Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I was murdered at the age of 14

Hi! My name is X and I want you to read my story. Just like any other girl, I too, went to school, dreamt and lived a happy life. Both of my parents are dentist and we had a substantial living. Infact, we also had a domestic help; Y, he settled at our villa only. I was inhumanely murdered on the dark night of May 15, 2008. And a day after, Y was found dead on our terrace. My throat was cut out and I was bruised all over. The savages maligned me to the core. That night was filled with torture and brutality. But I won’t show-off about that night, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m dead, na! Formality sakes, the police showed up and investigated.

To persuade the media about their productive-ness, they arrested my father. My case lured the entire nation. CBI got entangled in the intensity of my case. They also ended up arresting Y’s friend, Z. Afterwards, they brought in two more suspects who were somehow in contact with Y before his murder. In this mess, my mother ran door to door, pleading for a bail for my father. But you know our judicial system. Ek dum Jhakaas! Eventually, he was bailed out after surviving a little over a month in the jail. Physical harassment is still bearable but mental torture…! As expected, the media went frenzy over the bail. For more than two years, my parents have been running from court to court to court and no justice. Instead, they have become the prime suspects. The others were let go, finally. I must say, I became very popular with this case. I never expected to be on the front headlines. However, my parents are paying a huge price for this fame. My sympathies.

But, I’m happy here. I don’t have to deal with our inept judicial system or worry about getting raped, again. Now that I’m looking at this world from a different angle, I’m feeling too bliss to be dead…err...murdered. The evidences of my investigation were wiped out because the officials were shoved with bags of money. Good for them. My friends were called for questioning as well. I want to apologize for the inconvenience. But, I should tell you that people have found this masala news very amusing. And to spice it a bit, media throws in more suspects and makes up news.

Khair, it’s thy world, thou shall deal with it. So, has Bollywood industry already sorted out a script on my life story? They might as well, because the CBI terminated the case without solving it.

~ And, that’s my story! ~


  1. Arushi's case is something which got hype bcoz of media. there r many more cases in India where the main suspect has not been revealed still after years.

  2. just FYI: KRK has already started producing a film on her case...



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