Friday, October 1, 2010

RIP Tyler Clementi

Tyler Clementi committed suicide. Well, I believe with each passing day, someone somewhere in the sphere commits suicide. Okay, so what is so extraordinary about this person? Alrite, a small intro for my readers… An 18 year old boy, fresh out of the college, got admitted in Rutgers University and… he’s gay. In this day and age, coupling with the same sex partner is no big deal. However, Tyler didn’t have the comfort ground set just yet. Being a teenager, he might have felt ashamed or not welcomed in his regular group. By regular, I mean, guys who prefer the opposite sex. Still understandable!!! So, the story goes like this…Tyler stayed in the dorms with a roommate. Roommate finds out about Tyler being homo and decides to punk him by shooting his make-out session via a webcam. Not just once but twice. Next thing you know, the roommate tweets it on twitter as well. Undoubtedly, he’s got like a million fans by now. Well, in his so called heroic stunt, Tyler gets immersed in humiliation all around the campus and decides on something very ill. Next day, the whole nation recovers his dead body in the Hudson River. My deep condolences to the Clemeti’s. May his soul rest in peace.

Let’s recap a bit and glance at some other aspects of the story. Dormitories are abhorred with filth and polluted with adulteration. Indulging in a relationship is quite exceptional. Make-out sessions are also very customary in any affair. Breaching someone’s privacy is not agreeable. However, broadcasting a personal video clip in public is not at all acceptable. And that too on the most popular social network. These days even an eight year old possesses an account on Twitter. Oh yeah, and how can we leave behind Facebook? Tyler updated his status before committing suicide. I really took a few moments to digest this part of the news. Is Facebook that substantial? Would you think of Facebook before doing anything, let alone attempting a suicide? It’s commendable that technology is booming every minute but it’s also taking a very huge toll on multitude of people. One can debate on many issues in this suicide case. Should we re-think the bullying caused in every college? Or the growing society of homosexuals? Or the big bang technology? Questions will come and go. Enormous appeals will take place between the university, students, media, higher committee etc etc. However, Tyler is gone forever. Clementi’s will never see their son again and this is the only truth which actually matters.

I whole-heartedly pass my condolences to his entire family…

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