Friday, May 13, 2011

Age matters between the legs – Amar Singh

Please excuse me for the insolent title of this article. Our bloody politicos are good for nothing people. Last night while surfing through YouTube, I came across an audio recording. I was jolted by the filthy conversation between Amar Singh and Bipasha Basu. I turned over to my better half to find out the details of this scandal.

So, Amar Singh phones got tapped back in 2006 and the Supreme Court had put a gag order on the audio conversations. Just recently the gag order got lifted and BINGO! Amar Singh’s image got exploited in the media. At first, I could not digest the fact that the other person on line was actually Bips! I heard it twice. OMG, even the sound of them two flirting together was filled with disgust. I really don’t understand how these B’town girls can sleep around with ‘tharki’ men like Amar Singh! Ugh…again, excuse the language! Thanks to our movies, I too, have learnt some provocative language. Now that our Beedi girl got exposed, she can say goodbye to her beau forever. Seriously, who would want some old bastard when you are the ‘lover girl’ of the Macho Man of India? Basu’s nine year old relationship eradicated in nine minutes.

Well, tamasha doesn’t end here! YouTube is polluted with such phonic conversations. Another discussion I encountered was with Jaya Prada. I don’t feel the need of going into details. Let’s just say, a lot got revealed about how the so-called-Richie-rich compensate for the best interior decorators for their Villa’s. Not to forget the ghapla’s required for the gaddi’s at the Parliament ghar. Now that Singh’s image is completely tarnished; bogus stories are being made from his side. Per his statement, the voice samples were ‘concocted and doctored’. Give us a break! Will ya…?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Essence of NY & C

What is it about this glittery and electrifying city? Why is one so eager to be at this one particular city? This past weekend I was roaming at the streets of Manhattan. Every time I visit this place, I feel content. This city can allure anyone and everyone. It’s attracting nature, those sky-scrapers, sloppy roads, unkempt subways, and flamboyant attitude is a completely different experience. In the midst of this city, it feels strangely colorful. One can connect with this place within seconds.

The glamorous life of this city is extremely mesmerizing. It’s a city of dreams. A city of risk takers. It can hit you hard or it can hold you firmly in its hands. A taxi driver can become millionaire in no time and vice versa. One needs to try their luck at this place. The most bewildering part is that a taxi driver and a stock market analyst ride on the same subway. Quite astounding… Times Square is one of the most hip and happening place on our Globe. 24/7 it gleams and sparkles with lights, glitzy commercials, humungous banners promoting the hottest technology, movies, movie stars, famous brands, top selling cars… Everything is done with panache at this city. It seems as if special advertisements are created for all the products to showcase on Times Square.

I envision NYC as the most pampered city in the entire US of A. Believe me, special arrangements are made for this particular place. Security is extra high; the New Year ball only drops at Times square; best targeted location for terrorists; the most favorable location for every visitor; excellent spot for commercialization/advertisements; world’s best transportation rests beneath the sky-scrapers; and superlative place to discover all sorts of trashy people. Yeah, I detected ‘those types of people’ as well.

The article cannot be complete without the mention of 9/11 attacks on the most fondled city in USA. Well, justice has been served. OBL is dead! The souls of all the victims may rest in peace and a big salute to all the fire fighters who selflessly rescued hundreds of people buried in the piles of debris. However, with security increasing post death of OBL, one question is hovering on everyone’s mind… Is a dead Osama better than Osama alive?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WOW… Mar gaye re OSAMA!

Literally! The news has shaken the entire world. The demise of Osama Bin Laden was much awaited by US of A. What Bush couldn’t do in years was accomplished by Mr. Barack Obama. That’s it man! Donald Trump can stop playing his cheap tricks because Obama is not stepping down. The second term presidency is fixed for Mr. O.

Back to Osama, so the loser was staying at Pakistan all this time, that too in an open Mansion close to the capital of P’tan. It seems as if Pakistan has become a guest town for all terrorists. I can ramble on few more sentences but I prefer to leave it as it is… Everyone is raising enormous questions since Obama-Osama aftermath. Why was Osama staying at Pakistan? Did Pakistan know the whereabouts of Laden? Where are the pictures/videos? How can we be sure that the person who died is unquestionably Osama only? From the speech given by Obama, it seemed that US is on a peace track with Pakistan. However, by reading the very latest news on CNN, Pakistan is alleging of being obscure of the entire mission. Another question that popped in my head was why the sudden rush of burying the body; that too in the sea? Many will believe it and others will interrogate the media left and right! It’s extremely hard to digest the fact that the Number One most wanted man is DEAD!

Sunday night people suspected the termination of stringent security checks at the airport. However, Monday morning the US government declared even tighter security at every port of entry/exit into USA. Infact, at my work, I received an email with the subject ‘If you see something, say something’… US have hit the terrorist world hard. I can only imagine the consequences of Laden’s downfall in the coming years [maybe months].

US have done a splendid job by killing Laden. Infact, every county who had been targeted by terrorist should’ve been on the same track. However, it’s time for America to release the transparency of the whole matter. How they founded and gutted down Osama, else it’s going to create falsehood in one’s mind. Actually, it already is… On ever y search engine, one can only find opinions/assumptions of the entire mission. It is extremely important for the world to find out how, when, where, the mission started?