Tuesday, June 7, 2011


What is going on in our country? What’s the fuss about? Why can’t we stand up and take charge of situations? Why has corruption ruled us over for more than six decades? Why are the mango people suffering in their daily lives? …etc etc. I can ramble on with n number of questions; however, what’s the point? Will it lead to a solution? Probably not! Reason being; crooks running the government, bribable cops and biased laws towards each individual.

The ‘Baba Ramdev’ thing [as many would like to call it] has created quite some hoopla in the media. Everything seems to have shut down and all the attention is angled towards Baba. Yesterday morning, I was shocked to find out about ‘lathi charge’ and ‘teargas shells’ amongst the followers. According to many sources and my better half, this atrocious and absolutely barbaric act has shown the stupidity of government and Congress. The entire destruction has led many people to ‘like’ Baba and ‘hate’ the government. One major thing our government fails to understand is that, we Indians are highly emotional people and connect very easily. Do meethe bol and we are hooked…to you!

The gruesome act performed by the cops during the ‘Anshan’ of Baba Ramdev was totally uncalled. The common man in India has no freedom at all. There was absolutely no need of attacking innocent people. I can bet there are many out there who do not support Baba but still stand with him because of the simple reason: concern about their fundamental rights and democracy as a citizen! And the most cheerless part is that a tamasha is highly required in order to gain a simple right… Why? Why can’t the government make our country a peaceful place to live? Why is the common man suffering the most?

The Congress literally showed it’s incompetency as usual in mishandling the whole thing at the cost of putting lives of women and children at peril. What if there had been a stampede? Nevertheless, Congress wouldn’t have taken charge of any such operation. They are just impotent!


  1. Seriously, Indian government has shown their worst part now. It is seriously unbelievable what happened there. There are lot more footage which news channels are not showing bcoz they are paid. Many people are in ICU breathing their last. Something sud be done and Baba Ramdev is doing it for us.

  2. Yes, I too am speechless and feel helpless at our current situation! Don't know when we'll rise from the such issues to find out there is way more to life...than 'Corruption'

  3. I think both were at fault. Baba Ramdev should have met them half way and of course the Govt. should have thought twice before marching on innocent people. It was like Jallianwala Bagh all over again, no?

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  4. @Tanvi... I agree with you on Jalianwala Bagh comparison. I found out later on about the brutal lathi charge and how many were in ICU BUT the media knowningly or unknowingly skipped that part of the news! Wonder when we'll get to live in a Prosperous, Happy and Healthy India?
    Jai Ho!



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