Saturday, January 29, 2011

Veena Malik ki kahani…

Boy O Boy…Stunned and stumped! I believe she’s the first ever gutsy lady from Pakistan. Veena Malik literally electrified her entire country with her straightforward remarks. I tuned in to watch her interview with Frontline. Firstly, I’d like to give a tip to the host – Please learn some communication skills before you appear again on national television. Secondly, the other guy accusing Veena and at the same time addressing her as his ‘behan’ showed the double standards. Now, back to Veena Malik! She stood for herself and fought with the entire nation who’s accusing her of going beyond the limits of being a Pakistani woman. Like she mentioned that she went to the show as an entertainer and not to promote Muslim religion or her country. Excellent point! But why is it so hard for people to digest this fact?

It is said by many strugglers that Bigg Boss can make or break a career. Veena took full advantage of this show. Clearly, her motive was to get into the heart of aam junta and a ticket to Bollywood. Too common these days! However, Veena was the chosen one who got this huge platform to flaunt as much as she can. Revealing clothes has become a fashion statement these days. If it is was an issue for Pakistan then they should look around and learn about their own youth culture. Another accusation was the extreme mushiness with different male contestants of the show. Well, the accusation is completely legit. However, given the fact that she desperately wants an entry in Bollywood, she will go beyond limits and she did! It’s a known fact; people go all out even for a single offer. Our Mumbai nagariya is extremely bewitching. Spares no one!

There are countless girls like Veena who have openly flaunted their personality and body. Take Rakhi Sawant for an example, the country has learned to develop a love-hate relationship with her. Feel free to call Veena as the new Rakhi of Pakistan. Ms. Malik seems to be going through a rough time post dismissal from the Bigg Boss house. I fail to understand, why does Pakistan always rave about their religion and restrictions [especially for women]? Why do some people choose to live in a box? Is there no life beyond religion…???

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