Friday, May 13, 2011

Age matters between the legs – Amar Singh

Please excuse me for the insolent title of this article. Our bloody politicos are good for nothing people. Last night while surfing through YouTube, I came across an audio recording. I was jolted by the filthy conversation between Amar Singh and Bipasha Basu. I turned over to my better half to find out the details of this scandal.

So, Amar Singh phones got tapped back in 2006 and the Supreme Court had put a gag order on the audio conversations. Just recently the gag order got lifted and BINGO! Amar Singh’s image got exploited in the media. At first, I could not digest the fact that the other person on line was actually Bips! I heard it twice. OMG, even the sound of them two flirting together was filled with disgust. I really don’t understand how these B’town girls can sleep around with ‘tharki’ men like Amar Singh! Ugh…again, excuse the language! Thanks to our movies, I too, have learnt some provocative language. Now that our Beedi girl got exposed, she can say goodbye to her beau forever. Seriously, who would want some old bastard when you are the ‘lover girl’ of the Macho Man of India? Basu’s nine year old relationship eradicated in nine minutes.

Well, tamasha doesn’t end here! YouTube is polluted with such phonic conversations. Another discussion I encountered was with Jaya Prada. I don’t feel the need of going into details. Let’s just say, a lot got revealed about how the so-called-Richie-rich compensate for the best interior decorators for their Villa’s. Not to forget the ghapla’s required for the gaddi’s at the Parliament ghar. Now that Singh’s image is completely tarnished; bogus stories are being made from his side. Per his statement, the voice samples were ‘concocted and doctored’. Give us a break! Will ya…?

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