Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10-year old gets preggers!!!

Yup, the title says it all…! A 10 year old girl got pregnant in Spain and delivered her baby recently. The news spread like fire on all the news engines and caught my attention. Frankly speaking, countless girls don’t even get on with their periodicals at the age of 10, let alone indulging in an intercourse. Simply appalled at the way the world is changing.

It’s quite commendable to see how openly schools teach sex education, safe sex and of course the special accommodation of free condoms outside many facilities. However, I don’t doubt that the sex education is given to a ten year old kid. Then, how did they come to know about the love-making process? How did they know about sexual intercourse? Believe it or not… it’s the Media/Internet; which pumps people to the images of sex, condoms, and in-appropriate scenes. All these fundamentals are enough to jumpstart a curious mind. It’s very lamentable to see how an 8 year old has full knowledge of such things.

While surfing through some different opinions, I came across many parents who believe, stocking up on condoms and being on birth control is perfectly normal. Call it a cultural difference but I did not grow up in an environment where such things were called ‘normal’. Sure, the world has progressed enormously. Western culture has impacted every single continent but I’d still oppose this. Simply because that’s not the right time or the age. Getting preggers doesn’t mean only enjoying that very moment with your partner. It’s a huge responsibility which takes tons of patience, calmness, endurance and a savings account. Babies cost too much in this day n age. I really wonder what goes through a minor/teenager’s head when they glance at the ‘positive’ sign on the stick. Is it, OMG, I’m pregnant! Or is it, Oh my freaking Gawwdd, did I just get pregnant??? And if you’re more interested in knowing what happens next then watch ‘16 and Pregnant’. For some reason, Discovery has a repeat telecast of this show, which is useless because now it has come down to ‘10 and Pregnant’. Maybe everything shouldn’t be about sex and we wont’ have a problem.

Just maybe

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  1. Hmm... I think u dont know but the world record is about the youngest sex wich happened at boy's 8 and girl's 9... they are the youngest parent..