Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love – Relationships – Break ups – Suicide???

Love beholds no boundaries, no limits. It’s merely a saga, experienced from ages and ages. And before you know it, that love blossoms into a relationship. A relationship which makes you fly high; makes you more confident and brings immense happiness. It appears as a magical wonderland. Erects Goosebumps!

However, the happniess is short-lived. The thunderstorm building right beneath a relationship is poisonous as venom. Break-ups are awfully hard which leads straight to a depression, stress, or constant mood-swings. These are still manageable, but some lead to the worse: ‘suicide’. Recently the media went bizarre with the sudden death of Viveka Babaji. A prominent model shook the entire film/fashion/media industry. Viveka committed suicide on June 25th, by hanging herself from the ceiling in her apartment in Khar Mumbai. Now the question arises, what impact will her suicide leave on the other upcoming or outdated [if I may] models? Or what impact will this news leave on the common man, who goes through break-ups quite often? Every relationship demands equal respect for the both partners. If one fails to do so then why bother abiding such relationship? It surely takes a whole lot to recover from a failed relationship especially when it comes to Indian women. We, Indian women, demand the same respect. Why it is that always a woman commits suicide? There is an endless list of much known personalities and very common girls who chose this route. Why does society manipulate us in a way that it’s the women who has to suffer in a relationship?

Viveka was in a relationship with a guy named Gautam Vora, a stock broker. Marriage was on the cards for Viveka with Gautam. However, he denied such rumors. Infact both had a spat two days prior and coincidently 25th June was Gautam’s birthday and Viveka's judgement day. My blood boiled when the media unfolded the most moronic story of Gautam wanting to get Viveka checked up by a gynecologist to see if she’ll be able to bear kids or not? Isn’t it enough that such things still happen in rural India? If the same still exists in the most hyped-up city and that too with such well-educated people then what’s point of calling ourselves modern? Be it Mumbai or Meerut; both follow the same old grotesque heritage. We demonstrate ourselves as ‘a westernized society’ but we forgot that some people are still very much tightly conjoined with their old customs.

There are hundreds of Viveka’s out there. Only reason why Viveka Babaji’s death created such hoopla all over is because she belongs to the fashion industry. May her soul rest in peace. However, this should act as a lesson to all the girls in India. Bypass the split and walk-out with confidence. Suicide is never a solution to any problem. It’s a mere escape from the reality. Life goes on regardless. Face the bastard, face the society, and face the world with enormous fortitude. Become bold & blunt.


  1. like it. "Suicide is never a solution to any problem. It’s a mere escape from the reality. Life goes on regardless. Face the bastard, face the society, and face the world with enormous fortitude. Become bold & blunt." totally agree with this!!

  2. Well written.. Life moves on and so should we..but what happens when you believe that yourlife is nothing more than certain set of things or people .. It's easier said than done.. To move on and soforth ...only the one in it knows if it's all worth it on not... Auudiences canonly babajee! Sigh

  3. @O Fish, thank you for following my blog! I completely 100% agree with your comment. No human being is able to bear any kind of pain, however, even after knowing this fact, I don't want to promote that idea because that is known by default. At least positive articles will act as a small hope for any reader who might be going through rough time. In this day n age, there are very minimal people who actually motivate you to 'stand up and live life'.

  4. being modern or rural has got nothing to do with not wanting kids from your wife. women plenty of times do the backdoor checking to know if their soon-to-be-husband is making the same amount of money as he claims to make so that he will be able to provide. why shouldn't men be allowed to do the checking if the woman can have kids or not. i really wonder how many of these so called modern women would be willing to get married to a sterile man. and no, it's not women only who commit suicide, men do as well. actually in all over the world suicide among men is on an average 5 times as much as women. the thing is that the men who commit suicide are losers in women's perspective. and women who commit suicide are former winners (or should i say former beauties) and current losers. that's why their suicide gets noticed.



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