Monday, February 6, 2012

Lolita's vicious night...

'I was raped', said Lolita. It's always disturbing to hear such statement from a girl. Lolita was a happy go lucky girl living with her small family. She always had something witty to say and held the attractiveness to get undivided attention in the house. Lolita's sixteenth birthday was just around the corner. Just like any girl, she too, was thrilled to celebrate her big one six! All her friends in school glorified their birthday in a very unique manner. Lolita's best friends Reeba and Zara threw incredible get-together for all the girls. Apparently, it was a trend to invite only the girls on the big day. Reeba had a fairy tale theme and all the girls dressed up as princesses. On the other hand, Zara holds a very loud and raucous personality, so she came up with a funky theme. All the girls dressed up in the weirdest manner.

Finally, it was Lolita's time to brainstorm on a theme. Her personality is to always look prim and proper. So, she decided upon long dresses with absolutely breath-taking jewelry and flirtatious stilettos. All the girls received the invitation and got started with their shopping. The birthday was just two months away. And yes for girls, the prep-work begins two months prior to a party. Selecting the dress, getting second, third, sometimes fourth opinion on the dress; finding matching stilettos and of course jewelry is always a hassle. Months just flew by in shopping and gossiping about the party in school. Finally, it was the D-day. The party had to take place in Lolita’s house and she decorated the house a night before. Lolita knew her family would interfere so her parents planned a day out. Everyone was set to arrive at 5pm. Lolita took about 2 hours to do her makeup; wear her long strap-less purple dress with silver beads all over it. She looked beautiful.

The girls started arriving and Lolita was set to get pampered and celebrate the most important day of her life. At first, everyone was overwhelmed to see other girls and their glitzy look. The dresses gave them a totally different look. Afterwards, Reeba and Zara had planned games for all the girls. Somehow, the games failed and a discussion on boys became the hot topic. Supposedly, it is one of the hot topics at this age. Time flew by and it was supper time. Zara and Lolita set up the table and everyone savored the food. It was past eleven and everyone decided to call it a night. Lolita’s parents were running late so she had to be home alone for some time. She decided to clean the house and dispose the garbage. As she stepped outside the house to dump the garbage in the garbage can across the road, a man on the corner was staring at her. Her heart felt heavy, and she decided to walk briskly towards the house. She quickly managed to lock the house and played some music to soothe her mind.

The landline goes off and it’s her parents. They just left their friend’s house and expect to reach home in forty five minutes. Lolita went to the basement and got back to her cleaning. She realized that she’s out of paper towels and ran back upstairs. Her heart started racing when she saw a stranger standing in her kitchen. The mind and body froze in a second. She didn’t know if she wanted to scream or even walk/run. The stranger asked her to calm down and slowly walked up to her. He wished her happy birthday. At that moment, her mind started asking thousands of questions. Who is he? How did he get in? How does he know my birthday? What is he going to do next? While she was putting stress on her mind and thinking about this, the stranger grabbed her from the arm and took her to the couch. When Lolita realized she’s on the couch, she screamed. The man put his hand on her mouth and Lolita tried to hit him. He put all his body weight on Lolita and took out a tape to put on her mouth. She couldn’t scream anymore. The man ripped apart her dress and started molesting her. At that very moment, Lolita could not believe something like this is happening to her. She kept calling her parents in her mind and asked for help. The man started hurting her and she went in an unconscious zone. Lolita cannot recall if she was alive and or dead at that moment.

When her parents arrived, she was lying naked on the couch. Her mother could not believe her eyes. She quickly managed to wrap her daughter in a drape. Lolita’s father called the cops right away. In the meantime, both of them tried to bring Lolita to her senses. However, the attempt failed. The ambulance came and took Lolita to a nearby hospital, while the cops started searching the house and the neighborhood. The doctors broke the news to the family and announced, ‘your daughter was raped.’ The mother could not control and had a mental breakdown. From that night onward, Lolita’s life completely changed.


  1. Very nice attempt, Divya mam.

    Second last paragraph is amazing.

    This issue is something which should be talked about.

    Even I wrote a story on this issue which is said to be my best work till date. Do read it here-

  2. Abhilash - thank you and I yes I agree 1000% that this a very big issue out there and sadly it's only increasing with each passing year.
    PS I will read your article.

  3. Not a right way to celebrate your bday. 16yr girl and celebrating bday without parents ?? are u kidding me..
    did this really happen ? or is it a fiction ?

  4. @Raja: thank you for commenting and reading. This is fictional post... but very much inspired by true events all over the world.

  5. I feel that every girl should be careful about what she does.. for ex: she cannot throw a big party without her parents at home.. and only girls ?? She has become an easy target here. In fact all her friends could have had the same experience.. escaped.

    Shit happens if you let it happen. There is always a good and safe path :)

  6. Very well written.. and what amazes me is that we have a society who blames the victim and not the culprit. How the hell does anybody have the guts to attempt such a barbarism act.. only because system has a safe path for such animals. if people are not safe in there houses.. that means something is majorly wrong...

  7. @Raja: I agree a safe path could be taken but you must remember one thing... no one, at any point of your life is safe in this Kalyug! Regardless of how many safety paths you take, rape/murder/harassments would happen...infact, surprising they are only increasing with each passing day. Agree?

  8. @Topgun: thank you for reading and commenting on the blog :) The culprit's are always running around scot-free and the victim has to suffer. Wonder when this saga will stop? ...

  9. I don't say that girls have to be too careful and stop having fun.. but there are some cases like.. travelling alone late night, talking to unknown strangers(kareena in Jab We Met is such a bad example), staying in remote place alone etc., OK.. just collect all rape cases happened till now and observe the common factor. Yes there are bad guys out there but a girl must not become an easy target right. If she is clear about what she wants in life, there is no way she'd get into trouble. Agree?

  10. @Raja: you just never know what is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. However, I agree, precautions can be taken :)

  11. Why tunnel when you have nice home and sweet friends around ;)



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