Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WOW… Mar gaye re OSAMA!

Literally! The news has shaken the entire world. The demise of Osama Bin Laden was much awaited by US of A. What Bush couldn’t do in years was accomplished by Mr. Barack Obama. That’s it man! Donald Trump can stop playing his cheap tricks because Obama is not stepping down. The second term presidency is fixed for Mr. O.

Back to Osama, so the loser was staying at Pakistan all this time, that too in an open Mansion close to the capital of P’tan. It seems as if Pakistan has become a guest town for all terrorists. I can ramble on few more sentences but I prefer to leave it as it is… Everyone is raising enormous questions since Obama-Osama aftermath. Why was Osama staying at Pakistan? Did Pakistan know the whereabouts of Laden? Where are the pictures/videos? How can we be sure that the person who died is unquestionably Osama only? From the speech given by Obama, it seemed that US is on a peace track with Pakistan. However, by reading the very latest news on CNN, Pakistan is alleging of being obscure of the entire mission. Another question that popped in my head was why the sudden rush of burying the body; that too in the sea? Many will believe it and others will interrogate the media left and right! It’s extremely hard to digest the fact that the Number One most wanted man is DEAD!

Sunday night people suspected the termination of stringent security checks at the airport. However, Monday morning the US government declared even tighter security at every port of entry/exit into USA. Infact, at my work, I received an email with the subject ‘If you see something, say something’… US have hit the terrorist world hard. I can only imagine the consequences of Laden’s downfall in the coming years [maybe months].

US have done a splendid job by killing Laden. Infact, every county who had been targeted by terrorist should’ve been on the same track. However, it’s time for America to release the transparency of the whole matter. How they founded and gutted down Osama, else it’s going to create falsehood in one’s mind. Actually, it already is… On ever y search engine, one can only find opinions/assumptions of the entire mission. It is extremely important for the world to find out how, when, where, the mission started?


  1. Feel bad for Pakistan. Nothing goes in their favor. Just because of few people, whole country has to suffer. Now that OBL is dead, can we ask for and actually get WORLD PEACE!!! No more fighting, war...PLEASE!!! I want to live in a safe world!!!

  2. its a gud news for al d world..but u nvr kw wts d truth behind his death

  3. @ viva_andya, Everything seems fishy to me! I don't believe that he's dead. I think he's in US custody and they will interrogate him as he is the leader of al-qaeda and knows all the ugliest and deadliest secrets of past/present/future terrorist attacks.

  4. He is dead. Even Al Qaeda has announced this and America can never fool the world so easily. and its good to keep the secret of Osama death as secret coz it may be harmful for America. People will know their style of attacking terrorists. other terrorists will work accordingly. its wonderful to keep it secret. But I liked the whole scenario. even i have written a blog, do read it.

  5. Abhilash, I agree with you of keeping it a very secretive mission but the entire scenario does make one skeptical about his death. Anyhow, if he's dead then accolades to US and their master plan. However, if he's not, it's even better because he will spill the secrets of all future attacks. Again big success in both cases. No wonder America is considered the most powerful county in entire world.

  6. Good post!

    However, Osama hiding in Pakistan was all about foreign aid. And, having jalebis with milk at the expense of the US taxpayer...

    Puzzled? read on...

  7. @Desi Babu; Thank you, read your post! Pretty interesting...



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