Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Life is NOT a race

Nobody is slow and nobody is fast. We are not in a race. We all are in our own time zone. Don’t feel jealous and don’t get too proud. Eventually we all will get to our desired goal.

Life and Death

Some random thoughts…

This picture depicts life in a nutshell. The harsh reality of our journey is that eventually it will come to an end. We all have an expiry date; doesn’t matter if you are rich, old, young or poor. Every living being who is born will eventually meet its creator. It is difficult for many to understand this truth. It is considered a bad omen in many cultures to even speak about this reality. However, if one can understand this bitter truth, it might make things easier to accept. Changes will occur in everyone’s life. If not today, then tomorrow. Slowly and gradually we all will lose our loved ones. It could be one’s parents, kids, friends, a neighbor, or someone special. Try not to ever discard this fact and silently instill the thought in our minds forever.

Life will come at your fast.
Know this reality.
Accept this truth.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Tu darr mat

This time I tried something different. Instead of writing a blog, I decided to write a poem. Hope you like it.

Tu darr mat,
Hataash na ho,
Niraash na ho,
Yeh duniya tujhe girayegi, rulayegi.
Tu samna kar,
Gira de uss shaitaan ko,
Hila de uss parvat ko,
Jo tujhe de chunauti.
Bhool mat,
Tujhse hi hai yeh duniya,
Teri hai yeh duniya,
Tu darr mat.
Himmat mat haar,
Karle buland hausla,
Tu hi hai Chandi,
Tu hi hai Kaali,
Tune hi karni hai, uss shaitaan ki sawaari.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Lipstick under my burkha!

Yes, the subject line is quite hatke. I couldn’t resist myself and had to write this blog. By the way, I have had a writer’s block for quite some time now. 4 years to be precise. In these past four years, I started to write many blogs but couldn’t continue on or even finish one. I have been succumbed to my daily chores and two of my beautiful daughters. I guess that’s my excuse. Ha!

Oh well! Lately I’ve been drawn to all the celebrities posting their selfie’s holding a lipstick and showing the middle finger. Then I saw the hashtags of Lipstick under my burkha and instantly youtube-d the trailer of this film. Surely, I got an idea it’s a creation of none other than Ekta Kapoor. In our Bollywood industry, she’s the only woman who actually has balls to showcase feministic films. I believe by now, as a reader, you would want to take a look at the trailer of this film. But, hold that thought…

More than the trailer, I believe I’m attracted towards how other actresses are doing free publicity of the film. And it’s not the film they are publicizing; actually it’s their own share of struggles, battles, pain, and tussles which they had to go through being a woman. Every woman has witnessed some form of discrimination, bigotry or inequality. It could’ve been in a business setting or a household or even walking down the street. I think these films speak common people’s mind and experiences. I know women who faced problems with their promotions just because they were a female. I know women who couldn’t wear what they felt like just because it wasn’t appropriate or didn’t meet the basic standards (of women). I know women who couldn’t talk out loud just because girls are supposed to act polite and mature. I know women who can’t say ‘bad words’ just because it’s only a male’s right to openly curse. I know women who had to face shame just because she gave birth to a baby girl. I know women who want to get out of a trouble and disturbed marriage but can’t just because of the humiliation in our society.

Come to think of it, how does a society form? Who creates such rules and conditions for male and females? Isn’t it the individuals working together for mutual benefit? But how exactly is this society benefiting the females? I’d say screw the society! If only, women in every corner of our country can stop taking their own gender as a weakness, we can overcome every battle. And, I would like to remind you, equations are changing very rapidly. Capable and strong women who are completely fed up are finally waking up and soon it will become a reality. A reality where women is not considered kamzoor.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Story of a demented girl

…and that special day was here for Lolita. Just like any other girl, Lolita too was delighted to step into the next phase of life. She was all set to wed Paul that day. As usual, being the bride, there was so much she was worrying about. She woke up early to be at the salon so she could give herself ample amount of time to get ready. Her bridesmaids accompanied her at the salon. They kept teasing her about her honeymoon plans. Lolita was all smiles that day. It was heartwarming to see her all excited about her wedding.

…as she started walking towards the love of her life, the nervous-ness kicked in. She tried to meet eyes with her fiance to find some comfort. The altar dimmed the lights around Lolita so everyone could embrace her beauty. Lolita’s parents were in tears as they gave their daughter to a complete stranger whom they trust blindly.

…the vows got exchanged and the two said the golden words ‘I Do.’

…needless to say, the honeymoon period of the couple was at its best. Those memories stay with the bride and groom until their last breath. Lolita too enjoyed each moment with her hubby. She enjoyed the beach, skydiving, snorkeling, swimming with the hubby and tons more. Lolita was on cloud nine!

…a year passed by and Lolita found her entangled in endless responsibilities. She realized marriage is not about a grand wedding, honeymoon plans, spending lavishly; instead it’s about compromising and taking responsibilities. In this one year, Lolita kept thinking about her courtship period, when everyone pasted a rosy picture of marriage in her mind. No one spoke about the daily life, the troubles, the arguments. No one told her to get prepared. All her friends and family members were too occupied in wedding preparations.

…those endless arguments over petty issues drove Lolita crazy. Those discussions where she tried her best to reason with her hubby and shared her thoughts were hopeless. Like many men out there, her partner also had an ego problem. He too was a male chauvinist! It was hard for Lolita’s husband to accept that he’s at fault. It was always Lolita’s fault no matter what.

…after some time, Lolita’s husband started finding solace in his friends. He stayed out late, partied, drank with his buddies all the time. Lolita was not allowed to go out with her friends or spend time with her family members. She was forbidden. Slowly and gradually, Lolita tried to find peace in keeping silent. She kept her thoughts and secrets to herself. She started writing a diary to pen down her thoughts. She tried to stay away from any discussions with her partner. From her past experience discussions turn into arguments; arguments turn into fights; and fights turn into broken relationships. It was hard for her to fathom a simple fact that how can one partner be always wrong? Is that how relationships are? The male partner is always correct and the female always wrong?

…a happy face; that’s the lie Lolita kept portraying to the world. She was the perfect actor in her marriage. No one could figure out if Lolita was going through a troubled marriage. And one day, when she could not use her mind beyond her married life; she decided to end it. Lolita committed suicide and ended her story.

WHY? Why did she take her own life? Why didn't she turn away from her marriage and start new? Why did she let her husband rule her life? - These questions will always remain unanswered. However, one can learn a lesson from Lolita’s life. One can always shed dominating men from their life. One can always find happiness…

Friday, February 22, 2013

Terrorist Attacks

Killing innocent people has always been the simplest way to show a nation that we are superior. This is the effortless mantra all terrorist groups use. Recently, we heard the terror attacks in Hyderabad. This news ‘as always’ jolted the nation. Few days back, we heard an attack took place in Pakistan. This has become a very interesting game now. You killed 15 people in India; I will kill 50 people in Pakistan. The animosity in both countries is only increasing by the day. However, why is the public suffering in this rage? The innocent people who are living their normal life; doing their daily routines; earning money to make their ends meet…why have they become the puppets of this show?

It is not okay to bomb a bus filled with passengers. It is not okay to blast a market. It is not okay to chop off the head of an army soldier who stands guard day ‘n’ night to protect his country. It is just not okay!

When these attacks take place, the citizens look up to their government hoping that things will get better and they will feel the pain as well. But, what is the government doing in these situations? Why can’t they step out of their comfort zone and give comfort to their people? The reputation of the administration is deteriorating with each passing day. It has become nearly impossible to have faith on our own nation. The one thing which excels in our country is ‘the blame game’. Blame it on the state or police or administration etc. This is the best way to escape from this mess.

Can we all rise above this? Can we actually make a life count? Can we?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bollywood’s 100 Crore Club!

As we all know, B’town award functions are organized and publicized at a mass scale and the viewers are eagerly waiting for it to air on the television. I’m also one of those viewers who is keen on catching a glimpse of the star studded gala event. This year I started with the Zee Cine Awards.

As an avid Bollywood lover, I madly enjoy gawking at the attire’s actresses flaunt at these award functions. Who’s coming with whom, the gossip, the drama, the mishaps, the malfunctions…so on and so forth. There’s quite of brouhaha around this time of the year in the buzz world.

This year, I witnessed something very hatke in the awards. A 100 Crore club was introduced during the function. At first, I was taken aback because the movies which ‘supposedly’ hit the 100 crore success didn’t quite woo the audience. Apparently, movies like ‘Dabangg 2’, ‘Housefull 2’, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, ‘Son of Sardaar’ got hugely recognized during the awards. How in the world would movies like these make 100 crore? Or is it just another publicity stunt to promote the directors of these movies? There was absolutely no storyline and no charm present in these films.

The makers of these award functions should be promoting movies like ‘Paan Singh Tomar’, ‘Kahaani’, ‘Shanghai’, ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, ‘Oh My God’, ‘English Vinglish’… These films left an impression on the audience and were applauded by all age group. The directors of these movies never get the kind of recognition which they actually deserve. These are filmmakers who have the power to change the mindset of our country and not afraid to bring change.

To me, 100 crore club only means how big of hoopla has your film created? How much money was invested in promoting the film? Is the main actor a big star? And that’s the recipe of a sau crore success. How idiotic is that?!

Life is NOT a race

Nobody is slow and nobody is fast. We are not in a race. We all are in our own time zone. Don’t feel jealous and don’t get too proud. Event...