Monday, February 28, 2011

Let’s Re-live Yesterday…

The bridal shower was meticulously arranged by my lovely sisters. I was quite astonished to find out ‘hypothetically’ there is an evening planned by them. Hypothetically, I started to envision my wardrobe at that very minute. That’s when the bewilderment grew in my mind. Oh Gosh, finding that perfect outfit is always number one problem for any and every girl. Especially when all eyes are on You. My over flown closet was no help and a trip to the mall had to be made. Accompanied with my girlfriend, I was able to mix and match some stuff from the closet and some from the mall. The dress was finalized, the ear-rings matched, the make up was decided and the stilettos looked Fab.

The very next morning, I had to juggle through tons. Catching up on the score of India vs. England, attending phone calls, arranging future functions, a stop at the hair salon…phew! Anyhow, it was a sheer bliss moment to see all the girls waiting at the table for the bride-to-be. The food was definitely yum-yum. Good choice, girls! Apparently the game played was the most staggering part, at least for me and for everyone else [I guess]. Basically, one of my cousins already had answers from him for 20 some questions and I had to write answers and match it. A fun way to find out ‘how well do you know your man’? My Gosh, I felt like I know so little about this dude. I mean com’on, how hard it is to know a person. Turns out, Very! Anyhow, the game was quite witty and we all giggled a lot. The answers were quite amusing from his side.

It was a perfect way to begin the festivities for the coming weeks. Weddings are such a big deal in our culture and definitely the most loved time of a year. From the elderly to the youngest; all look forward to it with such eagerness.

Speaking of weddings; saw Tanu weds Manu this past weekend. The first half doubtlessly reminded the shaadi season in India. The shopping at the tiny and congested gali’s of Chandni Chowk, venue’s, menu’s, food stalls, mehndi, shagun, baraat and so on… The latter half was dragged on for no reason. I guess the producer had to match the time length of our typical bollywood movies. Lastly, Madhavan was a treat to the eyes. *wink wink*

Thank you, Ladies!

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