Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thrill at Tinsel Town

Peeps…fasten your seatbelts because the coming months are extremely titillating in Tinsel Town. OMG, blockbusters are about to release and I can’t wait to watch ‘first day first show’. Alrite, maybe not the first day…! Got too excited! The incitement is increasing with the music releases only. Is it just me or is this year bombarded with some fabulous movies?

Well, the first and foremost on everyone’s list is Bbudah Hoga Tera Baap! The name itself has created some brouhaha! AB Sr. is back with a bang. From the trailers it seems it’ll be a kick-ass comedy of all AB’s old movies. The ‘dude’ is sixty above and still does everything with panache…! Hail to the megastar. Delhi Belly has rocked the nation with DK Bose and PENCHARrrr [my personal fav]. It’s a full on hatke film and the teenagers especially are eagerly waiting for it. I believe now IK has a firm foot in the bollywood industry.

I’m sure all the guys are breathlessly waiting for Mallika Sherawat’s Double Dhamaal! O yeah, the girl is finally back to movies. Up until now, she was too busy flaunting her in the Hollywood media. Must say, she knows how to be on Page 3…like all the time’. SRK is planning to comeback with RA.One. My gut feeling says, ‘it’ll be a flop or just so-so’… No offense to all SRK fans out there. However, he’s a charmer and I doubt he can do justice to the robotic and action filled movies.

Well, the movie that I’m energetically waiting for is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. The entire cast is literally to die for. Farhan Akhtar after Rock On is the most charming actor I find in the industry. Post Dev D, Abhay Deol and Kalki combination is surely a super hit. Anyhow, enough of movies! The most recent and tadakti phadakti news on the net, TOI, Twitter and every media channel is that Ashiwariya is expecting… OMG OMG, bhadai ho Bachchan parivaar!

WOW, hats off to my full on masala and total time pass article. Gotta love it’…

Thursday, June 16, 2011

M.F. Husain: Disgrace or Respect?

Mrs. Shobhaa De described him as, “A true renaissance figure… So much larger than life”. Okay! Sure is, however, can one justify some of his paintings regarding our Hindu religion? Heck NO. To tell you the truth, I knew him as a very famous painter and the guy who directed ‘Gaja Gamini’ with Madhuri Dixit. That’s it! I lacked the knowledge on his nude paintings of many Hindu Goddesses and his infatuation towards women. Just recently I came across those paintings and I was jolted by this man’s filthy mind. His mind drooled out his lust and paintings portrayed the disgusted thoughts towards our Hindu Goddesses.

Not too surprised to read about his non-bailable warrant after the obscenity of our religion. Glad he lived in exile outside India. It’s bewildering to see how Hindu’s have become a punching bag in the society. Had it been a portrait of other religion, a chaos and a bigger hoopla would’ve occurred. I’m dissatisfied by many who are actually supporting this insulting act. And to tell you the truth, it seems as if only the elite class is in favor of these paintings. If MFH was a true Indian, he would’ve understood the most sensitive part of Indians is their religion. However, the old man only belonged to the high class society. Our socialites do not feel offended simply because they believe in ‘going with the flow’ instead of walking alone!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


What is going on in our country? What’s the fuss about? Why can’t we stand up and take charge of situations? Why has corruption ruled us over for more than six decades? Why are the mango people suffering in their daily lives? …etc etc. I can ramble on with n number of questions; however, what’s the point? Will it lead to a solution? Probably not! Reason being; crooks running the government, bribable cops and biased laws towards each individual.

The ‘Baba Ramdev’ thing [as many would like to call it] has created quite some hoopla in the media. Everything seems to have shut down and all the attention is angled towards Baba. Yesterday morning, I was shocked to find out about ‘lathi charge’ and ‘teargas shells’ amongst the followers. According to many sources and my better half, this atrocious and absolutely barbaric act has shown the stupidity of government and Congress. The entire destruction has led many people to ‘like’ Baba and ‘hate’ the government. One major thing our government fails to understand is that, we Indians are highly emotional people and connect very easily. Do meethe bol and we are hooked…to you!

The gruesome act performed by the cops during the ‘Anshan’ of Baba Ramdev was totally uncalled. The common man in India has no freedom at all. There was absolutely no need of attacking innocent people. I can bet there are many out there who do not support Baba but still stand with him because of the simple reason: concern about their fundamental rights and democracy as a citizen! And the most cheerless part is that a tamasha is highly required in order to gain a simple right… Why? Why can’t the government make our country a peaceful place to live? Why is the common man suffering the most?

The Congress literally showed it’s incompetency as usual in mishandling the whole thing at the cost of putting lives of women and children at peril. What if there had been a stampede? Nevertheless, Congress wouldn’t have taken charge of any such operation. They are just impotent!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The Memorial Day Weekend turned out to be a kick ass vacation for me and my fellow family mates. ‘Finally VA meets UT’, like my cousin said! As the last week began, the excitement started to emerge. On Thursday night I had n number of things on my ‘Things to do list’. Laundry, packing, cleaning, etc. At the dawn of Friday I reached the airport to fly away to Utah Land. Twenty minutes before the arrival, the magnificent and absolutely gorgeous mountains of Utah made me say ‘Oh My God, Really?’

It was a complete bliss to view the surroundings during touchdown. As we walked out the airport, we anxiously awaited to meet our cousin and her beau. Hugged her tightly, picked up our rental… and then the party began! First stop was not something fancy, just driving around Salt Lake City was itself a special place to visit. It’s astonishing to see how the entire city is wrapped between trails of mountains. Everywhere we went; the scenic view was breath taking. The evening plan was to watch Hangover 2. Hilarious. Next morning driving to Moab, Utah was truly delightful. The entire four hour drive was encircled with all kinds of mountains. Every hill was different from other. The roads in particular reminded us of Hangover 1 and couple other Indian films. HA! The first stop was at Canyon Land and the view was again thrilling. The red colored mountains, the breeze, the blazing hot sun on top and the cameras clicking us away was superlative. We acted as typical Indians and wrote our names on the mountains. Our desi-ness comes out everywhere we go. Yeah, laugh it up! Next, we drove to Arches National Park. Another ajooba, if I may… To see those really odd looking mountains which mostly looked like bricks well shaped and crafted amused each one of us. The pattern of flowing water was clearly visible of all those rocks. Proved that the entire place was once beneath water. Mother Nature can literally shock you with its miracles.

We ended up viewing the entire sunset from the hills. Awesome view! Drove back to the city and encountered millions of stars in the sky. I doubt I have ever seen that many stars altogether. It looked magnificent. Although, it was kind of frightening to see no one on the road. It was about 1AM and we all were seriously sleep deprived. Next morning decided to stay local. Drove to hilltop, started a snow fight, clicked pictures, saw crowded hills covered with snow, clicked pictures, ate at Punjabi Dhaba, clicked pictures, stopped at Park City, got a glimpse of Olympics area, clicked pictures, updated FB status, discussed n number of activities, however did nothing and drove back home! Phew…

VA met UT and now it was time to fly back to the pavilion. Next morning we all had to catch our flights back home. However, how can one complete a trip to Utah without experiencing some snow showers? It was freezing cold the minute I step my foot outside. The mountains were covered with icy snow, weather looked hazy, clouds hovered upon me and the body kept shivering. That moment made me realize ‘Lord, do I miss home or what’? While Virginians were showing off legs and sweating in sultry weather, I was bundled up in layers. The overall trip was certainly a memorable expedition. Highly recommend the haseen vadiyan and khula aasman…