Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IPL + Modi = Hoax ?!?!?

Which is bigger in this day and age, IPL or Bollywood? Well, don’t scratch your head, everyone knows the answer already. IPL has taken Cricket, Glamour, Media, News, Super-star’s, Publicity, and Modi – to another level. The pinnacle of this league is endless. This certainly is one of the most watched, fascinating, heart-stopping, debatable scam of India.

Evidently IPL has taken cricket to new heights. Shilpa Shetty got her commission for exposure. Nita woo-ed the nation with her one colossal bounce on Harbhajan Singh. Mallya’s son got one of the blazing bimbo’s of B’town. SRK and Gauri seem not to create much hoopla in public. Ms. Zinta demonstrated her female power. Mandira Bedi got kicked out as the anchor because she lost her lusty charm [according to the media]. No straps, no show! Truth hurts, deal with it! And above all, Modi becomes a multi-Billionaire…! Not that he had a shortage of money in his Swiss bank. Lalit Modi – a guy who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth certainly made his name unforgettable.

The guy has made unaccountable money from IPL. Not only does he run the IPL, he also secretly owns stakes for the three IPL teams: Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab. Furthermore, he’s also entangled in controversies alleging for match fixing and betting in IPL games. Oh oh, lets not forget the very latest controversy of the documents gone missing from the BCCI headquarters which are worth $1.64 billion. So, let’s look at the whole scenario from a different perspective… Chennai Super Kings won the third season; something which didn’t seem right in the first place and then the very next day contract papers go missing from BCCI headquarters. Hmm…say-no-more; use your brain! After all, Indians are smart people!!!

It is obvious that after playing with such massive numbers the Income Tax department had to give a personal visit to Modi’s villa. There is substantial evidence to prove that he was involved in money laundering, match fixing and above all running a betting network across the world. But wait, all this info is provided by the media and who exactly supplies or sells this info to media; is hard to say! Let’s see if the court will do any justice. Not to mention even courts are run by the big goons in our country. How is it that every time these biggies escape every scam? -->$$$<--

So, after making tons and tons of money, being in news for three years, making a name all across the world, dipping all ten fingers/ten toes in deceit, manipulating ‘the-mango-people’ of India; BCCI decides to suspend Modi sir. Obviously, the guy will not resign. Infact, no one will. Consider yourself making tons of money by a scam and all of a sudden some department puts a stop on it. Heck no! Ain’t happening in 21st century! Modi has acquired enough money and knows exactly how to stay in the game. As a matter of fact, he is the game!

IPL season three came with a big bang in the nation. By the way, thank God for turning the cameras away from Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar. The guy resigned, and Ms. Sue got enormous publicity on hand. Mademoiselle surely knows how to live life king-size! Looks like the hottest thing to buy these days is the IPL team. No wonder, Sue got her share in Kochi team w/ the help of our very own Union Minister.

Be it Politics, Cricket or Bollywood; all use the same funda "Follow the money"

Friday, April 23, 2010

Legend walks amongst us!

His name strikes excellence, determination, talent, elegance and most of all simplicity. One can run out of words to describe the sheer virtue he showers on people around the world. I’m talking about none-other-than, the most famous, world-renowned, best batsmen ever, the one and only Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar.

From early age, he was the talk of the town. There was probably something attractive in his persona which made the other kids say, “yeh ladka kuch ban ke dikhayega…” Sachin started playing cricket at a very young age. Well, nothing fancy in that, I believe every boy who grew up in India learnt cricket from his mother’s womb. Nevertheless, Sachin was the chosen one! There was no doubt that he’d make our country proud one day. His race with the world started at the age of sixteen. An age when most guys are pre-occupied with flirting, girls, showing-off, absolutely non-sense conversation w/ their buddies and what not? Sachin was busy making history! In his first match against Pakistan, Sachin got the compliment of making ‘the best innings’ for a new-comer. And this guy increased his bar one step closer to being called as the Little Master or Master Blaster.

Before we knew it, he was declared as the Captain of Indian Cricket Team. At the age of 23, Sachin inherited the eminent crown of his career. With each of his achievements, he made gazillions of fans. Infact, there are people who portray him as their ‘Icon’.

But wait, it gets better! Earlier this year, Tendulkar made 100 in the first test and 106 in the first innings of the second test. I have a clear visual of that day in my mind. The entire nation went gaga over Sachin. FB statuses changed, enormous videos got updated on YouTube and possibly on every search engine. TOI had a separate column dedicated to Sachin and how he has progressed through his life. Rediff, HTimes, NDTV, IBNLive, BBC…name the news channel and all were wholly hallucinated by his victory. OMG, for a moment I felt Sachin took over the world. However, one thing shocked me completely! His interview… After being contemplated the champion of cricket around the world, he remained down-to-earth. The world did not encounter a mono-tone change or a huge show-off. Whereas our Bollywood celebrities require only one hit and BOOM, the world is at their mercy.

Sachin has a huge impact on every single men of India. Even a teenager dreams to be a Master Blaster one day. He is considered one of the most influential men of our country. I feel much honored to have an icon walk amongst us. Ohh paaji, tussi India di hope ho !

Sleepless nights…

Mujhe neend na aaye… haaye! Nope, you’re getting it all wrong already. This article is not being written on the young blossoms that are in love. It’s precisely for those people who go through insomnia-like-syndrome.

Ahh, them college days’… unorganized life, eat like pigs, sleep at unexpected hours, study through long nights, drink chai at 3AM, gossiping, those top-jeans-flip-flops’ days, lab hours, new movies on Fridays… Ahh, them days’… However, one forgets that life changes dramatically once you get your degree in your hands. Unorganized life is out of the picture. Eating like pigs – aint’ happening anymore, get on w/ healthy food and drive to the gym regularly. Sleeping at unexpected hours gets you real bad.

Believe it! Getting sleep back to a normal mode is not a composed task. It needs constant dedication and a focused mind. Once you get into a routine of sleeping at delayed hours, it gets impervious to get back on track. Plus, there are tons of things to do if you’re not sleeping. Let’s get the facts: we live in a 24x7 society. Television, internet, phone, email, Facebook [hottest in town], Orkut [almost dying], restaurants, clubs, etc etc. Given the resources we have in this day and age, evidently one may divert their cerebrum from sleeping.

Youngsters in the age-group of 20’s deal with this problem on a day to day basis. Or should I call it on a night-to-night basis? Many people don’t consider this as a serious matter but guess what? It’s quite serious!!! Recent college grads, like me, should definitely make it a habit of sleeping at least 6-8 hours everyday. It does affect your body in many different ways. For girls, if you want to look pretty, sexy, attractive and so on… go to bed on time! Also, for people who are trying to shed that flabby weight off of them should get more concerned about sleeping. Once a body goes in unconscious mode, it’s relaxing every muscle in your constitution.

No wonder we learn the rhyme in kindergarten only: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Calamities of 2010…!

Only one-fourth of year 2010 has passed and we have already seen three disastrous earthquakes. Mother Nature took a huge toll on us. I wonder what’s next in the Pandora box for our planet.

The year 2010 began with the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti. But wait, it didn’t stop there! Haitians had a lot more coming there way. Not only did they encounter the magnitude of 7.0M earthquake, they also got fifty two aftershocks measuring at 4.5M. Lord have mercy on those people! 230,000 people died. Yes, that number right before this sentence is correct. A nation which is considered the poorest on the hemisphere is now also the most disaster-prone. Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, burned down in flames. Electricity out, no telephone connection, a city left in complete darkness. I want to take a moment and think what went through people’s mind who encountered this destructive scenario. For a split second, scan this synopsis in your mind and visualize yourself standing there. Scary, isn’t it?

The next victim was Chile with a magnitude of 8.8M. Followed by a very recent Earthquake in China. High-rise building cascading on the cars parked on the street. Debris forming a cloud in the celestial sphere, houses torn apart, residents trying to wipe off their tears. This scenario runs down a chill through the spine.

The aftermath of any natural holocaust leaves a huge mark on the people suffering through it. Chile had the fifth strongest ever recorded Earthquake. Not only did it impact lives of Chileans but it also affected our planet, Earth. A day is shortened by 1.26 millionths of a second, according to the NASA. Even though it’s not a major change but it is a permanent damage.

I can not begin to think how a family copes in this situation. Envision yourself living a very conventional life and then one day, Mother Nature sweeps you off of your ground and throws you in ‘start-from-scratch’ zone. How much motivation will a person have to start his life all over again? What if his family members are in the ‘not found’ section or dead?

We all should take a moment and mourn over the souls we have lost. With so much already happened in this year, should I began to think about 2012 – end of world? Did the Mayans prediction of the judgment day, correct? Will we not live to see our next generation grow old? Just like these, I have many questions buried in my heart but who’s got the answer?
Hail Mother Nature!!!

Sania Shoaib – Uncut

Enough! For those of you who have been constantly agitated by this story know exactly what I’m talking about. Sania Shoaib can elope and let the media focus on other things. However, it seems nothing is more important than the juicy, masala filled, controversial marriage of Sania & Shoaib.

Let me recap a bit! A twenty three year old girl who’s the highest ranked female tennis player ever from India. She is the first Indian woman to be seeded in a Grand Slam Tennis Tournament. We have established that she’s the best in her career. Now let’s talk about the looks and physique. Tall, slim, hour-glass figure, gorgeous! Last factor, a millionaire…
Moving on to the groom, Shoaib; ex-captain of Pakistan cricket team. Regarded as an all rounder bowls men. That’s it! Then what is it that has got this guy and Sania Mirza to get hitched? Well for Shoaib it’s definitely a damn hot sports player, all-rounder, world-wide known, richie-rich girl, and the perfectly-proportioned body. For Sania, its nothing but the suave macho-men look and his saucy sex appeal.

The story doesn’t end here. In every high-profile wedding there has to be a third party involved. And the third party is none-other-than an ex/current lover. Take any past famous weddings… Abhi-Ash alliance came with a huge controversy raised by some infamous girl named Jahanvi Kapoor. Her allegations created hoopla in the media by stating that she has a child with Abhi. Talk about height of desperation! Although, not sure if this desperation is for money or fame? This was a quite recent one, another old one is the smashing, dashing, heart-throb of millions in India and abroad; Hrithik Roshan. Hands down, his controversy took the Oscars. The third party involved was not some atrocious, infamous regular ‘mango people’, it was the diva herself; Kareena Kapoor. Only God knows how Hrithik bypassed that phase of his life.

In Mriza&Malik’s case it’s a girl named Ayesha, who actually claims to be his wife. Minorities like you and I can never tell if the story shown on the television is fiction or non-fiction. Ayesha states that she and Malik got married over the phone. Now, that’s another thing which I fail to understand. How can someone get married on the phone, I mean com’on? If all of it is true then how can a famous cricketer like Shoaib fall for someone who’s just a random girl? Let’s get serious, these high-profile people can through money and get the sexiest babe in town without even thinking twice. Ayesha played a clever game which certainly took her to heights in her life since she’s all over the news.

Anyhow, the wedding is done and Sania is officially Mrs. Malik. Congrats to her! Let’s wait for the reception now. By the way, the guestlist is provided at TOI; feel free to have a glimpse of that. After all, that’s what TOI is for; to check out who’s getting hitched and ditched. I wonder who’s next? Mirza’s certainly got their share of limelight across the globe. The whole thing is that ke bhaiya sabse bada Rupaiya… Mind it !

Eleven years scribbled on a paper…

Shobhaa De – A name that strikes everyone. Yes, I’m a huge fan of her. I call her my mentor. Her articles inspire me, her writing motivates me, and her personality amazes me. I envy this woman, yet I truly love her art of work. I’ve read all her articles, also read one of her books: Socialite Evenings! For some reason, in her book I saw my own childhood. Those days when girls used to resent other girls only because they had a fancier pen or had sparkly covers on their books. Days of Dekh Bhai Dekh and their first ever visit to London. Teenagers constantly humming, ‘na jaane mere dil ko kya ho gaya’… Young boys trying to woo us ‘girls’. Ahaa… them days, good ole’ days!

And one day an invitation came from the United States of America stating, “you are welcome in our country’. Life changed dramatically. Rushing through embassies, waiting there and having those extra-large sandwiches. Numerous trips to the photo-stat shop, passport size photos, signature on just about a million documents. Getting a bob-cut, buying those deluxe clothing which I never bought in my entire life. Showing off at school my ticket to Hollywood, but never did I think that we will be going to US, literally.

I land on American soil and I do not like it! Left behind my hometown, my family, my memories, my friends, my childhood, and most importantly myself. It was hard to create individuality in a new-found country. Life had to conform to American customs. A difficult task but not impossible.

Took me four years to get used to this foreign land. Learned a lot in those four years of high school. A girl, who never went outside Delhi, actually flew seven oceans across to a completely unknown place. This unknown place couldn’t even pronounce my name correctly, how pathetic! Ughh…I hate this! Slowly and gradually life seemed easy, taught how to be independent. First ever daughter of ‘Virmani Khandaan’ got her Bachelors degree from US of A. WOW… Now that’s called an accomplishment!!!

And then the time came to apply all that education in the real world. Get a real job, which pays! Oh yeah, that wasn’t an easy task. Right when my batch got their degrees, US government distributed their ‘How to cope with recession?’ brochures. Another WOW…
However, by God’s grace, I was able to find a job. A job which taught me how to get responsible, how to live life on your own terms, how to stand on your own feet.

In this article everything sounds like a fairytale. Notwithstanding the hardship, the struggle, the ups-down, the tears, the slogans of ‘I can’t take this anymore!!!!’, and so on… This is exactly what many teenagers go through while shifting lives from one continent to another. The overall picture isn’t that pretty but at the end ‘alll izzz welll’.

Life is NOT a race

Nobody is slow and nobody is fast. We are not in a race. We all are in our own time zone. Don’t feel jealous and don’t get too proud. Event...