andaaz. It’s time for all Madhuri lovers to fancy her on screen once again.

Madhuri is making a comeback in ‘Dedh Ishqiya’, a sequel of ‘Ishqiya’ film. In ‘Ishqiya’ we saw Vidya Balan giving a powerful performance along with Naseerudin Shah and Arshad Warsi. In the sequel we’ll see the two men with our dancing queen. She’s the playing the role of a Begum and will be reciting poetry.

Ever since her return to Mumbai with hubby and the two boys, she’s been a favorite of all media channels. Her smile startles the audience and public melts away. Recently, she’s been seen judging ‘Jhalak Dikhlajaa’ on Sony with Karan Johar and Remo D’Souza. One the show, she gives a demo of her famous dance steps from her old movies every week. Her moves simply mesmerize the ‘aam junta’ and we fall in her love trap.

Madhuri Dixit keeps her fans updated with the latest and greatest via Twitter and Facebook. She even launched her own website where she posts all her upcoming movies, tips on fashion, pictures, etc. The portraits on her website are to die for. She looks ravishing. Watching her again on screen will be electrifying! Can’t wait…

Friday, August 10, 2012

‘Saifeena’ Grand Wedding Plans

Surprisingly Kareena and Saifoo have been kept it together for past five years. Big deal, really! You ask why? Well, looking at the past of Ms. Kapoor, she always chose the macho-men of our industry for her affairs. Starting with Hrithik Roshan and later Shahid Kapoor. Both went down the drain however, she clutched onto Saifoo tightly for sure.

Their love blossomed during the ‘Tashan’ days. The public went gaga over her affair and the newly fashionable and trendy zero-size figure. Now the nation is anxiously abiding for their illustrious D-Day. We know the grandeur will be larger than life. After all, it’s the ‘Pataudi’s’ and the ‘Kapoor’s’ alliance. The biggest news till date about the wedding has been that, Kareena will be wearing yesteryear’s Sharmila Tagore’s wedding ensemble on her big day. Lucky her!

The duo is still undecided on the venue of the wedding. Rumor has it that the marriage will take place in Pataudi; Saif’s hometown in Haryana followed by a magnificent and luxurious reception in Mumbai. The who’s who of the industry will be attending this glorious function. Any news associated with the wedding sparks a titillating hysteria on the social network.

Kareena’s personal life creates mania and her career graph is reaching heights. She has become one of the most pampered and invaluable actors of B’town. Her newest flick ‘Heroine’ is the much awaited film of the year followed by her opulent wedding. The ‘Kapoor’ girl is unstoppable this year!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gun Shooting: A trend!?

Can someone please explain the reason behind such heinous act in this country? Why are guns so easily accessible in America? Should we call this an act of discrimination or racism or pure insanity?

The Colorado shooting surprised the entire nation. And the Wisconsin massacre antagonized everyone. Why would someone kill innocent people in a Gurudwara? Gurudwara is known for peace and harmony; it’s a temple where Sikh men and women worship and feel safe in the hands of Almighty. However, after this incident, it’s hard to say that any place is actually considered ‘safe’…

It seems like owning a weapon is a child’s play in this country. I wonder why? The gunman who killed thirteen people at the movie theatre in Colorado is at trial. Doctors have discovered that his mental health is not normal, per se! A mentally challenged person is able to own a gun…this is insane! I personally feel that this so-called-gun-race-war is not over. These two mass-murderers have commenced a game of assassination in this country; where irreproachable people have to face their death.

Is Temple shooting an act of discrimination? I debated numerous times before putting my thoughts to paper but I couldn’t stop myself from asking this absurd question. In this day and age, every third person in this country is a foreigner. Racism should’ve dispersed from this land long ago. However, post 9/11; there have been many grudges against brown skin. This insane terror of act needs to come to an end. In two weeks, several families lost their loved ones…this wound will never heal. We need stricter laws and gun control in this country. We don’t want another massacre. Stop the trend!

Monday, August 6, 2012

My articles got published!

Finally...I plan to be back with a bang! The Chak De India Australia magazine kept me busy. Here's a snippet from the magazine which was written by me. The author of Bollywood and Hollywood Section.

Check this out...

To view the entire Chak De India magazine, please go here:

Hope you all enjoy!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

My first ever Sky Diving experience…and I Survived!

I just cannot get this out of my head. Did I jump out of a plane yesterday? WOW… June 24, 2012 will always remain ridiculously the most daring and unbelievable day of my life. For the first time in life I experienced sky diving. It’s no joke, guys! But it’s hell of an experience. My heart almost sunk when the day was coming closer. Secretly I wanted to just bypass this altogether but couldn’t say it out loud to my gang. I was petrified.

When the gang and I reached at the Sky Diving place, we spotted few people coming down the sky on a parachute. Instantly, the nervousness went away and excitement kicked in. At the entrance, we had to fill out a lengthy form. It asked all kinds of weird questions…for instance: emergency contact, witness, etc. [Umm…hello, am I going to die today?]. Afterwards, the guys attached us with a safety harness. With all that straps on you; the mood changes rapidly. The sky diver escorted each one of us towards the small dingy plane. Fortunately, I was the first one to get in the plane and last one to jump. However, my hubby was the last one to get in and first one to jump. The moment that plane took off, my heart came into my stomach. Sitting in that plane is itself pretty terrifying let alone jumping out of it.

When we reached at about 10,000 feet, they opened the door. I believe I lost my senses when my hubby jumped from the plane. Afterwards, it barely took 10 seconds for the rest of us to take a leap. I sat at the edge of the plane and the professional sky diver was behind me securely attached. He pushed me off from the plane…and I closed my eyes. I knew my weakness so I didn’t wanted to experience a heart fail up in the air…! The minute I fell, the air pushed me upwards and I faced the sky but the professional guy literally pushed me so we could flip and face the Earth. Finally, after about 5 seconds, I opened my eyes and felt as if I’m stagnant in the air. You do not feel the free-fall after 5 second…and that was the bestest feeling ever!

The feeling of free fall is marvelous. The views looked spectacular. And suddenly you get pulled upwards with a loud noise which is actually the parachute getting activated. Once the parachute opens up, the madness completely goes away. You no longer feel the butterflies in your stomach. I maneuvered the parachute couple of times which was amazing. And, finally I landed back on Earth…sigh! What a feeling, it was!

By the way, watch out for the after affects. In my case, I had dizziness for the rest of the day. But hey, it’s totally worth it!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Rowdy Rathore – Are you comedy-ing me?

An action packed, masala picture. The movie is wholly and solely rested on Akshay Kumar’s shoulders. He’s a one man army. It is always a delight to watch AK on the screen. His personality is genuinely captivating and comedy timings are so superlative. One AK can do wonders on the screen; imagine if you get a double role from this actor? From beginning till end, you are either rolling on floor laughing or have smile on the face. The punch lines were hilarious. AK’s partner-in-crime ‘Paresh’ was equally fantastic. Remember Paresh and Bharti from Comedy Circus..!? For him, dialogues or no dialogues, he still made his presence felt on the screen. His looks are completely hysterical.

The storyline of the film was quiet ancient. So, please don’t bother going to theatre for the story. It’s the dialogue and the songs and AK, who did the magic! Now, let’s talk about the Khamosh girl. You know, it’s not always necessary to have an actress in the film! The script had absolutely nothing for her. Sonakshi Sinha only showed up for the songs and maybe a few lines…here n there! To tell you the truth, this so-called-role of ‘Paro’ didn’t suit her in any possible way. She cannot pull off bold and raunchy lines. Her personality goes against her. Fail!

A very special mention to one of the most cheap and vulgar songs I’ve ever heard… ‘Aa re pritam pyare’! Hands down, if a category of ‘the most vulgar song’ is ever to be created then this song will win it. Even the choreography was naughty and obscene. One can call it the extra garam masala in this movie for all the guys out there! Rest of the songs has a very catchy rhyme. Chinta ta ta chita is the most applauded number in the entire album. The little hand dance shown throughout the movie is quite addictive. [I tried it a couple of times as well]…

The formula worked just perfect with AK this time. He definitely wooed the audience with this rowdy looks, rowdy dishum dishum, rowdy dialogues, and rowdy punches!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Epic Transit Of Venus

I’m sure no one missed Venus passing through the Sun on June 5th 2012. It’s impossible to imagine this reality but it really did occur. The minute I found out about the epic transit on CNN, I got excited to encounter this extraordinary thing. A very special thanks to NASA for capturing the entire transit and showing it live to the entire world. One can clearly envision how big our Sun is and how miniature planet Venus. And just for your general knowledge, Earth is marginally bigger than its evil twin sister [Venus]. We also look like a tiny dot in front of this humongous Sun. It’s completely astounding to even think how vast this universe is!

Don’t you ever feel that we should be able to visit these planets revolving around our star? We should be able to glance at the Space from other planets revolving in our galaxy. If only I could get a chance to travel across the Space… Well, considering my bank balance, it can only remain a dream and I highly doubt NASA has this kind of advanced technology to fulfill my wishes. However, all accolades go out to NASA team for sharing this epic event with everyone. This proves how technology has progressed in past years. The next transit will take place in 2117 which will be encountered by our grand-grand children, if the world survives until then.

I was alive to see the epic transit of Venus 2012!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

How lucky is Parineeti Chopra…!?

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Parineeti is quite the talk-of-the-town these days. She’s just one movie old and already luxuriating the life of glamour world. Her debut film, Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl [a Yashraj Production] did exceptionally well; however, Parineeti got all the accolades for her performance. She is fun to watch in reel life. Her fresh face and jaunty acting skills perfectly wooed the audience. She bagged almost all the awards for the most promising debutant of 2011. Not everyone comes out to be this lucky in Bollywood. People have to struggle constantly to get even the minutest role in a movie. But, for Parineeti it seems that her last name did the magic. She’s related to Priyanka Chopra and one has to be either born in film fraternity or related to a megastar to make it big in Mumbai.

Parineeti’s next venture ‘Ishqzaade’ has come out to be a decent hit. Because of her fantastic performance in her debut, audience was eager to watch her next dhamaka. She is surely one of the few fortunate girls who experience success in such a concise time. In less than six months, she emerged as a super star in the industry. Parineeti clenched a couple more Yashraj Films in her kitty. Without a doubt, she’s one of the darling choices of Yashraj Production House. Let’s wish all the best to PC for her future endeavors!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Satyemev Jayate

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan made television debut with his ambitious project, Satyemev Jayate (Truth Alone Prevails) past weekend on channel Star Plus. Evidently, Satyemev Jayate is a noble effort in offering social awareness on depicting society illness. This is certainly not a new concept (Rakhi Sawant hosted something similar) but having a biggest celebrity, Mr. Perfectionist, to host this show is definitely a new apprehension.

The first episode highlighted the evil malpractice of female foeticide. The show claimed that according to 2011 Census, “the rate at which the unborn female child is killed amounts of killing off 1,000,000 girls a year and there were 914 girls for every 1,000 boys.” Few women gathered the courage and appeared on the show to tell their dreadful saga. Each of these women went through the brutal torture of their in-laws family and aborted the unborn female child. One of the victims underwent six abortions in eight years; the other got mauled on face by her husband. It was very antagonizing to encounter cannibalism in today’s world. Another victim who belonged to a very educated family of doctors went through a nightmare during and after the pregnancy. How dreadful it is to watch a mother-in-law push a new born child down a flight of stairs? Still these women showed their braveness by speaking up in front of the entire country. Mostly educated people blame the rural villages for committing such sin however; it’s very well adopted by the upper class as well.

It is extremely sad to see how cruelly girls are being killed in the fetus itself. It is certainly a very painful process for the mother as well. The mother not only goes through the surgical process of abortion; she also lives her life in guilt of committing a murder. This eventually puts the mother in a depression which can become suicidal at one point. Getting pregnant is in itself a blessing. A mother feels special during her pregnancy; feeling of giving birth to a human being is probably the best feeling in this world. However, when one has to live with a sin of murdering their child; life becomes somber and mournful.

At times it gets very hard to understand the mentality of our society. Why do people think of girls as a burden; that too in this day n age? In the modern world, girls are competing with men in every field. They are also financially supporting their families, working in big companies, pursuing education etc. Then why do we still face gender discrimination? Why can’t the pregnant ladies stand up for themselves and their child? There should be stricter laws which should protect these girls in such situations.

One feels even more dismayed when they hear that the doctor performing the abortion is only a female doctor. Shouldn’t it be a doctor’s responsibility to convince the patient’s family and teach them how killing a child in fetus is actually a ‘Murder’? Why have we become so corrupt? It is so disheartening to see just for few hundred bucks; doctors damage a living person’s body and kill a baby fetus in uterus.

The other side of such misdeed was also shown by Aamir Khan. Because families choose to kill baby girls, there has been a downfall of females in our country. The ratio between men and women is only increasing by the day. In many rural places, hundreds of men are seeking a partner but cannot find any. In such desperate situations, families have to buy girls from different state and of different caste. And these girls are not treated with respect; in fact they have to please many guys.

It’s hard to digest the fact that our society is treating women in such a pathetic manner. One should never forget that we come from a country where we use the phrase ‘Jai Mata Di’ every day. Aren’t these girls a re-incarnation of Maa Saraswati? If giving birth to a girl child is a sin, then kneeling down and praying in a temple is wrong too. We must stop this madness. This show brought awareness on a very sensitive topic. And awareness is in itself a big tool which can decrease such wrongdoings overnight. Girls, who are in such vulnerable situation, should speak up. It is absolutely normal to fight for your respect and right. The only reason why this society is torturing us is because we are letting it happen. Promise yourself that you will not support this filthy practice of female feticide. It’s time to wake up…!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vicky ‘Sperm Donor’ Arora

What a dhamakedaar sperm! Oh, I meant movie! From the start till the end; it’s all about Sperm and only Sperm. Vicky Arora [Ayushmann Khurana] is a sperm donor and living his life without any stress. The movie starts with Vicky’s widowed mother Mrs. Arora; who owns a small beauty parlor in Lajpat Nagar. She’s the typical loud, over-the-top, Punjabi mother who absolutely loves to irritate her son and mother-in-law at all times. Vicky’s grandmother is the only modern character you’ll find in the movie. It’s a complete shock to hear all the hi-fi English vinglish from her mouth.

Vicky plays a vella guy running around on Delhi streets without a care in the world. Until, Dr. Chadda; played by none-other-than Annu Kapoor spots him and declares him as the ‘Alexander of Sperms’. Dr. Chadda owns a fertility clinic and desperately seeks a sperm donor. It’s a treat to eyes and ears to see how Dr. Chadda convinces Vicky that, ‘donating sperm is indeed a good deed.’

On the other side, Vicky falls for Ashima Roy [Yami Gautam]. He’s so madly and deeply in love with her and tried every delhiwala trick to woo her. The chemistry between the two is spot on. The flirting almost gives you goose bumps because every guy and girl has been through such period in their life. Finally, they get married but the secret of donating sperm is kept under wraps.

The script of the film is marvelous. There wasn’t even one dull moment. From Lajpat Nagar roads to saas-bahu’s tu tu main main to typical Punjabi family drama; it’s a full on power packed movie. Ayushmann proved his presence in the industry. He’s a natural actor with endless talent. One doesn’t have to be born in a Bollywood khandaan; one should only have ability to act. Another special round of applause goes to Annu Kapoor. He’s the masala of this movie. According to him, this entire world is a sperm. And one doesn’t get bored to hear this word over and over. Every character played their part effortlessly.

It’s a super hit sperm, guys! Go for it…

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Going through writer’s block…

These days my mind is wandering way too much. At times, I start off writing about a topic and end up destroying it; just because it doesn’t seem worthy of my blog site. It’s like I have multiple thoughts running in the head but none of them are commendable enough to go on a paper. Have you been in such situation?

I feel so hesitant in scribbling fruitless topics. There are various writers’ I follow and read their blogs regularly… Sometimes, I gaze at their blog and think to myself, ‘what the hell, why didn’t I write on this issue? I even thought about it the other day.’ Maybe, I’m not proactive enough to autograph my thoughts and my feelings?! Whatever it is I’m going through is certainly not pleasurable. Because when I complete a blog, it’s an absolute content feeling. More like an accomplishment.

I initiated this blog with some fancy topic, however found myself suffering from writer’s block. And then decided to formulate exactly what I am experiencing at this very moment.

I hope the feeling is only temporary…

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Don’t you think life is too unpredictable?

Why bother about tomorrow when you can live to the fullest today… It’s not compulsory to always decipher how your tomorrow should be. No one knows what their tomorrow will look like. However, everyone is informed of the present situation. One may plan as much as they want for their future but it’s impossible to avoid the unpredictable changes life brings to your door. Everyone advises to think about the future; plan ahead, but no one communicates regarding the present.

It’s innate to worry more about the future than the present. However, if one constantly envisions about the future, then he’s living in an illusion. Do you agree? One takes the present for granted. One doesn’t realize that he should be only aware of what’s happening right now, right here. If you live in the moment, then you are living your life fully. There are enormous amount of people who uniformly disturb their mind with upcoming tasks, meetings, family situations and completely ignore the fact that whatever is meant to happen will happen. By getting agitated or harassing your mind and body; tomorrow won’t change. Life is unpredictable and it doesn’t run on your finger tips.

If you’re living in the present, you’re living in acceptance. You are accepting life as is; you are living in that moment; and you have no qualms with it. Always remember, you can control your mind; you can make yourself happy; and you can enjoy this very moment…

So, are you elated to read my article? :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy birthday to my hubby!

So, it’s my hubby’s birthday today. It’s been a little over a year we both got married and I finally decided that this time I’ll publish this article online. I have dedicated quite a few articles to my beloved but never posted on my blog site. Simply because he’s a bit against it. This time, I aint’ listening to him. Because this is a surprise!

I fancy his company a lot. I love to talk and he likes to listen…and only listen. At times I have to force him to reciprocate at least something. So I don’t feel like I’m a radio. HA! Laugh it up… I think it’s pretty common in couples. Women’s obviously love to share more than men. On the other hand, he enjoys irritating me in every possible way. Believe me, this is definitely one of the best qualities all men have! Girls – do you all agree?

Things certainly change once you are married with your partner. At times when I look back and ponder upon my courtship period, my heart fills out with happiness. You are only required to look pretty, dress up fancy, show up on a date and head back home. No responsibilities. No worries. The picture looks quite different post marriage. The word responsibility drops on the couple like a bomb. And trust me; it’s a heck of a job! I’m sure all married people know what exactly I’m talking about.

After marriage, every day I learn something new about my hubby. Maybe one of his childhood stories or one of his bad habits or which cuisine he favors or how he avoids eating out and asks me to cook at home… I believe with each passing day, the bonding is only getting stronger.

The most amazing thing I found in my hubby is how crazily he tries to make me laugh. How he would start singing a song out loud in the middle of the day, out of nowhere... And how he would start mimicking one of the bollywood stars... He is quite a knowledgeable person. I love to call him my Google because it’s easier and faster to ask him a question then to turn on my computer and actually Google it.

Slowly and gradually we both are accommodating with each other and hoping to make our tomorrow blissful. Overall, he’s a fun loving person and I absolutely adore living with him and irritating him and harassing him in every possible way!!!

Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Once again…it’s IPL time!

The fever began a couple of days ago. The show business is back. IPL is a much awaited event in India and abroad as well. In past couple days, my twitter account is getting bombarded with tweets dedicated to IPL. Once again all the public is glued to their televisions day in day out. And some will be constantly keeping an eye on the scoreboard online.

IPL is becoming colossal with each passing year. Business tycoons and mega Bollywood stars investing crore’s in all the teams. Usually I find Bollywood stars promoting their movies or partying hard. However, these days you find them linking up with the Cricket world. The top notch actresses want to perform at the opening ceremonies. They want to be seen in all the matches because that’s where the media is… Apparently if you are a mega-star and not associated with IPL then you ain’t that famous!

The show business has even allured our well talented and level headed cricketers to get side-tracked. Back in the days, it wasn’t common to hear gossip between actors and cricketers. But, IPL broke the curse. Cricket is already a much hyped up sport in our country. And post IPL it became all glitzy and glammy. Thanks to our Bollywood stars who want to be seen around in all the matches. Well, I’m anxiously waiting to hear all the stories of our IPL this year. Every year there is some sort of ghotala or gossip conjugated with this business. I wonder what’s coming up next…

Tip: The simple mantra actresses can choose to get famous is ‘to be seen with Cricketers when the media is around’….and it’ll hit the front page!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bahama – mama…

Last weekend hubby and I flew to Nassau, Bahamas. The place is a perfect getaway and heavenly. To the people who have visited Atlantis in Nassau know exactly what I’m referring to. The minute our small and dingy plane took off from Florida, the fun began! It’s barely a 40 minute flight and the ocean views from up top our breath-taking. The water around the Nassau island was so immaculate that the even the seabed was clearly visible. I did spot the Atlantis from the plane. The airport at the island is hot as hell, stinky, and filled with humidity. The long immigration line reminded me of India and how eagerly I always wait to get out of the airport.

Afterwards, we grabbed a taxi and headed off to the Paradise Island. Yup, Atlantis is situated on Paradise Island. The entire resort is magnificent. Believe it or not, there is no such resort like Atlantis in the entire world. At least, that’s what I heard. Luckily, we got the perfect room with the perfect view of the entire place. The ocean looks crystal clear and luminous and if viewed from up-top it’s beyond comparison. I have visited many beaches but Bahamas can beat all the beaches. Even the Aquaventure and marine life looked stupendous from the balcony. Atlantis has built its own Aquaventure on the property. Aquaventure is a combination of bountiful dreadful and wild water rides. Some of them go through tunnels so you can catch a glimpse of marine life. Fortunately, I experienced and survived all except for two. Leap of faith and Abyss [names of ride] can be compared to sudden heart attacks and I was having a blissful vaca so decided to avoid them. On the other hand, hubby decided to face-his-fear and experienced both twice. Good job, I guess. HA!

The resort has countless pools around Aquaventure and magical views from every angle. They also play loud music throughout the day which is audible to all the guests. I was jolted when I heard them playing Hindi songs. Oh yeah, paisa vasool… LOL. Palm trees and greenery around the resort brings immense cheerfulness. Marine life is also an attraction on the property. We had our brunch right next to the stingray’s swimming in the lagoon. One can spot tortoise, dolphins, nemo, sharks and incalculable fishes. Infact, the guests are allowed to snorkel in the Lagoon as well. Whoever thought of the infrastructure of this place was definitely a genius. The entire hotel glows at night and looks impeccable. There are live bands playing music and people dance to their tunes without giving a care in the world. From shopping to eating joints to dancing it’s all there. I also gazed at colossal cruises leaving the resort at night from my balcony. For all cruises, the hot destination is Atlantis.

All in all, it is definitely a must-go place in the world. The views, the resort, water slides, night-life, oceanfront are truly breath-less. The resort is filled with activities and one can never feel bored. A place filled with enjoyment and gratification for all ages… You must experience it to believe it!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ladies: Are you dealing with weight issues?

Please, join the club! Yes, my numero uno dilemma or frustration [whatever you want to call it] is the weight issue. Each time I hit the gym, I glance over to see who am I competing with? The minute I see a skinny girl, I get envious. Why are you here? Thank you for making me realize how over-weight I am… On the other hand, it does act as a motivation that I have to work out harder and it’s going to be an arduous task from here on.

The best way to find out how exactly you look like is to go shopping. Whenever I go shopping, I get a good glimpse of myself. Trying on different clothes can help you envision what sort of attire you can carry irrespective of the extra baggage you’re carrying. At the same time, it’s quite disappointing as well. Driving back from the mall makes me become more vigilant of my own personality. These days every girl is concerned about her weight in some way or another. As much as you try to control the diet, eat healthy, stick to your workout regime; the weight does come back. Because, one cannot stick to such superlative plan forever! It is nearly impossible to bypass savory food loaded with calories. No matter in which part of the world you reside, fatty food can be found everywhere. Always remember, the only way to climb the ladder of ‘fit and healthy’ is to identify the nutrition going inside your body and eventually to control it. Can you girls do that?

I always had this thought in my mind: what if getting fat was never an issue in this world? What if we could do the following at all times:
Eat any kind of food
Calories never existed
Workout sessions were optional
We look PHAT every day, every time!

Ahh, who am I kidding? Let’s break this bubble and revert to our complications.

To have a perfect figure for as much as you live is almost surreal!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tere naal love ho gaya!

A very light, sweet, and cute love story. 2012 is definitely the best year for Ritesh and Genelia. The couple is on cloud nine. Their wedding played a pivotal role in promoting their film. The wedding celebration lasted almost two weeks and the hype created by the media surely generated enough curiosity to see this lovely couple’s film. Believe me, it is one of the main reasons why people are watching this film. It didn’t do wonders at the box office but it was refreshing to see the couple romance through the hill stations of our country.

The script is not-so-original however; the presence of the lovely couple allures the audience. Genelia seemed to play her natural role. We’ve seen her bubbly side in ‘Jaane Tu Yah Jaane Na’ and she acts somewhat a similar character. As far as Ritesh goes, he has performed far better. After watching Housefull, Kya Kool Hain Hum, and many more of his comical roles; it’s hard to digest his portrayal in this film. Ritesh has aced the funny roles in his previous movies. However, in TNLHG he tried to play a ‘romantic hero’.

Om Puri is always excellent in his roles. Not only did he convince us with his Haryanvi accent, he also managed to make us giggle here n there. Tinu Anand’s desperate father figure performance entertained the public quite a bit. He never fails to amuse us with his different characters. TNLHG is a onetime watch film. If you adore Mr & Mrs. Deshmukh’ go for the movie. It’s interesting to see their chemistry on-screen as well.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do you have too many choices around you…?

Do you agree with me? Do you wholeheartedly believe that we have an entire closet filled with choices and it has become nearly impossible to zero in on one? When I was growing up in the late 80’s and 90’s, I wasn’t aware of the word choice. Or may I say that choices were limited and luxurious. Surely, I wasn’t growing up in a house where luxury came in handy. Whatever my parents placed in front of me was the done deal. Period.

But, times have changed a whole lot. One can find n number of choices in almost everything out there. Cars, houses, clothes, food etc. Infact, it’s bizarre to even think how many types of cereal we have in grocery stores. There is too much to choose from. That is the reason why most of us find ourselves in confusion mode. Too many choices mean too many thoughts. And too many thoughts certainly puts too much of pressure…on your brain! At times I feel late 80’s to 90’s was a better time as compared to today. Here’s an instance: there are like countless grocery stores to buy milk and on top of that countless brand names… where are those days when milk-man came to your door steps.

I’m having a hard time scribbling this article simply because I have a jillion thoughts running in my mind. So, I have to make a choice in my head as to which one is worthy of this article. However, I rest my case! If I print anymore, this will turn into an idiotic post. I genuinely thank my readers for bearing this article. Dhanyevaad.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lolita's vicious night...

'I was raped', said Lolita. It's always disturbing to hear such statement from a girl. Lolita was a happy go lucky girl living with her small family. She always had something witty to say and held the attractiveness to get undivided attention in the house. Lolita's sixteenth birthday was just around the corner. Just like any girl, she too, was thrilled to celebrate her big one six! All her friends in school glorified their birthday in a very unique manner. Lolita's best friends Reeba and Zara threw incredible get-together for all the girls. Apparently, it was a trend to invite only the girls on the big day. Reeba had a fairy tale theme and all the girls dressed up as princesses. On the other hand, Zara holds a very loud and raucous personality, so she came up with a funky theme. All the girls dressed up in the weirdest manner.

Finally, it was Lolita's time to brainstorm on a theme. Her personality is to always look prim and proper. So, she decided upon long dresses with absolutely breath-taking jewelry and flirtatious stilettos. All the girls received the invitation and got started with their shopping. The birthday was just two months away. And yes for girls, the prep-work begins two months prior to a party. Selecting the dress, getting second, third, sometimes fourth opinion on the dress; finding matching stilettos and of course jewelry is always a hassle. Months just flew by in shopping and gossiping about the party in school. Finally, it was the D-day. The party had to take place in Lolita’s house and she decorated the house a night before. Lolita knew her family would interfere so her parents planned a day out. Everyone was set to arrive at 5pm. Lolita took about 2 hours to do her makeup; wear her long strap-less purple dress with silver beads all over it. She looked beautiful.

The girls started arriving and Lolita was set to get pampered and celebrate the most important day of her life. At first, everyone was overwhelmed to see other girls and their glitzy look. The dresses gave them a totally different look. Afterwards, Reeba and Zara had planned games for all the girls. Somehow, the games failed and a discussion on boys became the hot topic. Supposedly, it is one of the hot topics at this age. Time flew by and it was supper time. Zara and Lolita set up the table and everyone savored the food. It was past eleven and everyone decided to call it a night. Lolita’s parents were running late so she had to be home alone for some time. She decided to clean the house and dispose the garbage. As she stepped outside the house to dump the garbage in the garbage can across the road, a man on the corner was staring at her. Her heart felt heavy, and she decided to walk briskly towards the house. She quickly managed to lock the house and played some music to soothe her mind.

The landline goes off and it’s her parents. They just left their friend’s house and expect to reach home in forty five minutes. Lolita went to the basement and got back to her cleaning. She realized that she’s out of paper towels and ran back upstairs. Her heart started racing when she saw a stranger standing in her kitchen. The mind and body froze in a second. She didn’t know if she wanted to scream or even walk/run. The stranger asked her to calm down and slowly walked up to her. He wished her happy birthday. At that moment, her mind started asking thousands of questions. Who is he? How did he get in? How does he know my birthday? What is he going to do next? While she was putting stress on her mind and thinking about this, the stranger grabbed her from the arm and took her to the couch. When Lolita realized she’s on the couch, she screamed. The man put his hand on her mouth and Lolita tried to hit him. He put all his body weight on Lolita and took out a tape to put on her mouth. She couldn’t scream anymore. The man ripped apart her dress and started molesting her. At that very moment, Lolita could not believe something like this is happening to her. She kept calling her parents in her mind and asked for help. The man started hurting her and she went in an unconscious zone. Lolita cannot recall if she was alive and or dead at that moment.

When her parents arrived, she was lying naked on the couch. Her mother could not believe her eyes. She quickly managed to wrap her daughter in a drape. Lolita’s father called the cops right away. In the meantime, both of them tried to bring Lolita to her senses. However, the attempt failed. The ambulance came and took Lolita to a nearby hospital, while the cops started searching the house and the neighborhood. The doctors broke the news to the family and announced, ‘your daughter was raped.’ The mother could not control and had a mental breakdown. From that night onward, Lolita’s life completely changed.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Agni Agni Agneepath

So, I finally checked off Agneepath from my to-do-list. Extremely intense and a power packed film. I only have one complain. Too long… sitting in the theatre for 3 hrs is quite a task these days. Frankly speaking, Priyanka should just retire. She doesn’t have the meat in her roles to woo the audience. We know she has the perfect figure and can give other actresses a run for their money but that attribute is long gone. I’d say Hrithik’s sister had a much more firm place in the movie. She had a reason to be there whereas Priyanka was casted only for a couple of songs and a bit of sense of humor. Fail!

Oh well, Agneepath wholly and totally belongs to Sanjay Dutt and Rishi Kapoor. It was a treat to my eyes to see such different roles and an entire makeover of these two humungous pillars of our industry. Sanjay Dutt seems to be the only actor with a gigantic body in B’town. The aam junta could see the devil in him. Kudos to Karan Malhotra! Only a superlative and creative director can think of a bald man with no eyebrows and a hefty body. It was quite daunting to see Sanjay Dutt like that. Switching gears now… I don’t even know how and where to begin with Rishi Kapoor. Breathtaking get up and one of his finest performances. If I’m not wrong, this is the first time RK performed in a negative role. It is totally ridiculous to see how this Kapoor Khandaan is reaching success after success. RK Jr. gave a magnificent performance in Rockstar and now RK Sr. dismayed the audience with ‘Rauf Lala’! Phenomenal!

…and now, as much as I try not to, I just can’t stop myself from comparing the original AGNEEPATH to this one. It’s nearly impossible to say that Hrithik did justice to ‘Vijay Dinanath Chauhan’ simply because his suave and macho look holds no match to it. The minute one recalls ‘VDC’, AB Sr. comes knocking into your brain with his heavy voice and the famous dialogue ‘pura naam…Vijay Dinanath Chauhan’.

Lastly…the pahua chadha ke aayi girl surely gave the oomph factor to the movie.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Can you control your thoughts?

Am I the only one suffering with this problem or are you sailing in the same boat? It is nearly impossible for me to just tell my mind ‘SHUT UP, DUDE’. I constantly have something or the other running through my head. Why can’t I control my thoughts? Just like we can control the television with a remote; is there a remote for our brain…?

This has been my numero uno problem for past several years. I think too much. There are few people with whom I’ve expressed this and their casual response was ‘everyone thinks, not a big deal’. So, I’m assuming it’s pretty common among all of us. Would you comply with me? I believe half of my energy is consumed in my thoughts. It’s like putting your brain in a workout mode. One can go absolutely bonkers if tries to understand how human brain works. How can it run constantly for twenty four hours…that too without any energy pill!? Out of the blue, some random thought will hover around my brain and it’ll lead to a trail of stories. I wish there was a way to divert your brain from such formation of mental thoughts. According to my husband, the best way to relax and soothe one’s brain is Meditation. Okay, I get that. I hear the big word from all sorts of people. However, if only I could blank out my brain for a single second [with or without meditation], then I wouldn’t have felt forced to write this article in the first place.

Do you suffer from this? I’m not sure why, but I slightly believe that many of you can relate to this situation…or I could be totally misguided. Am I?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Benazir Bhutto

A role model, an idol, and a go-getter…that’s how I will describe Lady Benazir Bhutto. I clearly remember the time Bhutto got assassinated in Pakistan. I had just completed my bachelors and came back home. It came as a shock to not just Pakistan but the entire world. She was such a quintessential personality and possessed radiant charisma.

My cousin recommended me a documentary on Bhutto and I decided to watch it. Not that I’m minutely interested in Pakistan and its politics but I simply wanted to know about her. The way she presented herself in public and articulated her speeches were astonishing. I was totally taken back when I saw what Bhutto’s father wanted to accomplish. He wanted to see Pakistan as a democratic nation. He wanted to change the look of Pakistan altogether. He was one of the few people who treated men and women equally. He didn’t mourn when the doctors announced, ‘it’s a girl’. He felt proud. He saw her completely capable of handling political affairs. He didn’t pester Benazir to wear a Burqa. According to him, it wasn’t necessary. Coming this from the PM of Pakistan is a big deal because they are the people that general public looks up to. Not in this day n age but in old times, yes.

One thing which petrified me while watching the documentary was a notorious law: a law which forced a women to provide four witnesses while she was getting raped; else she will go to jail for performing intercourse outside her marriage. Things like these were itching Benazir the most. She wanted to introduce equality in her country. She wanted to compose her nation as one world and not men’s world. She saw the downfall of her father; saw him serving jail time; and eventually saw him getting hanged till death. The pain didn’t end here. Bhutto and her family faced house arrest and afterwards confronted imprisonment in the worst cell of Pakistan. The conditions described in that jail can terrorize any human being. Fear of heat, ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bees, bugs and so on…

Regardless of all she bore; she still wanted to serve her country. When she became the Prime Minister, she wanted to show the world that a woman is no less than a man. She holds equal credibility and authority to run a country. Almost all of her family members got murdered but she never lost hope. Benazir was very focused in her life and wanted to bring her father’s dream alive. Coming from a political background, automatically classified you as a corrupt person. Corruption is a norm in a country like Pakistan. Benazir too, was entangled in corruption and controversies. However, she was the only face who could change the entire look of her country. A country where women’s are stoned to death and asked to hide their mind, body, and soul underneath a burqa. A country where education is expensive or optional or not available. A country where carrying guns is like carrying chocolates in your pocket.

Benazir knew her death awaits her in Pakistan. Nonetheless, she still went ahead with her heart. She wanted to see a new and reformed Pakistan.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lies & Deceit

Last night after gulping down dinner at seven thirty, I had too much free time on my hand. So, my hubby and I decided to watch a movie. The Debt is based on Israel and their spy agency Mossad. Three spy agents were sent to Berlin to capture a Nazi criminal. Throughout the movie I kept observing the protagonist behavior. As if the director only wanted the viewers to feel the discomfort and regretfulness of Rachel; the protagonist. Upon returning from her mission, she and her partners lied about their mission being accomplished. Rachel was pestered by her partners to utter a lie for the rest of her life. Back in Israel, she became the talk of the town. She was the ‘hero’ for many students studying in university; comrades serving in the army; journalists; media; and most importantly her daughter.

It’s hard to imagine a life which is completely soaked in a lie. Rachel’s quietness all along the movie portrayed how much she’s suffering from one lie. People around her were living in a misconception. It was as if she’s living a dead life. Her past did not let her breathe fresh air and her present forced her to remain mute about her lies.

Lying seems to be quite a common thing in humans. At times you lie to hide your emotions or to make a little boy or girl happy or you want to save your job from your manager and so on… It’s very normal to see such behavior in one’s life. However, if a lie is holding back your life and comes between you and your happiness then it’s time to spit it out. I’m sure my readers now will say, ‘easier said than done’. Yes, I totally and whole heartedly agree with you, however, it’s better to blurt it out at once than to live with it every single day.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Recap of 2011

Phew…so where do I begin?! It was the last year of Osama and the best for Obama. Shockingly, we saw the demise of OBL. Definitely takes the top row in every chart. Facebook brought revolution in Egypt and the country joined hands to show the power of people. They no more breathe under Mubarak. It’s a free nation. Libya followed the same footsteps and declared them as a democratic nation. Hail to the power of people!

A year wholly dedicated to Anna Hazare and his team; his fast; his rally against corruption; his dedication to fight until the last breath. India finally opened eyes to corruption and came together with team Anna Hazare. Lokpal Bill got introduced to every citizen of the county and youth decided to stand by in creating a corruption-free India.

It was a year of Chamak Challo and SRK. Kolaveri Di took the country by surprise. Staggering song which made everyone dance to its tune! A year when media anxiously awaited the arrival of Beti Bachchan. This might offend some of the readers but the world seriously revolves around the ‘B’ family.

It was a year when we lost Steve Jobs. The man who invented iPhone and modified the entire meaning of how to use cell phones. 2011 also the demise of Shammi Kapoor, Jagjit Singh, Dev Anand, Surinder kapoor, MF Hussain. It was ridiculous to see condolences tweets every week from countless people. An article can be written alone on the number of deaths witnessed by the world. May they all rest in peace.

2011 will remain the worst year for Japan. A tsunami ripped apart Japan from its place and left catastrophic marks all across the country. God bless Japan. Mother Nature took a toll on almost every continent and gave numerous indications of the so-called-2012-the-end-of-world. So, if it is the last year of life on Planet Earth…live it up guys!

I’m off to create some new moves on ‘Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?’…

Life is NOT a race

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