Friday, April 23, 2010

Sleepless nights…

Mujhe neend na aaye… haaye! Nope, you’re getting it all wrong already. This article is not being written on the young blossoms that are in love. It’s precisely for those people who go through insomnia-like-syndrome.

Ahh, them college days’… unorganized life, eat like pigs, sleep at unexpected hours, study through long nights, drink chai at 3AM, gossiping, those top-jeans-flip-flops’ days, lab hours, new movies on Fridays… Ahh, them days’… However, one forgets that life changes dramatically once you get your degree in your hands. Unorganized life is out of the picture. Eating like pigs – aint’ happening anymore, get on w/ healthy food and drive to the gym regularly. Sleeping at unexpected hours gets you real bad.

Believe it! Getting sleep back to a normal mode is not a composed task. It needs constant dedication and a focused mind. Once you get into a routine of sleeping at delayed hours, it gets impervious to get back on track. Plus, there are tons of things to do if you’re not sleeping. Let’s get the facts: we live in a 24x7 society. Television, internet, phone, email, Facebook [hottest in town], Orkut [almost dying], restaurants, clubs, etc etc. Given the resources we have in this day and age, evidently one may divert their cerebrum from sleeping.

Youngsters in the age-group of 20’s deal with this problem on a day to day basis. Or should I call it on a night-to-night basis? Many people don’t consider this as a serious matter but guess what? It’s quite serious!!! Recent college grads, like me, should definitely make it a habit of sleeping at least 6-8 hours everyday. It does affect your body in many different ways. For girls, if you want to look pretty, sexy, attractive and so on… go to bed on time! Also, for people who are trying to shed that flabby weight off of them should get more concerned about sleeping. Once a body goes in unconscious mode, it’s relaxing every muscle in your constitution.

No wonder we learn the rhyme in kindergarten only: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.


  1. Very well said... Hope you follow the same..

  2. Sleep well!
    - For adults, it is necessary to sleep at least 7-8 hours daily.
    - A comfortable bed and room temperature are a must.
    - Try to ban television, laptops and music players in bedroom.
    - Before going to bed, abstain from tea, coffee or any other form of caffeine for four hours.
    - Maintain a sleep diary or you can call it a worry diary too. Before going to bed, write down all that bothered you during the day. And leave it there! Go to bed with a peaceful mind.
    - Try to have your dinner around the same time every day.
    - Avoid heavy meals at night. Have your dinner at least one and a half hours before going to bed.
    - Many people find it easy to sleep after having a glass of hot milk post-dinner.
    - Having heavy alcohol at night can also disturb your sleep.
    - Exercise regularly.
    - Yoga and meditation help in lowering anxiety, for those who find it difficult to fall asleep.

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  3. I Agree with you Divya...once you disturm your body clock , its really difficult to get back on track....proper sleep can do wonders to your body. I hope I can change my routine soon :(