Thursday, June 16, 2011

M.F. Husain: Disgrace or Respect?

Mrs. Shobhaa De described him as, “A true renaissance figure… So much larger than life”. Okay! Sure is, however, can one justify some of his paintings regarding our Hindu religion? Heck NO. To tell you the truth, I knew him as a very famous painter and the guy who directed ‘Gaja Gamini’ with Madhuri Dixit. That’s it! I lacked the knowledge on his nude paintings of many Hindu Goddesses and his infatuation towards women. Just recently I came across those paintings and I was jolted by this man’s filthy mind. His mind drooled out his lust and paintings portrayed the disgusted thoughts towards our Hindu Goddesses.

Not too surprised to read about his non-bailable warrant after the obscenity of our religion. Glad he lived in exile outside India. It’s bewildering to see how Hindu’s have become a punching bag in the society. Had it been a portrait of other religion, a chaos and a bigger hoopla would’ve occurred. I’m dissatisfied by many who are actually supporting this insulting act. And to tell you the truth, it seems as if only the elite class is in favor of these paintings. If MFH was a true Indian, he would’ve understood the most sensitive part of Indians is their religion. However, the old man only belonged to the high class society. Our socialites do not feel offended simply because they believe in ‘going with the flow’ instead of walking alone!


  1. I agree. It should not have been difficult to gauge the sensitivities of the people one religion especially if the man was a devout follower of another organized religion. I say that he was lucky to have had the chance at exiled life. Anyone doing this to other religions would have not survived the backlash for too long. Hypocrites...all those upper class wannabes.

  2. @Abhilash, Thank you :)
    @Anonymous, well said! I wanted to mention things up front but I kept it general and did not point fingures at other religions... Thank you for the comment :)

  3. Well, you are right. It was disrespectful, and an art and a talent cannot be rated highly if that is not put to right purpose. Those who support MFH, will be the ones supporting Ravana as well for the sole reason of his talent.!!

  4. @Animesh, thank you visiting the blog and commenting :)

  5. Er..have you ever seend the paintings of Konark? the sculptures that were destroyed by muslim invaders and english missionaries, becasue they were so raunchy and offended thier senses?
    Whats offensive to our senses, even in these times of Playboy bunnies and what not?
    Would you be blushing when you see a painted orgy, sodomy , and animal sex in hindus temples of yore?
    Perhaps. Somehow the western culture has made it so offensive to us. Go figure.
    Even back 100 years agao, it was not uncommon to see topless women works the hot paddy fields in the india. When the Brits came, they were shocked. WE were barabaric, uncultures and uncivilized, who burn our women at the pyre.
    Everyone ofcourse is entitled to thier opinion and freedom of expression as is MH Hussain and you and me.



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