Monday, January 3, 2011

…Another year goes by and we welcome 2011

And once again we bid farewell to yet another year and decade. Let’s all rejoice and step into a new beginning; a new decade. I bet every human body made new resolutions and plan to stick to it for the whole year. Try your best, no pressure! Last year was fantastic with Sheila and Munn… am sure we’ll mesmerize the two in this year as well. It was a year of the Commonwealth Games at New Delhi; a year of Sacking Tendulkar; a year of Sallu miyan and Dabangg. 2010 brought enormous controversies, scams, scandals, and full-on ghotala. From Khap Panchayat to honor killing to 3G scams and countless more. There can’t be an end to such atrocious things simply because no one wants to. ‘Let’s really hope to make this year a better one.’ Sounds too clichéd…right? Well, the line has to be said/written/heard by default. Same drill every year! However, bypass every awful moment, every rumor, every embarrassment, every dispute and live in the moment. That’s my New Year resolution; live today, worry tomorrow!

What’s yours? Care to share…


  1. nice resolution. and a beautiful small post including the whole 2010.. haha

  2. Thank you, Abhilash! I hope to stick to my resolution :P

  3. resolutions are meant to be broken....!



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