Friday, August 31, 2012

Are you addicted to the social network?

A day seems incomplete if you haven’t logged into Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or Instagram or Pinterest or Youtube and those unlimited networking sites... Gone were the days’ when we used to hang out with friends outside college campus and wouldn’t stop bloviating about boys, classes, movies, politics, college etc. These days one only gets to gawk at people with their phones. I’m positive that everyone has begun to observe a pattern of less vocal communication. We are so technology bound!

When I attend a family get-together, the way we connect is by posting pictures on social sites. There are no face-to-face conversations left in this world. At times, I wonder how we were living our lives without the advantage of internet and social sites. When I look into my past, I remember coming home from school; gulping lunch; finishing homework; and off to the playground with neighbors or school friends.

Times have changed. Now-a-days, everyone is so engrossed into technology that nothing else is visible to people. Our generation has made technology a vital part of our life. Infact, it’s impractical to see a life without the social engine.

Be it birthday’s, anniversary’s, get well soon messages, reminder’s, status updates, vacation plans, messages every discourse occurs at the social engine. Phoning a person is simple over-rated these days!

From news to promotions to new inventions, everything is declared on the social sites. Once you get pinched by these friendly sites, there is no turning back! In yesteryears’ people used to pick up newspapers in the morning to skim through whereabouts of political leaders, local news, movies, articles etc. And now, morning tea is savored with the Internet…

Families have also adopted a new way to correlate now-a-days. It’s no longer a surprise to see your parents and grandparents liking a picture on your Facebook profile. And the new generation feels embarrassment in adding parents to their friend’s list. Which, by the way, is normal?!

There is not a single thing you can think of which is not populated amongst these social sites.

Hail to the internet!
Hail to the networking engine!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Real Salman Khan

I couldn’t stop myself from blogging this. During the promotion of Ek Tha Tiger, I came across many interviews of Salman Khan. It is quite widely known that he’s a very arrogant man, however, after watching of one of his interviews I also found out that he’s a supreme male chauvinist.

Salman and Katrina were getting interviewed by Anupama Chopra; one of the most famous author, journalist and a critic. Of course, it was a promotional stunt by Ek Tha Tiger team, but it was amusing to see how eccentric Salman’s behavior is amongst ladies. Firstly, Salman has zero communication skills and secondly he’s quite illiterate when it comes to conversing in English. Which, by the way is fine, as long as he knows Hindi; which is our national language. However, while examining his past record, I failed to understand how he conceived relationship with foreign ladies when he lacks in speaking English.

So, Salman somehow managed with the mix of English and Hindi verbiage throughout the show. In between he felt like having Green Tea and asked the camera man to get him some. Um…You’re being aired on national television! Ever heard of something called manners?!

And then each time Anupama asked a question to Katrina, he would butt in to speak on behalf of Katrina, just so he can make a male dominating statement.

It was quite astonishing to hear that he thinks male actors will prevail but female actors will retire once they lose their charm and get old. This statement not only appalled Anupama but also made Katrina to look up and raise her eyebrows. To this, Katrina commented what if you retire and I stay on forever in the industry? And Salman egotistically looked at her and said, ‘yeah we’ll see, how you’ll survive…’
Now we know why Aishwariya left him and Katrina is running away from him… *rolls eyes*


Started my day with an article on Social Networking and ended up on Salman Khan! I will publish ‘Social Networking’ article on Monday.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Madhuri’s Comeback

She’s the dancing queen. She’s the girl-next-door. She’s Saroj Khan’s favorite dancer. She’s the dhak-dhak diva. She’s Madhuri Dixit and she’s back to conquer the Industry with her million-dollar smile in her andaaz. It’s time for all Madhuri lovers to fancy her on screen once again.

Madhuri is making a comeback in ‘Dedh Ishqiya’, a sequel of ‘Ishqiya’ film. In ‘Ishqiya’ we saw Vidya Balan giving a powerful performance along with Naseerudin Shah and Arshad Warsi. In the sequel we’ll see the two men with our dancing queen. She’s the playing the role of a Begum and will be reciting poetry.

Ever since her return to Mumbai with hubby and the two boys, she’s been a favorite of all media channels. Her smile startles the audience and public melts away. Recently, she’s been seen judging ‘Jhalak Dikhlajaa’ on Sony with Karan Johar and Remo D’Souza. One the show, she gives a demo of her famous dance steps from her old movies every week. Her moves simply mesmerize the ‘aam junta’ and we fall in her love trap.

Madhuri Dixit keeps her fans updated with the latest and greatest via Twitter and Facebook. She even launched her own website where she posts all her upcoming movies, tips on fashion, pictures, etc. The portraits on her website are to die for. She looks ravishing. Watching her again on screen will be electrifying! Can’t wait…

Friday, August 10, 2012

‘Saifeena’ Grand Wedding Plans

Surprisingly Kareena and Saifoo have been kept it together for past five years. Big deal, really! You ask why? Well, looking at the past of Ms. Kapoor, she always chose the macho-men of our industry for her affairs. Starting with Hrithik Roshan and later Shahid Kapoor. Both went down the drain however, she clutched onto Saifoo tightly for sure.

Their love blossomed during the ‘Tashan’ days. The public went gaga over her affair and the newly fashionable and trendy zero-size figure. Now the nation is anxiously abiding for their illustrious D-Day. We know the grandeur will be larger than life. After all, it’s the ‘Pataudi’s’ and the ‘Kapoor’s’ alliance. The biggest news till date about the wedding has been that, Kareena will be wearing yesteryear’s Sharmila Tagore’s wedding ensemble on her big day. Lucky her!

The duo is still undecided on the venue of the wedding. Rumor has it that the marriage will take place in Pataudi; Saif’s hometown in Haryana followed by a magnificent and luxurious reception in Mumbai. The who’s who of the industry will be attending this glorious function. Any news associated with the wedding sparks a titillating hysteria on the social network.

Kareena’s personal life creates mania and her career graph is reaching heights. She has become one of the most pampered and invaluable actors of B’town. Her newest flick ‘Heroine’ is the much awaited film of the year followed by her opulent wedding. The ‘Kapoor’ girl is unstoppable this year!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gun Shooting: A trend!?

Can someone please explain the reason behind such heinous act in this country? Why are guns so easily accessible in America? Should we call this an act of discrimination or racism or pure insanity?

The Colorado shooting surprised the entire nation. And the Wisconsin massacre antagonized everyone. Why would someone kill innocent people in a Gurudwara? Gurudwara is known for peace and harmony; it’s a temple where Sikh men and women worship and feel safe in the hands of Almighty. However, after this incident, it’s hard to say that any place is actually considered ‘safe’…

It seems like owning a weapon is a child’s play in this country. I wonder why? The gunman who killed thirteen people at the movie theatre in Colorado is at trial. Doctors have discovered that his mental health is not normal, per se! A mentally challenged person is able to own a gun…this is insane! I personally feel that this so-called-gun-race-war is not over. These two mass-murderers have commenced a game of assassination in this country; where irreproachable people have to face their death.

Is Temple shooting an act of discrimination? I debated numerous times before putting my thoughts to paper but I couldn’t stop myself from asking this absurd question. In this day and age, every third person in this country is a foreigner. Racism should’ve dispersed from this land long ago. However, post 9/11; there have been many grudges against brown skin. This insane terror of act needs to come to an end. In two weeks, several families lost their loved ones…this wound will never heal. We need stricter laws and gun control in this country. We don’t want another massacre. Stop the trend!

Monday, August 6, 2012

My articles got published!

Finally...I plan to be back with a bang! The Chak De India Australia magazine kept me busy. Here's a snippet from the magazine which was written by me. The author of Bollywood and Hollywood Section.

Check this out...

To view the entire Chak De India magazine, please go here:

Hope you all enjoy!!!

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