Thursday, August 4, 2011

Man on Mars…soon?!

As we all know that Spirit, Opportunity, and Phoenix successfully landed on Mars and discovered life. Is the next mission sending a man on Mars? If yes, I’m up for it! The three rovers did a splendid job by giving countless clues of life on Mars. A little recap on the Rovers: Spirit and Opportunity flew in 2004 to Mars to detect water particles. Spirit died [deactivated, I meant] in 2010 and Opportunity is still active. Wandering around all alone on the red planet. By the way, I have seen documentaries on both Rovers. The last one I saw was two days ago on Phoenix. You might be unaware of this but Mars has very thick ice sitting at the very top of its planet. Fortunately, the ice itself can reveal the presence of water underneath. Phoenix flew in 2008 and landed in a gigantic crater next to the polar ice cap. The rover was scheduled to perform its entire mission for 90 days. However the craft exceeded its expected operational lifetime for little over two months. Phoenix confirmed the presence of water ice on Mars. Now that the NASA has uncovered the most essential need to conceive life on a planet; can we envision a man mission to Mars? …actually there is a documentary demonstrating how humans can/will survive on Mars; given the fact that we are successful in building our base. Oh man…it would be like a dream come true…!

P.S. Shooting for at least six or more articles in this month. Bonne chance! ! !