Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Story of a demented girl

…and that special day was here for Lolita. Just like any other girl, Lolita too was delighted to step into the next phase of life. She was all set to wed Paul that day. As usual, being the bride, there was so much she was worrying about. She woke up early to be at the salon so she could give herself ample amount of time to get ready. Her bridesmaids accompanied her at the salon. They kept teasing her about her honeymoon plans. Lolita was all smiles that day. It was heartwarming to see her all excited about her wedding.

…as she started walking towards the love of her life, the nervous-ness kicked in. She tried to meet eyes with her fiance to find some comfort. The altar dimmed the lights around Lolita so everyone could embrace her beauty. Lolita’s parents were in tears as they gave their daughter to a complete stranger whom they trust blindly.

…the vows got exchanged and the two said the golden words ‘I Do.’

…needless to say, the honeymoon period of the couple was at its best. Those memories stay with the bride and groom until their last breath. Lolita too enjoyed each moment with her hubby. She enjoyed the beach, skydiving, snorkeling, swimming with the hubby and tons more. Lolita was on cloud nine!

…a year passed by and Lolita found her entangled in endless responsibilities. She realized marriage is not about a grand wedding, honeymoon plans, spending lavishly; instead it’s about compromising and taking responsibilities. In this one year, Lolita kept thinking about her courtship period, when everyone pasted a rosy picture of marriage in her mind. No one spoke about the daily life, the troubles, the arguments. No one told her to get prepared. All her friends and family members were too occupied in wedding preparations.

…those endless arguments over petty issues drove Lolita crazy. Those discussions where she tried her best to reason with her hubby and shared her thoughts were hopeless. Like many men out there, her partner also had an ego problem. He too was a male chauvinist! It was hard for Lolita’s husband to accept that he’s at fault. It was always Lolita’s fault no matter what.

…after some time, Lolita’s husband started finding solace in his friends. He stayed out late, partied, drank with his buddies all the time. Lolita was not allowed to go out with her friends or spend time with her family members. She was forbidden. Slowly and gradually, Lolita tried to find peace in keeping silent. She kept her thoughts and secrets to herself. She started writing a diary to pen down her thoughts. She tried to stay away from any discussions with her partner. From her past experience discussions turn into arguments; arguments turn into fights; and fights turn into broken relationships. It was hard for her to fathom a simple fact that how can one partner be always wrong? Is that how relationships are? The male partner is always correct and the female always wrong?

…a happy face; that’s the lie Lolita kept portraying to the world. She was the perfect actor in her marriage. No one could figure out if Lolita was going through a troubled marriage. And one day, when she could not use her mind beyond her married life; she decided to end it. Lolita committed suicide and ended her story.

WHY? Why did she take her own life? Why didn't she turn away from her marriage and start new? Why did she let her husband rule her life? - These questions will always remain unanswered. However, one can learn a lesson from Lolita’s life. One can always shed dominating men from their life. One can always find happiness…

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