Thursday, December 16, 2010


Ever wondered why infidelity is increasing everywhere? Why is there a dire need of betrayal and duplicity in any relationship? Why can’t the marriage institution remain a faithful, pure and sin-free institution? Considering the fact that every other institution is filled with filth and disgust…

Infidelity is as old as the human race. Be it poor or rich, high class or low class, celebrity or a common man; it’s amongst all kinds of people. But, why is it out there? A rich person might get a little more opportunities than a common man. Because of the simple reason i.e. money. No money, no honey. Even politicians keep mistresses and relish their life to the fullest. To name a few: one can never forget the most heated and debatable affair of Clinton & Monica. If the president himself is shacking up Monica in the Oval office then no need of pointing fingers on the rest of the country. Ditto for the CEO of HP who was luxuriating with an intern while the entire company was busy working there a** off so that the CEO can latch on to his bonus. Be it US, UK or India, a sex scandal is a toast to the town.

The only way you can peek into someone’s personal life is through our beloved Media. They don’t let any celebrity go scot-free because of the continual agitation of increased TRP. It has become a habit of constantly reading about big people and their so called affairs. Our very own Shehanshah of the industry was jerking around with Ms. Rekha ji and later denied the accusations on a talk show. A couple other names would be Aamir Khan, Saifoo “The Nawab”, Shiney “The Rapist” Ahuja, Ranbir “The condom guy” Kapoor and many more. The bollywood industry is bombarded with such names. Good thing, we Indians have the tendency of forgetting too fast too easily.

One name which came too hard on the fans was Tiger Woods. Apparently, when a person of such caliber is found under the umbrella of infidelity, the public will be surprised. However, a difference here is that if prominent personalities get caught red-handed, they do not deny their infidelity and infact admit to it. That’s how the rich people roll in Amrikka and their career are not fully ruined. Whereas in India, careers do get stalled and even end which is why corruption has become a compulsion.

Ganda hai par dhanda hai yeh…

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  1. U have raised such a topic I would have never thought of. Nice observation. even Rajat Sharma of India TV was caught with a reporter.