Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Baap of controversies – BIGG BOSS

Bigg boss – a complete funtoosh, masala filled and a highly controversial show. It’s said, seven out of ten people want to be a part of this lunatic show. Initially, the concept started in UK as Big Brother. However, by the time, India latched on to this delirious idea; the name got changed to Bigg Boss. The amount of publicity this show gets will make you go bonkers. Some allege that its’ a scripted drama. Many would perceive it as ‘propaganda’, however, the actual reality can only be revealed by the director and the actors [inmates].

Season four started with a big bang as the chor aka Bunty was banished from the BB house on the very first day. That is when I found out the main culprit of Oye lucky, lucky oye. Oh well, the Waqeel, Chambal queen, the two faced bit**, malai-marke, the seductress, love birds, the Khali, naag and the so called pehelwan are still there to create tremendous nautanki and atrociousness. Back – biting, bitching, abusing, gossiping, lying, slandering are some common factors one should have to stay intact in the show. The lesser you create the drama, the more chances you have of getting evicted. Simple rule of the show!!! Oh by the way, Pehelwan tried his best to become the Captain of the house by getting everyone on his side and leaving the masoom Sameer all alone. But all the melodrama didn’t lure much public’s attention. Infact, it didn’t even generate much TRP for the channel or the show. And then the director thought of a sudden surprise for all the inmates. Bigg boss dropped the bomb on all of them at six in the morning – the entry of Dolly Bindra.

The lady is a complete terror and a monster. Probably getting a very high amount for every fuss she creates. Although I do think that passing remarks on someone’s personal life is a little too cheap. So far, the whole nation is aware of all the drama’s these guys portray on television for even the smallest portion of publicity. Personal grudges are not necessary as it is not required to run this show. From dawn to dusk, she makes every inmates life terrible and creates tremendous ratings. Infact, the small clipping shown at the end of each episode gives me the chills. And let’s not even measure the curiosity level!!!

Let’s switch gears now. Since we on BB topic, how can we leave behind the Khan man. Dude is definitely flying high these days. After the colossal success of Dabangg, Sallu has already re-created the magic on screen and off as well. Plus, one can always view some sort of Dabangg-ness every week on the show. Directors have managed to keep the high spirits of the movie even after a month. Anyhow, let’s wait and watch, who comes out to be the most Dabangg man on Bigg Boss 4???

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Karvachauth to all my ladiesss!

After circling through a whole entire year, that one day comes once again! With the bundles of joy and elation, Karvachauth comes yet again. So, what is the feeling of going through ‘no food/no water’ for an entire day? What is the purpose? What is so special? From my perspective, it’s an individual feeling fondled by each women in India. Girls devote this entire day for the longevity of their significant other. I believe a relationship gets durable once the husband perceives what his partner goes through. It surely is tough to go without water for an entire day. The respect grows right after this one day of fasting especially in newly wed couples. Karvachauth is also quite famous among engaged and committed couples. With too much of westernization, it feels so pleasant to see the younger generation latching on to the old traditions.

Every girl awaits the moon in the evening so that she can open her fast. And the enshrined husband performs all the rituals with his wife. From standing in front of her to feeding her food & water and praying for their happiness and togetherness. It’s all done together as two bodies in one soul. On this one day, life seems beautiful. Period. Ever year I see so many ladies fasting and not once do they feel irritated or aggravated of ending their fast early. I’d say it’s a pure symbol of earnestness and dedication. It is considered one of the most charming customs in our culture filled with our rich heritage. Happy Karvachauth to all the ladies...!

...Veero kudiye karvara, Sarv suhagan karvara, Aye katti naya teri naa, Kumbh chrakhra feri naa, Aar pair payeen naa, Ruthda maniyen naa, Suthra jagayeen naa, Ve veero kuriye karvara, Ve sarv suhagan karvara...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Was it a legit Ayodhya’s verdict?

Finally, the much heated debate came to a conclusion. The respectable judges decided to announce the verdict on the most awaited litigation. Frankly speaking, until the verdict came out, I had minimal knowledge of Ayodhya’s case. After reading through couple of articles and TOI news chain, I got enlightened with the case. Not much, but enough to write this article. Instead of coercing myself in reading the long lost history of the case, I decided to cluster upon different opinions on the verdict. I came across many distinct notions and could not come up with an adept conclusion.

According to the court’s verdict, the location was divided among Muslims, Hindu’s, and another Hindu party. On the judgment day, Delhi went into a mute mode. No traffic, companies declared holiday, mobile network disconnected, cops on every nook n corner. It was expected that whatever the decision comes out to be, one party will get antagonized regardless. The expectation came to a reality, however, surprisingly no protest and no maara-maari!

India is an insane country when it comes to religion. This is the simplest trick people use to wage a war within the country. The current issue as well is between Hindus and Muslims. So, if everyone is completely acquainted with the fact, why not elude such issues? After conversing with a few people, I came across many other solutions. Why not build a memorial museum at the location? That will make life simpler. Don’t you agree? The constant debate needs to find a border line. Day in, day out, it’s getting bigger and out of control. Isn’t Kashmir enough to keep the grudges alive?

There is only one Almighty. If one thinks, their God is more superior, so be it! At least don’t impose the superiority on others. Nevertheless, it is clearly worthless saying such words. We have gone way too far in religious battle. There is no end to this issue. The saga has become a part of our daily life. How come we don’t see people protesting for a better education or a better life? The mandir/masjid kissa is oldish. Today’s generation require temples of learning. The world has become so competitive that without education you are not even worth a penny. Youngsters will settle for a job and a better life, anyday. They are least interested in politics of religion. It’s enough we have to deal with IPL politics, CWG politics, Khap Panchayat politics, Kalmadi – Modi – Diks*** politics.

It will be ridiculous to see round 2 for this case. We are fully aware of the outcome. There is no verdict which will be acceptable by both parties. It’s high time we put our foot down and drill some sense in these chaps. We were the best and we can be the best…again!

P.S. Let us all burn the Ravan this year. Happy Dussehra to all…

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anjaana + Anjaani = Mismatch

Last Tuesday my girls and I went for Anjaana Anjaani. Why on a weekday? Because the tickets are cheaper, and believe me, the hall was packed. We, desi’s, gladly accept our cheapness! No shame at all! The movie was okay. Same ole’ love story with a twist of ‘wanting to commit suicide’. Priyanka over-acted the first half and Ranbir got over-powered by her in the second half. Both of them are fine actors, however, both should not act together! A complete mismatch, if I may… Infact, at many encounters, one can spot her matured look.

Songs were absolutely melodious. Lucky Ali came back with a big bang. A special mention for the Hairat number. I’m not sure why the director chose to cast Zayed Khan for the supporting role. There are n numbers of decent and dashing looking actors. To name a few: Madhavan, Arjun Rampal. Towards the end, when Priyanka came out in her ‘almost backless’ choli, my jaw-dropped and I leaned over to my cousin [her’s was too]. Her lehnga looked ravishing and complemented her proportionate body from every angle. On the last scene, I told my cousin ‘if she jumps off the bridge in that lehnga, I’m going to kill her’. Well, instead of jumping, Idiot voluntarily ruined her outfit by walking in the river. The End!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Let the game begin – CWG 2010 New Delhi, India

Marvelous and jaw-dropping opening ceremony of Commonwealth Games in our India. I am wholly speechless to see the entire nation unite at this very proud time. I doubt if there was even a single true Indian who did not get a glimpse of the biggest gala ever in our very own country. The moment I got up and caught myself surfing through the TOI website, my whole body rejuvenated to see even the smallest clipping of the fire crackers shooting at the sky at Nehru Stadium; the 40 crore aerostat [helium gas balloon] showcasing multitude of pictures/videos of our rich heritage and bestowing a warm welcome to all the participating countries [money well-spent]. Jumbo Dhols, Drums, Dholak’s and Nagada’s echoed from ten different corners of the stadium. A small kid with Tabla in his hands had the entire nation grooving to his Taal. Couldn’t resist myself and gave it in by doing a couple of thumka’s…! Every country marched in were given a clamorous applaud while the drums rolled and the lights twinkled. Loud and proud, the Oscar winner, Mr. A R Rehman gave a spectacular performance. Also, not-so-forgotten Shibani Kashyap mesmerized the assembly with her hatke awaaz. In those three spellbinding hours, Delhi was lit up with lights and colours to present a properly conceived and exquisite show.

Traffic was a complete havoc as everyone was rushing towards the stadium to capture the best moment of their life. With all the cultures coming together and representing India as one dignified power, the whole planet went into a silent mode. As one of my aunt’s wrote on her Facebook status, “CWG opening was just "STUPENDOFANTABULOUSLY FANTASTIC", India ROCKS, Delhi ROCKS. Proud to be an INDIAN. Sabsey Aage Honge HINDUSTANI... to that my reply was, ‘Indeed’. The real show-stoppers of the ceremony were Prince Charles with his wife Camilla and Pratibha Patil accompanied by Manmohan Singh and Suresh Kalmadi. Even though, the public hissed while Kalmadi gave his special speech, it mattered to the very least. No one was willing to ruin the entire ceremony only because the small kids pulled together a praiseworthy performance to present every culture of our country and the aerostat which was closely monitored by masses because their a** was on fire. They knew the world had their eye set on them. Had there been any accident, it would have invited chaos for the whole nation.

Everyone bypassed the controversies, corruption, Kalmadi, the entire hoopla of CWG games and ceased the moment to enjoy every bit of the ceremony. Even with so many predicament and complications, we showed our alliance to the whole world. Oh well, let bygones be bygones, for now. I’m not alleging to completely neglect the whole corruption issue but I won’t spoil the mood since the whole country united once again. Dost, this is what India is all about. We bash up each other if required and we stand united when needed [the most].

As a proud Indian, I sign off on my article.

3 Cheers for Mera Bharat Mahaan…!

Friday, October 1, 2010

RIP Tyler Clementi

Tyler Clementi committed suicide. Well, I believe with each passing day, someone somewhere in the sphere commits suicide. Okay, so what is so extraordinary about this person? Alrite, a small intro for my readers… An 18 year old boy, fresh out of the college, got admitted in Rutgers University and… he’s gay. In this day and age, coupling with the same sex partner is no big deal. However, Tyler didn’t have the comfort ground set just yet. Being a teenager, he might have felt ashamed or not welcomed in his regular group. By regular, I mean, guys who prefer the opposite sex. Still understandable!!! So, the story goes like this…Tyler stayed in the dorms with a roommate. Roommate finds out about Tyler being homo and decides to punk him by shooting his make-out session via a webcam. Not just once but twice. Next thing you know, the roommate tweets it on twitter as well. Undoubtedly, he’s got like a million fans by now. Well, in his so called heroic stunt, Tyler gets immersed in humiliation all around the campus and decides on something very ill. Next day, the whole nation recovers his dead body in the Hudson River. My deep condolences to the Clemeti’s. May his soul rest in peace.

Let’s recap a bit and glance at some other aspects of the story. Dormitories are abhorred with filth and polluted with adulteration. Indulging in a relationship is quite exceptional. Make-out sessions are also very customary in any affair. Breaching someone’s privacy is not agreeable. However, broadcasting a personal video clip in public is not at all acceptable. And that too on the most popular social network. These days even an eight year old possesses an account on Twitter. Oh yeah, and how can we leave behind Facebook? Tyler updated his status before committing suicide. I really took a few moments to digest this part of the news. Is Facebook that substantial? Would you think of Facebook before doing anything, let alone attempting a suicide? It’s commendable that technology is booming every minute but it’s also taking a very huge toll on multitude of people. One can debate on many issues in this suicide case. Should we re-think the bullying caused in every college? Or the growing society of homosexuals? Or the big bang technology? Questions will come and go. Enormous appeals will take place between the university, students, media, higher committee etc etc. However, Tyler is gone forever. Clementi’s will never see their son again and this is the only truth which actually matters.

I whole-heartedly pass my condolences to his entire family…

Life is NOT a race

Nobody is slow and nobody is fast. We are not in a race. We all are in our own time zone. Don’t feel jealous and don’t get too proud. Event...