Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My first ever Earthquake…and I survived!

Okay…so where do I begin? On 08/23/2011 after having a delectable lunch, I was all prepared to dial in on my conference call. Ten minutes into the call, I sensed trembling for 3-5 seconds. It’s usual to hear walking, running from the neighbor’s house. However, this time the trembling daunted me for a few seconds. Because of my meeting, I had to abandon my thoughts. Continued on with my call and before I knew it, the entire house started trembling. My conference call was unmuted at the moment. Team heard vibration on the other end. And I went into a frozen mode. My better half kept screaming from downstairs but my mind could not analyze that it’s not a ‘bhoot’ in the house. It’s a DAMN EARTHQUAKE. Get your butt off of the bed and get moving! I was too terrified and started screaming. My husband had to run upstairs; pull me up and pushed me through the stairs and out the door. When I looked around the neighborhood, I conceived it was no ‘bhoot’ and we just got banged by an Earthquake.

The entire scenario was heard by my team on the phone! We both went back in and sat together. Aftershocks are quite panicking as well so it’s better to sit near the entrance door. I believe I was shaking for the next 15 minutes. Immediately, I updated my Facebook status and in a blink of an eye, the Earthquake status’s jammed up the entire mini-feed page. CNN showed the latest news followed by all the other channels. Pentagon, White House and every building got evacuated in DC. All the networks got disconnected. The funny thing was that Facebook got updated before the media had any clue. HA…Hail to FB! I couldn’t stop myself from giggling while watching the news when the journalist said, “Tokyo must be laughing at us right now”. Well, the panic doesn’t end here. Hurricane Irene is hovering on us. Soon, we’ll feel the wave coming in on this weekend. Wind blowing us at 100 mph and rain slapping us away… Be safe and stay inside!

Lesson learnt: Live each day to the fullest…!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Espionage – Nothing is what it seems!

Last weekend was well spent. Hubby and I decided to spend an entire day in DC. For months my better half wanted to check out the International Spy Museum. Finally, this past Saturday we took a tour of the museum. Three different lines to enter the museum. Firstly, the ticket line followed by the ‘enter the museum’ line and lastly a line to get in the elevator [the longest one]. It was an astonishing experience altogether. Every fact written out on the walls was bewildering. Did you know, “before 9/11, 100 applicants for CIA, post 9/11, 1100 applications”. The CIA spends close to $30 million per day on their missions etc. Totally appalled by some of the facts laid out in the museum. It showed a major battle between KGB (Russia) and CIA (USA). FYI: KGB is awfully adroit and apt in what they do…if we compare it with CIA – my personal opinion.

You can’t be assured that a person walking at the airport or grocery market or at a building is actually a male or a female? The makeup industry has boomed to such level that a human can take identity of a man or woman or even sardar…seriously! The museum showed such clippings of how make up can decrease/increase your age in just minutes. Which means, I will never look older… *giggles*. A spy lives his life on the edge. They are watched every second of their life. It was impressive to see how they communicate at the most oddest location. How they leave packages or information for other agents? …near a garbage can or on a stranded road under a hollow tree trunk and so on… To me, the most obvious spy tactic is hiring a slim, sexy and attractive agent. Did you know that spies get their special build rings, newspaper, umbrella, shoes which has a gun embedded in it? The consequences of this job are certainly extremely jeopardous. One can face detainment, deportation or even death! I wonder how their brain works. Suspecting every activity, questioning every statement, and believing no one whatsoever!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Celebrating I-Day…

Okay…so we gained our Independence 64 years ago. In these 64 years we have seen hell lot. Been through countless ups and downs. Became the second largest country in the world; population wise. Everything that we have achieved till date…Fails! Simply because, we are not a corrupt free nation. We breathe corruption! Our entire system is profoundly corrupted. From cops to clerks to lawyers to government officials to parliament to PM. If one has to climb a ladder, then it’s wholly dependent on how much ‘karcha paani’ can you provide to climb the ladder. Forget the dedication, honesty, commitment or devotion.

That’s how things roll in our desh. We are not proud of it but we proudly tell the world that India is corrupted. No matter how much we hate it, how many times we discuss it, how much it antagonizes us…we have to live with it. Unless, we stand for our rights and take some action! That’s exactly what Anna Hazare is doing. The man is 74 years old. At this age, he should be least bothered about what the heck goes on with aam junta on a daily basis? Nonetheless, Anna Hazare is fighting the system and will continue until death plans to interfere.

Hazare firmly stands with his words and that is why he holds no fear. He has shown immense devotion for the job he took up. Anna swore to fast until death against corruption. It was nearly impossible for him to get approval from authorities for a location where he and his supporters could fast. As usual, nothing can get done in one-go in our country. The system paraded him left and right. With much regret Anna had to write a letter to our [respected] PM. And in his response Dr. Manmohan Singh declared that, ‘I’m spineless, impotent, and not involved in any decision making process.’


Even though I had completed this article yesterday, I still wanted to wait till today. I was anxiously waiting to see what government had planned for Anna Hazare’s Anshan at JP Park. Shocking as it sounds, Anna and his saathi got arrested at their residence only. The cops couldn’t even risk his presence in public. Can you imagine how much startled our government is right now? Hilarious! Bhaag bhaag…

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goodbye summers, already???

Every morning at the crack of the dawn while opening my eyes; the first thing I do is glance over the Gmail inbox in my HTC. Coincidentally, a couple days back the weather index caught my attention. It was 67 degrees. Insane! Next thing I encountered was my constant sniffling throughout the morning. I frowned. Frowned at the fact that summers are about to come to an end. The sexiness is about to fade away. Soon, we’ll confront the worst of all seasons. Winter! That chilly, freezing, below zero feel. I hate winters! My body shuts down during that time. Actually, even at this very moment while drafting this article, my body is frozen. Frozen in this air conditioned bakery. Why is it that these gora’s can’t enjoy the summers? Soon it’ll be time to dump all the summer clothes at one corner of the closet. The skirt season will go away. The leg show will cease. No more outdoor activities. And no more workout sessions…sigh! Cherish the remaining few days of this weather. Soon, we’ll bid farewell to summers…!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Man on Mars…soon?!

As we all know that Spirit, Opportunity, and Phoenix successfully landed on Mars and discovered life. Is the next mission sending a man on Mars? If yes, I’m up for it! The three rovers did a splendid job by giving countless clues of life on Mars. A little recap on the Rovers: Spirit and Opportunity flew in 2004 to Mars to detect water particles. Spirit died [deactivated, I meant] in 2010 and Opportunity is still active. Wandering around all alone on the red planet. By the way, I have seen documentaries on both Rovers. The last one I saw was two days ago on Phoenix. You might be unaware of this but Mars has very thick ice sitting at the very top of its planet. Fortunately, the ice itself can reveal the presence of water underneath. Phoenix flew in 2008 and landed in a gigantic crater next to the polar ice cap. The rover was scheduled to perform its entire mission for 90 days. However the craft exceeded its expected operational lifetime for little over two months. Phoenix confirmed the presence of water ice on Mars. Now that the NASA has uncovered the most essential need to conceive life on a planet; can we envision a man mission to Mars? …actually there is a documentary demonstrating how humans can/will survive on Mars; given the fact that we are successful in building our base. Oh man…it would be like a dream come true…!

P.S. Shooting for at least six or more articles in this month. Bonne chance! ! !

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