Monday, April 4, 2011

We Bleed Blue!

Goodness gracious!!! I missed my articles, my writing, my random thoughts, my opinions, and much more. This past month, life changed dramatically and believe me…I relish this change every minute. Anyhow, let’s not get into those details. I have another article under-production dedicated only to that transition.

We Won! We Won! India Won! That’s the brand new mantra all across the nation and globe. If there’s a single Indian residing in an alien country, s/he is celebrating to the fullest. Winning the match from a strong contender and our very own neighbor is no Joke. This match was not an ordinary match. It was bigger than a Karan Johar or Shahrukh Khan Film or the 3G scam or even the Commonwealth Games. This was the baap of everything. The intensity of Cricket is beyond imagination. To find out the real meaning of Cricket, one should travel to India during the World Cup. No one cares about job, school, college, homework, exam, movies, movie stars… Only cricket runs through the mind. And if Sachin is playing, the world stops and so does the time. He’s the God, the real idol of our nation [literally]. For proof, please meet my significant other. He won’t tolerate a single comment against the God. Period.

Today is the D-day itself. It’s life or death. The last world cup we won was in 1983 on this very day. We have been eagerly waiting for another victory. India is batting at this very moment and our beloved got out. I almost had a fit for a moment and Facebook got crowded with sad comments/frown emoticons. Tweeple started bombarding twitter with uncalled tweets. The fans are going totally bonkers at the stadium. With every good shot the entire public goes ga-ga. ‘We will rock you!’ No doubt, no double thoughts, no qualms. The match got real intense in the beginning. It could have gone either way. Sri Lanka had a fair chance however we didn’t lose hope. On the last ball Dhoni did it with his SIXER. He lifted the spirits of the entire nation. That’s exactly what we needed. We did it! We won the World Cup 2011. After twenty eight hard years we finally achieved the one and only goal. A salute to all the men in blue. The atmosphere became too sentimental. Everyone around had joy of tears when the boys picked up the God himself. This win is wholly and entirely dedicated to Sachin. He’s the man and always will be. Hail to the Master Blaster!

The street life after the match was unthinkable, unmatchable to any celebration ever. Mango people went totally bonkers. Traffic didn’t seem as painful. The patriotism emerged out of every living soul in India and elsewhere. There were more tri-colours on view than ever before. Thousands and thousands of euphoric Indians were on the roads. I wish I was in India to witness the enthusiasm, the madness, the mania. The scene on the Marine Drive/India Gate/Gateway of India was bizarre. We created history on Saturday April 2, 2011. The most memorable day ever! RESPECT to the men in blue…

“He carried the nation for 21 years and it is about time we carried him” – Virat Kohli

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