Monday, February 28, 2011

Let’s Re-live Yesterday…

The bridal shower was meticulously arranged by my lovely sisters. I was quite astonished to find out ‘hypothetically’ there is an evening planned by them. Hypothetically, I started to envision my wardrobe at that very minute. That’s when the bewilderment grew in my mind. Oh Gosh, finding that perfect outfit is always number one problem for any and every girl. Especially when all eyes are on You. My over flown closet was no help and a trip to the mall had to be made. Accompanied with my girlfriend, I was able to mix and match some stuff from the closet and some from the mall. The dress was finalized, the ear-rings matched, the make up was decided and the stilettos looked Fab.

The very next morning, I had to juggle through tons. Catching up on the score of India vs. England, attending phone calls, arranging future functions, a stop at the hair salon…phew! Anyhow, it was a sheer bliss moment to see all the girls waiting at the table for the bride-to-be. The food was definitely yum-yum. Good choice, girls! Apparently the game played was the most staggering part, at least for me and for everyone else [I guess]. Basically, one of my cousins already had answers from him for 20 some questions and I had to write answers and match it. A fun way to find out ‘how well do you know your man’? My Gosh, I felt like I know so little about this dude. I mean com’on, how hard it is to know a person. Turns out, Very! Anyhow, the game was quite witty and we all giggled a lot. The answers were quite amusing from his side.

It was a perfect way to begin the festivities for the coming weeks. Weddings are such a big deal in our culture and definitely the most loved time of a year. From the elderly to the youngest; all look forward to it with such eagerness.

Speaking of weddings; saw Tanu weds Manu this past weekend. The first half doubtlessly reminded the shaadi season in India. The shopping at the tiny and congested gali’s of Chandni Chowk, venue’s, menu’s, food stalls, mehndi, shagun, baraat and so on… The latter half was dragged on for no reason. I guess the producer had to match the time length of our typical bollywood movies. Lastly, Madhavan was a treat to the eyes. *wink wink*

Thank you, Ladies!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love is in the air…

Finally, the day has arrived to appreciate the opposite sex. In this fast paced life, it’s good to have 14th February dedicated only for your loving partner. From tomorrow onwards, folks will appreciate other things. However, today is wholly allotted only for love. V-day wishes are flying all across the world. Phone companies are relishing the endless sms’s sent on this day, Hallmark is partying hard with lumps of profit, brand new love advertisements are shinning on all channels, diamond industry is having a gala time and the flower shop is doing exceptionally well!

I walked to the nearest grocery store and gawked at the price tags on beautifully red roses placed right in front of the door. I bet the scenario is very similar at all the grocery stores, florist shops and pretty much everywhere. Companies out there exactly know when to hit the consumer hard. It’s a trap… a trap which is unavoidable. Cheesy as it sounds but I glanced through the valentine pictures flaunted by Khloe Kardashian on Twitter. Her husband did a fantastic job by sending her hundreds of flowers; that company must be feeling blessed to have customers like them!

Anyhow, this was just a bit of gossip I wanted to share with all my readers. I presume Valentine’s was celebrated by all the couples in a very subtle manner. And G’luck to all the companies out there who are waiting for February 14, 2012. Hope we stay alive by that time…

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Imported from India…!

It's not oil, food, or clothing, it's the People who get imported from India. Next time you walk by the IT/Systems/Engineering department at work, stop and look around. How many Indian head can you spot? Undoubtedly, Indian brain power is par excellence. We might not have the best of dormitories or the fancy restrooms or even the local roads but we rule the entire world when it comes to the IT industry. The education a student gets in India is beyond comparison. In US, a student is ‘undecided’ on his/her major even after the admission to a college. However, in India it’s the total opposite, a student decides his/her career in 8th standard only. Considered more like a destiny!!!

Few years ago I heard stories of how teenagers are inventing games in their free time and selling it at a marvelous price. When you’re studying in India, the mind set of a student is on a completely different level. Youngsters who migrate to US for Masters or MBA consider the syllabus to be a piece of cake. Life cannot get better for them, at least grade wise. Infact, during my school years, I too acknowledged myself to be very intelligent in one of my Math classes. Oh man, those were the days! Universities in India make you fully marketable for any and every company out there. The entrance exams are tougher than you can imagine in your wildest dreams. Students loose sleep over it, skip meals, and go fully bonkers. If you pass, OMG, it’s literally celebrated with Band Baja Baraat. Well, that’s just the beginning; the reality starts with the first day of lecture. In US, it’s a totally different drill. From schooling to university to courses to graduation. A student has the leisure of graduating at his/her own pace. No pressure, no worries!

One can have an endless debate over the education provided in US and India. However, when it comes to earning money; it’s US all the way. Irrespective of how much a person earns in India, it automatically multiplies by 45 when gained in US. No wonder, more than eighty percent of IIT graduates end up making a living in US. I’m sure all the gora people envy the Indians for their brilliance. Our intelligence and rapid growth forced the most known and famous television network [NBC] to produce a show on us. You got that right; I am referring to ‘Outsourced.’ The show is fantabulous and hilarious. So, watch out World, we are catching up to you way too fast!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

IT raid’s nuisance…

The hoopla these days is about the IT Raid at the Piggy Chops and Kat’s residence. My my… either the celebrities know exactly how to stay on Page 3 or the media has excelled in crafting news! Earlier the buzz was about how the chocolate boy Shahid, greeted the IT officials and now the tables have turned towards RK and his perfect exit on the raid morning. Mano yah na mano, but in India, life revolves around the B’town controversies and gossips. It’s as masala filled as a chat papdi plate.

Either the celebrities highly enjoy these nuisances or get really pestered. Anyhow, both ways, it’s chandi and sona for them. There are millions of people in this country who crave for such attention. I liked the way how PC presented herself on the premiere of her new film. She really grabbed all eyes with her entry in a wedding gown and exit as a mourner. Her frustration towards the media was clearly visible. I could imagine how she wanted to kill seven more media men…

Our country is filled with the weirdest news and we never get amazed with it. We have become completely shock-proof by now. There’s nothing startling about any new news in the media. Oh well, since there is enough brouhaha about Saat Khoon Maaf, I am looking forward to the movie. Ms. Chopra has given enough chills with her spectacular performance in many other movies. And the trailers of SKM tingles you to the core.

…and now Kat and her hoping around between Ranbir and Sallu. My Gosh, the lady needs some hardcore stability in her life. I think Sheila’s jawani is turning into desperation. *wink wink*