Friday, August 31, 2012

Are you addicted to the social network?

A day seems incomplete if you haven’t logged into Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or Instagram or Pinterest or Youtube and those unlimited networking sites... Gone were the days’ when we used to hang out with friends outside college campus and wouldn’t stop bloviating about boys, classes, movies, politics, college etc. These days one only gets to gawk at people with their phones. I’m positive that everyone has begun to observe a pattern of less vocal communication. We are so technology bound!

When I attend a family get-together, the way we connect is by posting pictures on social sites. There are no face-to-face conversations left in this world. At times, I wonder how we were living our lives without the advantage of internet and social sites. When I look into my past, I remember coming home from school; gulping lunch; finishing homework; and off to the playground with neighbors or school friends.

Times have changed. Now-a-days, everyone is so engrossed into technology that nothing else is visible to people. Our generation has made technology a vital part of our life. Infact, it’s impractical to see a life without the social engine.

Be it birthday’s, anniversary’s, get well soon messages, reminder’s, status updates, vacation plans, messages every discourse occurs at the social engine. Phoning a person is simple over-rated these days!

From news to promotions to new inventions, everything is declared on the social sites. Once you get pinched by these friendly sites, there is no turning back! In yesteryears’ people used to pick up newspapers in the morning to skim through whereabouts of political leaders, local news, movies, articles etc. And now, morning tea is savored with the Internet…

Families have also adopted a new way to correlate now-a-days. It’s no longer a surprise to see your parents and grandparents liking a picture on your Facebook profile. And the new generation feels embarrassment in adding parents to their friend’s list. Which, by the way, is normal?!

There is not a single thing you can think of which is not populated amongst these social sites.

Hail to the internet!
Hail to the networking engine!


  1. Are we becoming anti social or over soical??

  2. That's a million dollar question! :P

  3. @Nawal Kashyap: thank you for reading my blogs. Yes, I am a professional writer... :)

  4. So what are u trying to emphazize here? Is it good or bad?
    But u see I have observed the same subject overtime. Do u mean to say Internet itself is a bane? No offense meant.
    Actually am not an FB addict, but still when I log on to it once a week, I get to see updates of all my buddies, some funny news, cartoons, awesome pics. Thats the positive.And no use if we blabber about our childhood days was like this, like that...When the world changes, u have to cope up with the world, ryt? In fact I hate texting and chatting over mobile or Internet for a prolonged period, I insist my friends to make a call. Conversations are always good. I agree. But, people still opt for news papers, outdoor games, and hang-out with friends over FB, or any other social networking site.



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