Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Calamities of 2010…!

Only one-fourth of year 2010 has passed and we have already seen three disastrous earthquakes. Mother Nature took a huge toll on us. I wonder what’s next in the Pandora box for our planet.

The year 2010 began with the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti. But wait, it didn’t stop there! Haitians had a lot more coming there way. Not only did they encounter the magnitude of 7.0M earthquake, they also got fifty two aftershocks measuring at 4.5M. Lord have mercy on those people! 230,000 people died. Yes, that number right before this sentence is correct. A nation which is considered the poorest on the hemisphere is now also the most disaster-prone. Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, burned down in flames. Electricity out, no telephone connection, a city left in complete darkness. I want to take a moment and think what went through people’s mind who encountered this destructive scenario. For a split second, scan this synopsis in your mind and visualize yourself standing there. Scary, isn’t it?

The next victim was Chile with a magnitude of 8.8M. Followed by a very recent Earthquake in China. High-rise building cascading on the cars parked on the street. Debris forming a cloud in the celestial sphere, houses torn apart, residents trying to wipe off their tears. This scenario runs down a chill through the spine.

The aftermath of any natural holocaust leaves a huge mark on the people suffering through it. Chile had the fifth strongest ever recorded Earthquake. Not only did it impact lives of Chileans but it also affected our planet, Earth. A day is shortened by 1.26 millionths of a second, according to the NASA. Even though it’s not a major change but it is a permanent damage.

I can not begin to think how a family copes in this situation. Envision yourself living a very conventional life and then one day, Mother Nature sweeps you off of your ground and throws you in ‘start-from-scratch’ zone. How much motivation will a person have to start his life all over again? What if his family members are in the ‘not found’ section or dead?

We all should take a moment and mourn over the souls we have lost. With so much already happened in this year, should I began to think about 2012 – end of world? Did the Mayans prediction of the judgment day, correct? Will we not live to see our next generation grow old? Just like these, I have many questions buried in my heart but who’s got the answer?
Hail Mother Nature!!!


  1. well said. finally someone else with a blog.

  2. Nicely written... but 2012 was just a movie