Friday, April 15, 2011

Will Anna’s crusade lead to a non-corrupt India?

Raise hands if you learnt about Anna through the barrel of Facebook… My hand raised! Be it UK, Australia, or America, most of the Indians didn’t know about Anna’s fight for corruption. Actually, count India as well. Bet many youngsters were obscured from this news. Even though many of us are quite regular on TOI, we still bypassed the intense news revolving around politics or corruption. Reason being: Cricket World Cup Match. When Cricket is broadcasting on TV/Internet/News, Indians stand still. No one gives a damn about who’s getting hitched/ditched? Who’s running the elections? Whose raping or getting raped? Who’s dying? No one cares! The story ends at Cricket. Period.

India won and next thing you know [via Facebook], Anna Hazare going on fast. Support him at Jantar Mantar! Mera Neta Chor Hai! I bet, even today, thousands are alien as to why Anna-ji was fasting and what was the hoopla all about? My significant other had to explain me what exactly the Jan Lokpal bill is… I doubt an army of a dozen people can prosecute politicians or bureaucrats. Corruption in itself is a very powerful enemy and we need the entire country against it to diminish permanently. Considering the fact that the whole nation went completely ga-ga over Hazare’s crusade; from this point onwards would you think twice before jumping a signal or bribing a cop so that the situation can be dismissed? Easier said than done’! Few days back, my dad gave me an excellent example of Chandigarh and how bribery is nowhere to be found in that place. Even the cops are loyal, let alone other facilities and the mango people…

Anna Sahab did his deed by showing the right track to our youth. He even made our work elementary by concocting a body of individuals with the power to prosecute even the prime minister let alone politicians or so-called-lawmakers. Now it’s our turn to stay focused and motivated and loyal to the non-corrupt path. Can we all do that? Rome was not built in a day! So, the change will go into effect but bit by bit. After all, we too desire an honorable and truthful life.

Just a thought: Indian people are very tolerate. However, now the misuse has gone beyond imagination. The way our government’s chamber of secrets are revealing; it’s getting difficult to stay mute and bear the burden of our rotten politicians. It’s high time now!!!


  1. Very well written.... I am die hard fan of your blogs..

  2. Thank you very much! Your support will become my success! :)

  3. Woud recommend you to read stuff about Lokpal. The flaws of the demon, if awakened.

  4. @MangoMan, no wonder it was replaced by Jan Lokpal bill...



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