Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CWG = Havoc

Where should I begin? Countless questions unanswered, overabundance of corruption, forged certificates etc etc. Aren’t we Indians already dealing with enough fraud in our country? Then why more? And it’s no where near manageable at this point. During my vacation in India, I encountered extravagant melodrama regarding CWG games in New Delhi. Special lanes for buses! Don’t we have enough traffic problems and to add to that misery, distinguished lanes just for CWG crowd. Why? Special lanes are only sitting there; why not open them for the locals? However, our government flagged them as ‘privileged lanes’ for bloody Gora’s. Fines increased to Rs. 1000. Earlier builders mixed cement with sand, and now, sand with cement. How pathetic can it get? Had it not been for Mother Nature, no one would ever discover the robustness of CWG special lanes…

For the past bloody four years, the only thing one hears is the transformation of Delhi for the games. However, no one comprehended the actual meaning of transformation until now. Delhites are troubled by the vicinity of the games area. The so-called-development is extremely worrisome and disgusting, but my real worry stems from the way quality standards have been trampled upon. The foundation of our system itself is based on bribery, fraud and corruption. Every single tender passed for the CWG project was forged and approved by our own government officials’.

On September 21st, a footbridge collapsed which injured around thirty people. Immediately after the incident, Delhi officials’ promised to get the entire infrastructure ‘up n about’ by October 3rd. It’s easy, let’s paste back the debris as it is! On September 22nd, a small portion of a ceiling collapsed at the weightlifting arena. Sidewalks often lead to a dead end or into a tree. No thoughts gone behind building a ramp. The chaos began a couple years back and now its result time! Our Civic administration had 7 years to prepare for this grand event. I bet, 3 were wasted intentionally, the next two years were dwindled in discussions, meetings, budgets, risk and so on… and now, pants on fire!!! With monsoon showing no signs of abating and the infrastructure quality being shockingly sub-standard; we are finding ourselves in the gutter. It won’t be surprising if the same incidents would happen during the games. These episodes have made its way to the local newspaper all over England and Wales.

I want some help from my readers. So, what do we lack? Actually, I rephrase my Q, where do we lack? Aren’t we considered one of the smartest people in this whole wide world? We literally rule the IT industry all over the globe. We have one of the best engineers, doctors than anyone in so called Amerikka. Where is the problem??? Is it the higher committee ruling India or corruption or money…? Or is it simply the reluctance of making our country a better place to live? Raise hands or rise up…

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  1. Pants on fire!!! i think not just pants.



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