Monday, July 26, 2010

Depleted in LOST

It all started with my cousin going gaga over the LOST series. My Gosh, she went fully bonkers with the show. I guess that’s how those million other fans felt when the series actually started. Her status messages changed frequently, her petrifying dreams, her conversations had tons of stories about broken plane, an island, ghost, odd noises, Charlie and the list goes on… In less than four days, she was completely lost in LOST. So, she bewitched me as well.

With the very first episode, I didn’t like it. Since, I’m a huge PRISON BREAK fan, I didn’t think LOST could re-create that magic with its series. However, with Indian Idol airing only twice a week and no Hell’s Kitchen, I forced myself into watching LOST. With the second episode, I believe, I got dazzled with it. The characters seemed to have a very calm and composed personality. I’d say my favorite is Jack [the main protagonist] and Souyer [not sure if I spelled his name correctly] however, I recently found out his real name in the show is James Ford. The Australian accent used by many characters mesmerizes me. When I was living at my college dormitory, the international students had their own charisma and magnetism. Whenever I go into my dorm flashback, I always recall the Australian students and their conversations.

Back to LOST! For the past two weeks I’ve been marathoning this show. Each time the show ends, it plays a very horrifying music. A couple of times, I tried listening to it but I got a bit scared. Oh well, here’s a synopsis of Lost. A plane crashed on its way to LA from Sydney on a stranded island. Months passed by but no one came to rescue the forty some people on the island. Every actor’s life is described via a flashback. Apparently, no one seemed to be happy with their life. The show took a different turn when ‘the others’ got introduced. Seemingly, the island belongs to ‘the others’ and the forty some people are intruders. Two characters found a hatch in the middle of the island which seems to be resting under ground and has all the basic necessities for a common man. From food to washer-dryer to computer, everything is available! Oddly, a button has to be pushed every 108 minutes else only ‘the director’ knows what will happen? [My humble request to my readers: Please don’t give away the surprise; I’m only on the second season, Thank you].

My last night’s dream kindled me into writing this article today. I saw myself abandoned on that same island and I was all alone. Apparently, ‘the others’ shown in this show were trying to hunt me down. When my dream bubble exploded, I realized I’m in my room. However, crazy as I was, I still remained in the panic mode. I could not move one muscle, nested in the same posture, tightly clenched onto Ganesh ji, started mumbling lines from some prayers, and finally dozed off… And then, in the morning I decided not watch this show anymore. But, curiosity intrigues every human being.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Requirements of a ‘Desi Dulha’

I bet while reading the title, some girls recollected on their old memoirs, some anticipated on their current situation and some fretting about the future dramas. This is more like a ‘kahani har ghar ki’. At one point in life, every girl goes through this phase. The minute a girl blows twenty two candles and shows off a huge smile on her birthday, her parents start to frown. Their mind starts recalling all the langotiya yaar’s and their sons followed by the age and the profession. Can’t say about other things, however, in our desi culture, a girl’s age spreads like a fire in the jungle. All the aunty’s start to look at you differently in parties/mandir/gurudwara. Random photographs of random guys lying in the living room or your inbox. A regular house turns into a production house of Karan Johar.

But wait; in this entire film making process…oops, I meant Jodi making process; how does a girl communicates her requirements to her father? Every girl has an illusion of her ‘andekha anjaana’. Few elements are highly required in any marriage-material type of guy. First and foremost, he should be decent looking. Com’on guys, we all know that the least one can ask for is ‘a presentable person’. We, girls, know exactly how we look so we don’t dream of a John Abraham or Hrithik Roshan, unless we are talking about some snobby, Richie-rich, daddy’s girl. Second requirement is the education. It’s vital to have a good education. In fact, he should be adept to the new technology. Should be able to carry a good conversation with the wife. Should be one step ahead or on the same level with his partner. Speaking on behalf of other girls, at times it feels good to discover that your partner is so intelligent. By the way, it’s okay if he’s not smarter than a fifth grader…

Third is definitely the family. We can act sophisticated or stuck up as much as we want among our friends or at work but the minute you step in the house, it should be a homely feeling. It’s a pleasurable encounter to find yourself surrounded by people who care. Also, where else would you brandish the gorgeous sari’s and heavy jewels you get in your wedding? Wink wink… Fourth requirement would be ‘a loving and romantic guy’. Which gal does not like to be loved? Or given a red-rose on a first date? Or liked to be held closely? Yeah, now the article is sounding a bit cliché, right? Call me cynical, but frankly speaking, these old customs are still very much in fashion. A red rose is just perfect on a date followed by a nice dinner and a walk holding hands. Sending archies cards, calling at an unexpected hour, hearing the three words in the middle of a conversation. All these are A-OK qualities of a romantic partner.

Just for the record, these four qualities do not embody four different guys. All these factors should be commingled in a single person. Only then we will be able to sing ‘Dulha mil gaya, Dulha mil gaya’…

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jaane kya chahe mann bawra…?

Feeling blue…! Don’t know why? Do you ever feel that even after sitting in a group you are all alone? I do…at times! It’s a bizarre feeling. Not at all explainable through words. But, I’ll give it a try. Within a split second, I feel alone, very alone. Sab kuch ho kar bhi, kuch nahi hai.

Zindagi, kaisi hai paheli, haaye? Yup, it is a puzzle which every man is trying to solve. For instance, I try to search my own identity several times. So, what is it that I want? What is it that makes me happy? What is it that heals my wounds? What is it that hurts me? What is it that I love? It’s too hard to answer any of these questions. Am I a confused soul? Maybe, maybe not… Life itself is a roller-coaster. It’s a quite rough and tough ride. When it’s bumpy, it gets scary, agitation falls in, insecurity clouds hover on the top and so on. Nonetheless, when the clouds disintegrate, it becomes a smooth ride. Life is back to being beautiful. BUT, is it really beautiful, or is it just a myth? At times, I feel like, I’m in a dilemma. At this point, I think I have bewildered all my readers. Its okay, as I mentioned earlier, am I a confused soul? I believe the answer is ‘yes’.

I’ll publicly ask this question… what is it that bothers you even when your life is beautiful? Why do you feel alone even when sitting in a group? Or, am I the odd one out here!?!?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Erin Brokovich

This past weekend I went out with my girls. While returning, the movie Erin Brokovich striked my mind and I decided to search the movie online around 9:30pm. It took me about an hour to find it and when I finally started watching, it kept on buffering… ugh! Anyhow, with much struggle I was able to watch half of the movie that night. When I dozed off, I kept on presuming what will happen next? Infact, I kept my laptop on hibernate mode, so that movie could buffer throughout the night. The next morning, I couldn’t wait to get back to Erin’s story. However, fate was not on my side. So, I restarted the entire page, and set it aside on buffer, again… eventually the movie started running. At the end, my expression was WOW... what a Lady!!! The film reminded me of Bhopal Gas Tragedy in India. Now, I have a crystal clear picture of what those people went through. Extremely sad and lamentable…

Erin Brokovich didn’t have a pleasant life but undoubtedly carried the looks and figure of a Diva. She didn’t have a concrete job, got married twice, divorced twice and bore 3 children from the two failed marriages. Erin did win the Miss Pacific Coast title in 1981; however, she showed minimal interest in the beauty business. Therefore, she moved on. But, fate had something else planned for her. Erin got involved in a car accident which brutally injured her. She hired Masery & Vititoe to fight for her case and later on worked for them as a small clerk. Because she had the body of a bomb-shell, she wore the sexiest clothes out there and showcased her assets in full swing. In return she got ‘hate-looks’ from all the other ladies in the firm. While working there, Erin came across Pacific Gas and Electric case. She got herself tightly wrapped around the mess and started to go on an investigation. PG&E had been poisoning the residents of a small town named Hinkley, California. It was because of Erin’s unwavering tenacity that PG & E had been exposed for leaking toxic Chromium 6 into the ground water. This poison affected the health of the population of Hinkley. The case was settled for $333 million which is considered the largest settlement ever paid in US history. Once again, Thanks to Ms. E!

However, how can a company ‘knowingly’ open a plant which will be poisonous for the local residents? Is it ethical? Of course, not! But since when did we humans start blabbing about ethics? In this day and age, a single individual or a firm or a politician, only looks for their profit; finessing the fact that it might crush others. I believe, very few Erin’s are left in this world who comply such selfless good deeds.

Even though the Hinkley residents were granted $333 million; they still cannot bring back the same health or peace. Damage is done! The money only acts as a medicine but the paroxysm will never go away. However, I still respect the idea of allotting compensation. In India, Bhopal Gas Tragedy victims received a small gob from the entire lump-sum. Just for the record, such things did not end with the Hinkley case. It was just the beginning. Erin got herself suppressed in just one slice of pizza. The entire pizza was still left to be taken care of. Ms. Brokovich is working with dozens of other cases which deal with water contamination. California, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, all have high-rates of complaints against water contamination.

Kudos to a very prestigious and prominent Erin Brokovich!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love – Relationships – Break ups – Suicide???

Love beholds no boundaries, no limits. It’s merely a saga, experienced from ages and ages. And before you know it, that love blossoms into a relationship. A relationship which makes you fly high; makes you more confident and brings immense happiness. It appears as a magical wonderland. Erects Goosebumps!

However, the happniess is short-lived. The thunderstorm building right beneath a relationship is poisonous as venom. Break-ups are awfully hard which leads straight to a depression, stress, or constant mood-swings. These are still manageable, but some lead to the worse: ‘suicide’. Recently the media went bizarre with the sudden death of Viveka Babaji. A prominent model shook the entire film/fashion/media industry. Viveka committed suicide on June 25th, by hanging herself from the ceiling in her apartment in Khar Mumbai. Now the question arises, what impact will her suicide leave on the other upcoming or outdated [if I may] models? Or what impact will this news leave on the common man, who goes through break-ups quite often? Every relationship demands equal respect for the both partners. If one fails to do so then why bother abiding such relationship? It surely takes a whole lot to recover from a failed relationship especially when it comes to Indian women. We, Indian women, demand the same respect. Why it is that always a woman commits suicide? There is an endless list of much known personalities and very common girls who chose this route. Why does society manipulate us in a way that it’s the women who has to suffer in a relationship?

Viveka was in a relationship with a guy named Gautam Vora, a stock broker. Marriage was on the cards for Viveka with Gautam. However, he denied such rumors. Infact both had a spat two days prior and coincidently 25th June was Gautam’s birthday and Viveka's judgement day. My blood boiled when the media unfolded the most moronic story of Gautam wanting to get Viveka checked up by a gynecologist to see if she’ll be able to bear kids or not? Isn’t it enough that such things still happen in rural India? If the same still exists in the most hyped-up city and that too with such well-educated people then what’s point of calling ourselves modern? Be it Mumbai or Meerut; both follow the same old grotesque heritage. We demonstrate ourselves as ‘a westernized society’ but we forgot that some people are still very much tightly conjoined with their old customs.

There are hundreds of Viveka’s out there. Only reason why Viveka Babaji’s death created such hoopla all over is because she belongs to the fashion industry. May her soul rest in peace. However, this should act as a lesson to all the girls in India. Bypass the split and walk-out with confidence. Suicide is never a solution to any problem. It’s a mere escape from the reality. Life goes on regardless. Face the bastard, face the society, and face the world with enormous fortitude. Become bold & blunt.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I luv hate stories/I hate luv stories…

Firstly, what’s the deal with the most ridiculous title? Is it just me or is everyone baffled with it? Well, horrendous script to begin with. I’m not sure how Karan Johar got convinced after reading the fabricated manuscript? Sonam cannot act! No questions, no doubts…! It was clearly portrayed in the film. She claims to be a diva only because of the ‘Kapoor’ surname else she has no talent of her own. The second she started spilling words out of her mouth, I knew I’ll only fancy her personal attire. If my memory is sharp then I think she’s got Delhi Belly in her kitty and then the road closes for her. Unless dumb directors like Karan Johar desperately want to direct some baloney w/ Sonam Kapoor.

Imran on the other hand is trying too hard to become like his ‘mamu’. Well, my advice to him would be ‘don’t try at all.’ The guy definitely has a cute look reserved only for teenagers. The same teenagers who spell love as luv… however, that’s it! Imran has a long road ahead of him. Also, he can stop declaring to the entire world that he’s ‘taken’, no girl is willing to marry him, it’s just a crush for the time being. The day he turns 30, teenagers will hunt for some other cute, adorable face.

About the movie, like I said horrendous script. Not a single character was pro at his/her job. Even the luv scenes were not convincing in any way, I think I cracked up on a few… Infact, each time Imran spoke to his mom, I knew she had to be some high profile actress ‘BUT’, it was Anju Mahendru. My goodness, I don't know what went wrong with her? She carries her role very responsibly. However, even she fell flat the minute I glanced at the ‘wig’. Yeah, even an 8 yr old could have pointed that out! The film was clearly saved by the songs. After Rajneeti, a huge disappointment from Raavan and IHLS… ughhh!!! Oh well, Bollywood is not famous for giving blockbusters in a row. The movie was conclusively rubbish; at least it could have been entertainingly rubbish!

Life is NOT a race

Nobody is slow and nobody is fast. We are not in a race. We all are in our own time zone. Don’t feel jealous and don’t get too proud. Event...