Sunday, April 8, 2012

Once again…it’s IPL time!

The fever began a couple of days ago. The show business is back. IPL is a much awaited event in India and abroad as well. In past couple days, my twitter account is getting bombarded with tweets dedicated to IPL. Once again all the public is glued to their televisions day in day out. And some will be constantly keeping an eye on the scoreboard online.

IPL is becoming colossal with each passing year. Business tycoons and mega Bollywood stars investing crore’s in all the teams. Usually I find Bollywood stars promoting their movies or partying hard. However, these days you find them linking up with the Cricket world. The top notch actresses want to perform at the opening ceremonies. They want to be seen in all the matches because that’s where the media is… Apparently if you are a mega-star and not associated with IPL then you ain’t that famous!

The show business has even allured our well talented and level headed cricketers to get side-tracked. Back in the days, it wasn’t common to hear gossip between actors and cricketers. But, IPL broke the curse. Cricket is already a much hyped up sport in our country. And post IPL it became all glitzy and glammy. Thanks to our Bollywood stars who want to be seen around in all the matches. Well, I’m anxiously waiting to hear all the stories of our IPL this year. Every year there is some sort of ghotala or gossip conjugated with this business. I wonder what’s coming up next…

Tip: The simple mantra actresses can choose to get famous is ‘to be seen with Cricketers when the media is around’….and it’ll hit the front page!

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