Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh Gym Shym Karle Ve…

Tu slim shim banle ve zor laga ke… Oh my!!! How much I miss out on my workout sessions, gym days, and the never-ending strenuous Shenandoah Valley hiking trails? Every day I feel guilty while consuming another bite of ‘roti’. Every day I get pissed for wasting another day without workout. And now it has been almost a month without exercise. Sitting at home, loading up on food, becoming a couch potato are not the best ways to stay in shape. Living around Indian food has many pros and cons. There’s no other delicious food out there except for our desi food. Okay okay, my fellow readers will get offended if I don’t mention about Thai food. That’s an exception! Yumm! However, believe me; the amount of ‘desi ghee’ poured in every desi entrée is un-believable! Plus, there are out of this world feeding tactics used on every child in every family. ‘Take one more roti just one more, last one, com’on take it take it, some rice too’. Count the roti’s and then calories!

The worst part is yet to come. While having lunch, the dinner menu will come into play for a discussion. And while having dinner, the next morning’s breakfast will get debated. Are you serious? Shouldn’t we enjoy the present moment and the food in front of us? Not so, in our culture. I can sense the fattening feeling from the debate let alone consuming the food. I’m sure all my blog readers can relate to this amazing quality of all the families out there. Only if everything we consumed was fat-free… Only if the calories never existed on Planet Earth… Only if no workout was required to stay in shape… Only if. Every female can associate herself with this article. It’s more like ‘har ladki ki kahani…’

Anyhow, the whole point of writing this article was to motivate my inner self so that I could get back to the ‘routine’. Only if the summer was already here, I wouldn’t be cribbing. But, thanks to this never-ending winter!!! Hoping/praying for a red, hot, sultry, sunny, sweaty, summery season. Fun times ahead…

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