Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Celebrating I-Day…

Okay…so we gained our Independence 64 years ago. In these 64 years we have seen hell lot. Been through countless ups and downs. Became the second largest country in the world; population wise. Everything that we have achieved till date…Fails! Simply because, we are not a corrupt free nation. We breathe corruption! Our entire system is profoundly corrupted. From cops to clerks to lawyers to government officials to parliament to PM. If one has to climb a ladder, then it’s wholly dependent on how much ‘karcha paani’ can you provide to climb the ladder. Forget the dedication, honesty, commitment or devotion.

That’s how things roll in our desh. We are not proud of it but we proudly tell the world that India is corrupted. No matter how much we hate it, how many times we discuss it, how much it antagonizes us…we have to live with it. Unless, we stand for our rights and take some action! That’s exactly what Anna Hazare is doing. The man is 74 years old. At this age, he should be least bothered about what the heck goes on with aam junta on a daily basis? Nonetheless, Anna Hazare is fighting the system and will continue until death plans to interfere.

Hazare firmly stands with his words and that is why he holds no fear. He has shown immense devotion for the job he took up. Anna swore to fast until death against corruption. It was nearly impossible for him to get approval from authorities for a location where he and his supporters could fast. As usual, nothing can get done in one-go in our country. The system paraded him left and right. With much regret Anna had to write a letter to our [respected] PM. And in his response Dr. Manmohan Singh declared that, ‘I’m spineless, impotent, and not involved in any decision making process.’


Even though I had completed this article yesterday, I still wanted to wait till today. I was anxiously waiting to see what government had planned for Anna Hazare’s Anshan at JP Park. Shocking as it sounds, Anna and his saathi got arrested at their residence only. The cops couldn’t even risk his presence in public. Can you imagine how much startled our government is right now? Hilarious! Bhaag bhaag…


  1. i donot understand how to react. while i am with Annaa I do not know why Annaa is collabrating with likes of sri sri ravi shankar who them are neck deep in to corruption which is not only financial in nature but also spritual correption ( fooling people in the guise of sprituality)

  2. Good piece of writing and some deep thoughts. Found you on Shobaade's blog :) Liked reading ur comments on her blog and hopped on here.

  3. Anonymous 1: Thank you for commenting...totally understand your point. Let's wait and watch for the verdict!
    Anonymous2: Thank you for reading and commenting. Appreciate it :)

  4. @Satrupa, Thank your for reading the blog. I saw many comments of yours on Mrs. De's page. I too am a bit appaled by her reaction towards the whole Corruption issue! It seems as if she'll get more affected with Jan Lokpal Bill gets passed! :P



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