Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bahama – mama…

Last weekend hubby and I flew to Nassau, Bahamas. The place is a perfect getaway and heavenly. To the people who have visited Atlantis in Nassau know exactly what I’m referring to. The minute our small and dingy plane took off from Florida, the fun began! It’s barely a 40 minute flight and the ocean views from up top our breath-taking. The water around the Nassau island was so immaculate that the even the seabed was clearly visible. I did spot the Atlantis from the plane. The airport at the island is hot as hell, stinky, and filled with humidity. The long immigration line reminded me of India and how eagerly I always wait to get out of the airport.

Afterwards, we grabbed a taxi and headed off to the Paradise Island. Yup, Atlantis is situated on Paradise Island. The entire resort is magnificent. Believe it or not, there is no such resort like Atlantis in the entire world. At least, that’s what I heard. Luckily, we got the perfect room with the perfect view of the entire place. The ocean looks crystal clear and luminous and if viewed from up-top it’s beyond comparison. I have visited many beaches but Bahamas can beat all the beaches. Even the Aquaventure and marine life looked stupendous from the balcony. Atlantis has built its own Aquaventure on the property. Aquaventure is a combination of bountiful dreadful and wild water rides. Some of them go through tunnels so you can catch a glimpse of marine life. Fortunately, I experienced and survived all except for two. Leap of faith and Abyss [names of ride] can be compared to sudden heart attacks and I was having a blissful vaca so decided to avoid them. On the other hand, hubby decided to face-his-fear and experienced both twice. Good job, I guess. HA!

The resort has countless pools around Aquaventure and magical views from every angle. They also play loud music throughout the day which is audible to all the guests. I was jolted when I heard them playing Hindi songs. Oh yeah, paisa vasool… LOL. Palm trees and greenery around the resort brings immense cheerfulness. Marine life is also an attraction on the property. We had our brunch right next to the stingray’s swimming in the lagoon. One can spot tortoise, dolphins, nemo, sharks and incalculable fishes. Infact, the guests are allowed to snorkel in the Lagoon as well. Whoever thought of the infrastructure of this place was definitely a genius. The entire hotel glows at night and looks impeccable. There are live bands playing music and people dance to their tunes without giving a care in the world. From shopping to eating joints to dancing it’s all there. I also gazed at colossal cruises leaving the resort at night from my balcony. For all cruises, the hot destination is Atlantis.

All in all, it is definitely a must-go place in the world. The views, the resort, water slides, night-life, oceanfront are truly breath-less. The resort is filled with activities and one can never feel bored. A place filled with enjoyment and gratification for all ages… You must experience it to believe it!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ladies: Are you dealing with weight issues?

Please, join the club! Yes, my numero uno dilemma or frustration [whatever you want to call it] is the weight issue. Each time I hit the gym, I glance over to see who am I competing with? The minute I see a skinny girl, I get envious. Why are you here? Thank you for making me realize how over-weight I am… On the other hand, it does act as a motivation that I have to work out harder and it’s going to be an arduous task from here on.

The best way to find out how exactly you look like is to go shopping. Whenever I go shopping, I get a good glimpse of myself. Trying on different clothes can help you envision what sort of attire you can carry irrespective of the extra baggage you’re carrying. At the same time, it’s quite disappointing as well. Driving back from the mall makes me become more vigilant of my own personality. These days every girl is concerned about her weight in some way or another. As much as you try to control the diet, eat healthy, stick to your workout regime; the weight does come back. Because, one cannot stick to such superlative plan forever! It is nearly impossible to bypass savory food loaded with calories. No matter in which part of the world you reside, fatty food can be found everywhere. Always remember, the only way to climb the ladder of ‘fit and healthy’ is to identify the nutrition going inside your body and eventually to control it. Can you girls do that?

I always had this thought in my mind: what if getting fat was never an issue in this world? What if we could do the following at all times:
Eat any kind of food
Calories never existed
Workout sessions were optional
We look PHAT every day, every time!

Ahh, who am I kidding? Let’s break this bubble and revert to our complications.

To have a perfect figure for as much as you live is almost surreal!