Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tere naal love ho gaya!

A very light, sweet, and cute love story. 2012 is definitely the best year for Ritesh and Genelia. The couple is on cloud nine. Their wedding played a pivotal role in promoting their film. The wedding celebration lasted almost two weeks and the hype created by the media surely generated enough curiosity to see this lovely couple’s film. Believe me, it is one of the main reasons why people are watching this film. It didn’t do wonders at the box office but it was refreshing to see the couple romance through the hill stations of our country.

The script is not-so-original however; the presence of the lovely couple allures the audience. Genelia seemed to play her natural role. We’ve seen her bubbly side in ‘Jaane Tu Yah Jaane Na’ and she acts somewhat a similar character. As far as Ritesh goes, he has performed far better. After watching Housefull, Kya Kool Hain Hum, and many more of his comical roles; it’s hard to digest his portrayal in this film. Ritesh has aced the funny roles in his previous movies. However, in TNLHG he tried to play a ‘romantic hero’.

Om Puri is always excellent in his roles. Not only did he convince us with his Haryanvi accent, he also managed to make us giggle here n there. Tinu Anand’s desperate father figure performance entertained the public quite a bit. He never fails to amuse us with his different characters. TNLHG is a onetime watch film. If you adore Mr & Mrs. Deshmukh’ go for the movie. It’s interesting to see their chemistry on-screen as well.


  1. Thanks for this... Nahi dekh rha ab main ye movie. :-)

  2. Exactly, that's why I wrote this blog so people can decide if they want to sit through this movie or not! LOL...

  3. Good watch for people of haryana :P



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