Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Diwali in India!!!

We, pardeshi’s love visiting our desh any day, anytime! It’s hard to fathom how we have settled and accepted a foreign land!? Recently, I took a mini trip to India and couldn’t believe how fast our country is changing. If you think that India is still a backward country then it’s time for you to take a trip to your motherland.

One can find gigantic flyover’s all across the country; construction at every corner; all kinds of cuisines available; and all the luxury you find in abroad. And one of the biggest attractions for all tourists is the IGI Airport. Since I visited around Diwali time, I got to see Rangoli, lights, flowers decorated all over the airport. You get to see all classy and authentic shops with trendy items and very hatke d├ęcor.

It was sheer joy to see all the houses, market, roads, shops lit up everywhere during Diwali time. Experienced how chaotic people get in shopping, exchanging gifts, visiting family, decorating their houses, buying diya’s and candles after thirteen years. Even celebration Diwali has completely changed in India. People no longer distribute Mithai, these days fancy packaged gifts are trending. Mithaiwala’s suddenly started to experience a decrease in their market.

Fireworks in India are simply phenomenal. For almost a whole week, I heard fireworks every night. Watching all the kids light up chakri, phul-jhadi, anar was a delight. Neighbors’ showed off to each other with the most expensive fireworks. Just watching the whole society come together and blow up rockets was charming.

All in all this year’s Diwali will remain special and close to my heart.

There is no place like home…