Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tere naal love ho gaya!

A very light, sweet, and cute love story. 2012 is definitely the best year for Ritesh and Genelia. The couple is on cloud nine. Their wedding played a pivotal role in promoting their film. The wedding celebration lasted almost two weeks and the hype created by the media surely generated enough curiosity to see this lovely couple’s film. Believe me, it is one of the main reasons why people are watching this film. It didn’t do wonders at the box office but it was refreshing to see the couple romance through the hill stations of our country.

The script is not-so-original however; the presence of the lovely couple allures the audience. Genelia seemed to play her natural role. We’ve seen her bubbly side in ‘Jaane Tu Yah Jaane Na’ and she acts somewhat a similar character. As far as Ritesh goes, he has performed far better. After watching Housefull, Kya Kool Hain Hum, and many more of his comical roles; it’s hard to digest his portrayal in this film. Ritesh has aced the funny roles in his previous movies. However, in TNLHG he tried to play a ‘romantic hero’.

Om Puri is always excellent in his roles. Not only did he convince us with his Haryanvi accent, he also managed to make us giggle here n there. Tinu Anand’s desperate father figure performance entertained the public quite a bit. He never fails to amuse us with his different characters. TNLHG is a onetime watch film. If you adore Mr & Mrs. Deshmukh’ go for the movie. It’s interesting to see their chemistry on-screen as well.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do you have too many choices around you…?

Do you agree with me? Do you wholeheartedly believe that we have an entire closet filled with choices and it has become nearly impossible to zero in on one? When I was growing up in the late 80’s and 90’s, I wasn’t aware of the word choice. Or may I say that choices were limited and luxurious. Surely, I wasn’t growing up in a house where luxury came in handy. Whatever my parents placed in front of me was the done deal. Period.

But, times have changed a whole lot. One can find n number of choices in almost everything out there. Cars, houses, clothes, food etc. Infact, it’s bizarre to even think how many types of cereal we have in grocery stores. There is too much to choose from. That is the reason why most of us find ourselves in confusion mode. Too many choices mean too many thoughts. And too many thoughts certainly puts too much of pressure…on your brain! At times I feel late 80’s to 90’s was a better time as compared to today. Here’s an instance: there are like countless grocery stores to buy milk and on top of that countless brand names… where are those days when milk-man came to your door steps.

I’m having a hard time scribbling this article simply because I have a jillion thoughts running in my mind. So, I have to make a choice in my head as to which one is worthy of this article. However, I rest my case! If I print anymore, this will turn into an idiotic post. I genuinely thank my readers for bearing this article. Dhanyevaad.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lolita's vicious night...

'I was raped', said Lolita. It's always disturbing to hear such statement from a girl. Lolita was a happy go lucky girl living with her small family. She always had something witty to say and held the attractiveness to get undivided attention in the house. Lolita's sixteenth birthday was just around the corner. Just like any girl, she too, was thrilled to celebrate her big one six! All her friends in school glorified their birthday in a very unique manner. Lolita's best friends Reeba and Zara threw incredible get-together for all the girls. Apparently, it was a trend to invite only the girls on the big day. Reeba had a fairy tale theme and all the girls dressed up as princesses. On the other hand, Zara holds a very loud and raucous personality, so she came up with a funky theme. All the girls dressed up in the weirdest manner.

Finally, it was Lolita's time to brainstorm on a theme. Her personality is to always look prim and proper. So, she decided upon long dresses with absolutely breath-taking jewelry and flirtatious stilettos. All the girls received the invitation and got started with their shopping. The birthday was just two months away. And yes for girls, the prep-work begins two months prior to a party. Selecting the dress, getting second, third, sometimes fourth opinion on the dress; finding matching stilettos and of course jewelry is always a hassle. Months just flew by in shopping and gossiping about the party in school. Finally, it was the D-day. The party had to take place in Lolita’s house and she decorated the house a night before. Lolita knew her family would interfere so her parents planned a day out. Everyone was set to arrive at 5pm. Lolita took about 2 hours to do her makeup; wear her long strap-less purple dress with silver beads all over it. She looked beautiful.

The girls started arriving and Lolita was set to get pampered and celebrate the most important day of her life. At first, everyone was overwhelmed to see other girls and their glitzy look. The dresses gave them a totally different look. Afterwards, Reeba and Zara had planned games for all the girls. Somehow, the games failed and a discussion on boys became the hot topic. Supposedly, it is one of the hot topics at this age. Time flew by and it was supper time. Zara and Lolita set up the table and everyone savored the food. It was past eleven and everyone decided to call it a night. Lolita’s parents were running late so she had to be home alone for some time. She decided to clean the house and dispose the garbage. As she stepped outside the house to dump the garbage in the garbage can across the road, a man on the corner was staring at her. Her heart felt heavy, and she decided to walk briskly towards the house. She quickly managed to lock the house and played some music to soothe her mind.

The landline goes off and it’s her parents. They just left their friend’s house and expect to reach home in forty five minutes. Lolita went to the basement and got back to her cleaning. She realized that she’s out of paper towels and ran back upstairs. Her heart started racing when she saw a stranger standing in her kitchen. The mind and body froze in a second. She didn’t know if she wanted to scream or even walk/run. The stranger asked her to calm down and slowly walked up to her. He wished her happy birthday. At that moment, her mind started asking thousands of questions. Who is he? How did he get in? How does he know my birthday? What is he going to do next? While she was putting stress on her mind and thinking about this, the stranger grabbed her from the arm and took her to the couch. When Lolita realized she’s on the couch, she screamed. The man put his hand on her mouth and Lolita tried to hit him. He put all his body weight on Lolita and took out a tape to put on her mouth. She couldn’t scream anymore. The man ripped apart her dress and started molesting her. At that very moment, Lolita could not believe something like this is happening to her. She kept calling her parents in her mind and asked for help. The man started hurting her and she went in an unconscious zone. Lolita cannot recall if she was alive and or dead at that moment.

When her parents arrived, she was lying naked on the couch. Her mother could not believe her eyes. She quickly managed to wrap her daughter in a drape. Lolita’s father called the cops right away. In the meantime, both of them tried to bring Lolita to her senses. However, the attempt failed. The ambulance came and took Lolita to a nearby hospital, while the cops started searching the house and the neighborhood. The doctors broke the news to the family and announced, ‘your daughter was raped.’ The mother could not control and had a mental breakdown. From that night onward, Lolita’s life completely changed.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Agni Agni Agneepath

So, I finally checked off Agneepath from my to-do-list. Extremely intense and a power packed film. I only have one complain. Too long… sitting in the theatre for 3 hrs is quite a task these days. Frankly speaking, Priyanka should just retire. She doesn’t have the meat in her roles to woo the audience. We know she has the perfect figure and can give other actresses a run for their money but that attribute is long gone. I’d say Hrithik’s sister had a much more firm place in the movie. She had a reason to be there whereas Priyanka was casted only for a couple of songs and a bit of sense of humor. Fail!

Oh well, Agneepath wholly and totally belongs to Sanjay Dutt and Rishi Kapoor. It was a treat to my eyes to see such different roles and an entire makeover of these two humungous pillars of our industry. Sanjay Dutt seems to be the only actor with a gigantic body in B’town. The aam junta could see the devil in him. Kudos to Karan Malhotra! Only a superlative and creative director can think of a bald man with no eyebrows and a hefty body. It was quite daunting to see Sanjay Dutt like that. Switching gears now… I don’t even know how and where to begin with Rishi Kapoor. Breathtaking get up and one of his finest performances. If I’m not wrong, this is the first time RK performed in a negative role. It is totally ridiculous to see how this Kapoor Khandaan is reaching success after success. RK Jr. gave a magnificent performance in Rockstar and now RK Sr. dismayed the audience with ‘Rauf Lala’! Phenomenal!

…and now, as much as I try not to, I just can’t stop myself from comparing the original AGNEEPATH to this one. It’s nearly impossible to say that Hrithik did justice to ‘Vijay Dinanath Chauhan’ simply because his suave and macho look holds no match to it. The minute one recalls ‘VDC’, AB Sr. comes knocking into your brain with his heavy voice and the famous dialogue ‘pura naam…Vijay Dinanath Chauhan’.

Lastly…the pahua chadha ke aayi girl surely gave the oomph factor to the movie.