Monday, March 7, 2011

Combination of Excitement & Nervousness

A very tingly feeling is running through my mind. A blend of pure bliss and a bit of agitation. Is this normal for a girl? As your life progresses, transitioning from the Miss column to Mrs is certainly not a smooth change. I’ve always wondered what a girl actually feels deep inside while entering the married life. How exactly does it affect her? What is the feeling of being called a wife, a daughter-in-law? Does it feel heavy on the shoulders with the biggest responsibility ever? I guess the feeling varies from person to person.

A constant restlessness revolves in the heart and mind. It’s impossible to accept that life will definitely take a 360 from this point beyond. Good wishes are thrown at you from everywhere; constant phone calls; congratulations buzzes on the ear non-stop. Along with the excitement, a very odd kind of nervousness follows your shadow. This is feeling before the ‘day’ itself…wonder what will be the experience later on…!

The ‘dude’ has finally arrived and the past weekend was occupied with high spirits. Extreme masti mode at the house and around. Words cannot describe the height of elation felt while sitting in his presence. The comfortness received from his end needs a special mention. The D-day is about to arrive and the excitement is elevating by the minute. Let’s try to make the best out of every second. As my relatives say, these moments will be cherished forever and the time will never come again.

Dost, let’s make our life noteworthy, bodacious, and celebrated!


  1. 360? Does that mean your life will stay exactly the same? A circle ends up at the same spot.. hence a circle. I believe the correct degree you were referring to is near the 175-185 range..

    -professor Layton

  2. Quite right, Professor! You are quite on a tear with these puzzles!

  3. @Abhilash, in a week I will be transitioning to that other column... :P

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