Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gun Shooting: A trend!?

Can someone please explain the reason behind such heinous act in this country? Why are guns so easily accessible in America? Should we call this an act of discrimination or racism or pure insanity?

The Colorado shooting surprised the entire nation. And the Wisconsin massacre antagonized everyone. Why would someone kill innocent people in a Gurudwara? Gurudwara is known for peace and harmony; it’s a temple where Sikh men and women worship and feel safe in the hands of Almighty. However, after this incident, it’s hard to say that any place is actually considered ‘safe’…

It seems like owning a weapon is a child’s play in this country. I wonder why? The gunman who killed thirteen people at the movie theatre in Colorado is at trial. Doctors have discovered that his mental health is not normal, per se! A mentally challenged person is able to own a gun…this is insane! I personally feel that this so-called-gun-race-war is not over. These two mass-murderers have commenced a game of assassination in this country; where irreproachable people have to face their death.

Is Temple shooting an act of discrimination? I debated numerous times before putting my thoughts to paper but I couldn’t stop myself from asking this absurd question. In this day and age, every third person in this country is a foreigner. Racism should’ve dispersed from this land long ago. However, post 9/11; there have been many grudges against brown skin. This insane terror of act needs to come to an end. In two weeks, several families lost their loved ones…this wound will never heal. We need stricter laws and gun control in this country. We don’t want another massacre. Stop the trend!

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