Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Women & Society

Why do we go by this meaning-less society? What does one gets out of it? Why does a woman suffers in our society? There are countless examples out there which can make you insane, if read. Infact, if one surfs though a news engine, the only news that attracts attention is ‘a woman gets beaten up’, ‘women got raped’, ‘women commits suicide’, and women this, women that... Why can’t there be equality among both genders? Is it because of a simple reason that we live in a ridiculous, degrading and shallow society? Many girls living in 21st century do fight back and balance their relationship with men. However, what about the women who still breathe under a huge pressure? And the women who constantly live in fear of their husband’s rage and don’t step a foot outside without the permission of their swami. There are so many bastards living in many countries who knowingly murder their daughters. And if, by some miracle she survives, she will get murdered by her so-called-life-partner.

Ever wondered what is the actual meaning of a life-partner? According to my perception, a life-partner is someone who won’t let go of your hand under any given circumstances. And mind you that is for eternity. A relationship requires equality on every step of the ladder. A couple, if commingled together, can overcome any crisis. However, if dominated by one other then a complete havoc for each other. Anyhow, the whole point of this concise article was not to give lecture or a tutorial on ‘how to become a good life-partner’. At times, one can feel too aggravated with the way things are turning around the globe. I just felt like blurting things out in this article.

With the show of hands, do you have such life-partner?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My new found addiction…

So, a couple weeks back my brother downloaded a mega file filled with countless documentaries on Space. From Sun to Pluto to Earth to Mars to the under-production, biggest ever Space center. Name the discovery and it’s embedded in the Space package. At first it was ridiculously boring to sit through a forty seven minute long video and listen to some guy who discovered something above our big blue marble and the world went gaga over it... However, slowly and gradually, I started to gain some interest in it and before I knew it I was totally hooked to their new discoveries.

It was fascinating to see the two Robots, Spirit & Opportunity land on Mars and their findings on how water might have been on Mars some million years ago. The expected time of this mission was only 90 days; however, the two Robots astonished the entire NASA team by being operable for six years. Also, I was very amused to see how scientist just sensed that Pluto should not be a planet and later proved the theory right. Impressive, isn’t it? I must say, NASA employees relish their jobs way too much. One day they are experimenting in Arizona and another in a container with no gravity. Is it really exciting or just looks good in the documentary? Hard to answer! Oh well, I’m still amused… While browsing a little more into the package, I came across a documentary on Sun. It’s really a miracle how our planet Earth is at a perfect distance to Sun to sustain life on our planet. At the same time, Sun can also act as a perfect destructor of human race. No wonder NOAA keeps a very close eye on our Sun.

For the past few days, each time I look at the sky, I’m too engrossed in our Moon. Luckily we had a full moon and infact a lunar eclipse on 21st December. Even while driving, I gaze at the moon more than on the road. Call it a crazy thought but if there’s a lottery ticket for space, I’d buy it in no time…

Switching gears now…

I’m posting my 50th article and absolutely elated to share this happiness with all my readers. It’s a sheer feeling of bliss to see each and every comment on my blog site and Facebook. Thank you to all… I hope to compose many more articles in the coming year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Ever wondered why infidelity is increasing everywhere? Why is there a dire need of betrayal and duplicity in any relationship? Why can’t the marriage institution remain a faithful, pure and sin-free institution? Considering the fact that every other institution is filled with filth and disgust…

Infidelity is as old as the human race. Be it poor or rich, high class or low class, celebrity or a common man; it’s amongst all kinds of people. But, why is it out there? A rich person might get a little more opportunities than a common man. Because of the simple reason i.e. money. No money, no honey. Even politicians keep mistresses and relish their life to the fullest. To name a few: one can never forget the most heated and debatable affair of Clinton & Monica. If the president himself is shacking up Monica in the Oval office then no need of pointing fingers on the rest of the country. Ditto for the CEO of HP who was luxuriating with an intern while the entire company was busy working there a** off so that the CEO can latch on to his bonus. Be it US, UK or India, a sex scandal is a toast to the town.

The only way you can peek into someone’s personal life is through our beloved Media. They don’t let any celebrity go scot-free because of the continual agitation of increased TRP. It has become a habit of constantly reading about big people and their so called affairs. Our very own Shehanshah of the industry was jerking around with Ms. Rekha ji and later denied the accusations on a talk show. A couple other names would be Aamir Khan, Saifoo “The Nawab”, Shiney “The Rapist” Ahuja, Ranbir “The condom guy” Kapoor and many more. The bollywood industry is bombarded with such names. Good thing, we Indians have the tendency of forgetting too fast too easily.

One name which came too hard on the fans was Tiger Woods. Apparently, when a person of such caliber is found under the umbrella of infidelity, the public will be surprised. However, a difference here is that if prominent personalities get caught red-handed, they do not deny their infidelity and infact admit to it. That’s how the rich people roll in Amrikka and their career are not fully ruined. Whereas in India, careers do get stalled and even end which is why corruption has become a compulsion.

Ganda hai par dhanda hai yeh…

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10-year old gets preggers!!!

Yup, the title says it all…! A 10 year old girl got pregnant in Spain and delivered her baby recently. The news spread like fire on all the news engines and caught my attention. Frankly speaking, countless girls don’t even get on with their periodicals at the age of 10, let alone indulging in an intercourse. Simply appalled at the way the world is changing.

It’s quite commendable to see how openly schools teach sex education, safe sex and of course the special accommodation of free condoms outside many facilities. However, I don’t doubt that the sex education is given to a ten year old kid. Then, how did they come to know about the love-making process? How did they know about sexual intercourse? Believe it or not… it’s the Media/Internet; which pumps people to the images of sex, condoms, and in-appropriate scenes. All these fundamentals are enough to jumpstart a curious mind. It’s very lamentable to see how an 8 year old has full knowledge of such things.

While surfing through some different opinions, I came across many parents who believe, stocking up on condoms and being on birth control is perfectly normal. Call it a cultural difference but I did not grow up in an environment where such things were called ‘normal’. Sure, the world has progressed enormously. Western culture has impacted every single continent but I’d still oppose this. Simply because that’s not the right time or the age. Getting preggers doesn’t mean only enjoying that very moment with your partner. It’s a huge responsibility which takes tons of patience, calmness, endurance and a savings account. Babies cost too much in this day n age. I really wonder what goes through a minor/teenager’s head when they glance at the ‘positive’ sign on the stick. Is it, OMG, I’m pregnant! Or is it, Oh my freaking Gawwdd, did I just get pregnant??? And if you’re more interested in knowing what happens next then watch ‘16 and Pregnant’. For some reason, Discovery has a repeat telecast of this show, which is useless because now it has come down to ‘10 and Pregnant’. Maybe everything shouldn’t be about sex and we wont’ have a problem.

Just maybe

Friday, December 3, 2010

KWK klashes with Kapoor klan

Well well, so everyone is aware of Karan’s episode with Sonam and Deepika and a fuming R. Kapoor. It seems like the Koffee antagonized Rishi more than Ranbir. Why shouldn’t it? The man has stayed extremely loyal and trustworthy all his life. A very dotted husband to Neetu Singh. However, Ranbir isn’t! He is a complete Casanova. The fact is a little hard to digest, but, Sr. Kapoor himself flaunted his son’s flirtatious skills in the previous KWK episode. Tit for Tat!!! Anyhow, let’s leave the Kapoor men aside. I’m more interested in prattling about the two ladies. Sonam and Deepika have been clashing from the beginning. Both had their first releases on the same date in the same year. Deepika marked her name with SRK in Om Shanti Om and Sonam acted [or tried to] in Saawariya with Ranbir Kapoor. Sonam is a complete spoilt brat and takes full advantage of her daddy’s name and fame. She and Ranbir go way back. They flirted, they dated; end of story!

Coming back to Deepika. Coincidentally, she bagged the role of a complete blockbuster and became the khara sona of B’town. She’s got the bod, the looks and considered a hell of a dancer! BUT, the minute she opens her mouth, her personality goes down the drain. And now, switching gears to her love-life. Apparently, she grabbed the Casanova of the Kapoor clan and held on to him firmly. However, Mr. Casanova had other plans!!! Naturally, for a guy who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, hopping around different women is not a big issue. Ranbir has the Kapoor tag with him; image is the last thing he’s concerned about. Am I right?

Karan’s episode surely created the hoopla around the tinsel town but opened a can of worms with the Kapoor’s. The girls had a ball at the show and did the usual thing: bitched about their ex! Which, by the way, is the common factor between them two’… So, one can imagine the amount of gossiping and back-biting. However, it seems ‘private and confidential’ has leaked and became ‘open to public’.

Sirji, Koffee badi mehngi pad gayi…