Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Don’t you think life is too unpredictable?

Why bother about tomorrow when you can live to the fullest today… It’s not compulsory to always decipher how your tomorrow should be. No one knows what their tomorrow will look like. However, everyone is informed of the present situation. One may plan as much as they want for their future but it’s impossible to avoid the unpredictable changes life brings to your door. Everyone advises to think about the future; plan ahead, but no one communicates regarding the present.

It’s innate to worry more about the future than the present. However, if one constantly envisions about the future, then he’s living in an illusion. Do you agree? One takes the present for granted. One doesn’t realize that he should be only aware of what’s happening right now, right here. If you live in the moment, then you are living your life fully. There are enormous amount of people who uniformly disturb their mind with upcoming tasks, meetings, family situations and completely ignore the fact that whatever is meant to happen will happen. By getting agitated or harassing your mind and body; tomorrow won’t change. Life is unpredictable and it doesn’t run on your finger tips.

If you’re living in the present, you’re living in acceptance. You are accepting life as is; you are living in that moment; and you have no qualms with it. Always remember, you can control your mind; you can make yourself happy; and you can enjoy this very moment…

So, are you elated to read my article? :)


  1. The thoughts of Tomorrow for me brings excitment and longing. Knowing its there waiting for me, makes 'now' even more thrilling. I think its a balance. Maybe some people are more inclined to *worry* about the future, as a dark blurry shadow, rather than letting it drift amoung their immediate experiences like an old friend.
    Dave Merit

  2. Dave: well said! Thank you for commenting! I do agree with you but personally I believe it's just better to live in present then to always think/worry about the future. And trust me, there are more worries then excitement when you think about future...! :-)



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