Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy birthday to my hubby!

So, it’s my hubby’s birthday today. It’s been a little over a year we both got married and I finally decided that this time I’ll publish this article online. I have dedicated quite a few articles to my beloved but never posted on my blog site. Simply because he’s a bit against it. This time, I aint’ listening to him. Because this is a surprise!

I fancy his company a lot. I love to talk and he likes to listen…and only listen. At times I have to force him to reciprocate at least something. So I don’t feel like I’m a radio. HA! Laugh it up… I think it’s pretty common in couples. Women’s obviously love to share more than men. On the other hand, he enjoys irritating me in every possible way. Believe me, this is definitely one of the best qualities all men have! Girls – do you all agree?

Things certainly change once you are married with your partner. At times when I look back and ponder upon my courtship period, my heart fills out with happiness. You are only required to look pretty, dress up fancy, show up on a date and head back home. No responsibilities. No worries. The picture looks quite different post marriage. The word responsibility drops on the couple like a bomb. And trust me; it’s a heck of a job! I’m sure all married people know what exactly I’m talking about.

After marriage, every day I learn something new about my hubby. Maybe one of his childhood stories or one of his bad habits or which cuisine he favors or how he avoids eating out and asks me to cook at home… I believe with each passing day, the bonding is only getting stronger.

The most amazing thing I found in my hubby is how crazily he tries to make me laugh. How he would start singing a song out loud in the middle of the day, out of nowhere... And how he would start mimicking one of the bollywood stars... He is quite a knowledgeable person. I love to call him my Google because it’s easier and faster to ask him a question then to turn on my computer and actually Google it.

Slowly and gradually we both are accommodating with each other and hoping to make our tomorrow blissful. Overall, he’s a fun loving person and I absolutely adore living with him and irritating him and harassing him in every possible way!!!

Happy birthday, sweetheart!

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  1. You are so lucky to have such a loving and caring husband.



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