Friday, August 17, 2012

The Real Salman Khan

I couldn’t stop myself from blogging this. During the promotion of Ek Tha Tiger, I came across many interviews of Salman Khan. It is quite widely known that he’s a very arrogant man, however, after watching of one of his interviews I also found out that he’s a supreme male chauvinist.

Salman and Katrina were getting interviewed by Anupama Chopra; one of the most famous author, journalist and a critic. Of course, it was a promotional stunt by Ek Tha Tiger team, but it was amusing to see how eccentric Salman’s behavior is amongst ladies. Firstly, Salman has zero communication skills and secondly he’s quite illiterate when it comes to conversing in English. Which, by the way is fine, as long as he knows Hindi; which is our national language. However, while examining his past record, I failed to understand how he conceived relationship with foreign ladies when he lacks in speaking English.

So, Salman somehow managed with the mix of English and Hindi verbiage throughout the show. In between he felt like having Green Tea and asked the camera man to get him some. Um…You’re being aired on national television! Ever heard of something called manners?!

And then each time Anupama asked a question to Katrina, he would butt in to speak on behalf of Katrina, just so he can make a male dominating statement.

It was quite astonishing to hear that he thinks male actors will prevail but female actors will retire once they lose their charm and get old. This statement not only appalled Anupama but also made Katrina to look up and raise her eyebrows. To this, Katrina commented what if you retire and I stay on forever in the industry? And Salman egotistically looked at her and said, ‘yeah we’ll see, how you’ll survive…’
Now we know why Aishwariya left him and Katrina is running away from him… *rolls eyes*


Started my day with an article on Social Networking and ended up on Salman Khan! I will publish ‘Social Networking’ article on Monday.


  1. Hey divya..well, i follow your blog at times and like your posts.speaking about our dear Salman i surely agree with you on his arrogance etc having noticed it too myself...but still, I am not exactly sure why yet all go ga-ga over him even today!:)

  2. @Subhashree: thank you for commenting. I'm happy to know that you follow my blog and like my posts. And about Salman, yes I wonder the same... :P

  3. Salman has one more attribute apart from arrogance. Which is money power. How else does he and his family get away from the law - they are all a bunch of drunken drivers and hunters of precious endangered creatures. Not once does such cases pop up after it has been committed. To add to it, another black buck hunter Saif was awarded the Padmasree for his deeds. Salman will soon be awarded one, because Padmasree these days is available at a price. So he can be proud of running his landcruiser into the heads of sleeping beggars.

  4. @Anita: Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. For Salman I have one thing to say... Sau chuhe kha kar billi hajj ko chali... :P

  5. I am so appalled that this man is so loved, he is a bad role model for boys watching him, believing the sole purpose for a girl is simply her beauty, a pretty thing on his arm who has no real value or talent. Its quite obvious he doesn't want his woman to be independent and stand for something. He disgusts me.

  6. @Chandni: Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. I know how you feel about Salman Khan. This man really does amazes most of the mango ppl of our country. Recently, I saw him promoting one of his films with Katrina Kaif and he was extremely rude to her and clearly showed how he's a dominating man and a complete male chauvinist!



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