Thursday, February 3, 2011

IT raid’s nuisance…

The hoopla these days is about the IT Raid at the Piggy Chops and Kat’s residence. My my… either the celebrities know exactly how to stay on Page 3 or the media has excelled in crafting news! Earlier the buzz was about how the chocolate boy Shahid, greeted the IT officials and now the tables have turned towards RK and his perfect exit on the raid morning. Mano yah na mano, but in India, life revolves around the B’town controversies and gossips. It’s as masala filled as a chat papdi plate.

Either the celebrities highly enjoy these nuisances or get really pestered. Anyhow, both ways, it’s chandi and sona for them. There are millions of people in this country who crave for such attention. I liked the way how PC presented herself on the premiere of her new film. She really grabbed all eyes with her entry in a wedding gown and exit as a mourner. Her frustration towards the media was clearly visible. I could imagine how she wanted to kill seven more media men…

Our country is filled with the weirdest news and we never get amazed with it. We have become completely shock-proof by now. There’s nothing startling about any new news in the media. Oh well, since there is enough brouhaha about Saat Khoon Maaf, I am looking forward to the movie. Ms. Chopra has given enough chills with her spectacular performance in many other movies. And the trailers of SKM tingles you to the core.

…and now Kat and her hoping around between Ranbir and Sallu. My Gosh, the lady needs some hardcore stability in her life. I think Sheila’s jawani is turning into desperation. *wink wink*

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