Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do you have too many choices around you…?

Do you agree with me? Do you wholeheartedly believe that we have an entire closet filled with choices and it has become nearly impossible to zero in on one? When I was growing up in the late 80’s and 90’s, I wasn’t aware of the word choice. Or may I say that choices were limited and luxurious. Surely, I wasn’t growing up in a house where luxury came in handy. Whatever my parents placed in front of me was the done deal. Period.

But, times have changed a whole lot. One can find n number of choices in almost everything out there. Cars, houses, clothes, food etc. Infact, it’s bizarre to even think how many types of cereal we have in grocery stores. There is too much to choose from. That is the reason why most of us find ourselves in confusion mode. Too many choices mean too many thoughts. And too many thoughts certainly puts too much of pressure…on your brain! At times I feel late 80’s to 90’s was a better time as compared to today. Here’s an instance: there are like countless grocery stores to buy milk and on top of that countless brand names… where are those days when milk-man came to your door steps.

I’m having a hard time scribbling this article simply because I have a jillion thoughts running in my mind. So, I have to make a choice in my head as to which one is worthy of this article. However, I rest my case! If I print anymore, this will turn into an idiotic post. I genuinely thank my readers for bearing this article. Dhanyevaad.

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