Friday, September 23, 2011

7 wonders of our Solar System

Okay guys… if you have even the slightest interest in our back yard aka Space, you do not want to miss this article. So, yesterday night after a very rigorous workout at the gym followed by a delicious meal; my partner and I watched a breath-taking documentary about Space. Here it comes…

7th One of Saturn’s Moon named ‘Enceladus’
Space craft Cassini recently flew by Saturn and discovered a whole lot about the planet and Enceladus. This moon is loaded with water ice and constantly generates humungous geysers from its surface.

6th Saturn’s Rings
Some say this is the most beautiful planet in our Solar System. Don’t be fooled by its pretty and bewitching rings. The closer you go, the more you know about the deadly rings. The debris revolving around Saturn is 35 trillion trillion water, ice and rock. Infact, the Space craft Cassini discovered few moons embedded in the rings itself. There are altogether 62 known Moons of Saturn and more are still getting discovered… Relax, Saturn! Thank God, we have only one Moon.

5th Jupiter’s Red Spot
I’m guessing everyone reading this article is quite familiar with ‘The Great Red Spot’ on Jupiter. It’s been there ever since we started peeking at our back yard. Did you now the red spot is three times the size of Earth? The ancient storm has been in action for past countless centuries. The odd thing about the storm is that it revolves counter clockwise which is not the case on our Earth. Believe it or not, this is my most favorite Planet in our Planet belt. The formations on Jupiter are mesmerizing. Layers of storms, with different colors, moving against each other…it’s all a mystery!

4th Asteroid Belt
The asteroid belt is also known as the cosmic junk yard. All the debris and junk left from the making of our Solar System. After the big bang, most of the rocks found their home by lagging on to their Planets but tons is still left flying around in the asteroid belt. I would like to call it ‘the homeless rocks’. They might be homeless but they are considered the biggest threat to our Planet. Remember the time when an enormously colossal asteroid hit Earth and wiped out all the Dinosaurs? Could happen again…don’t you think?

3rd Olympus Mons
For those of you who are clueless about this… It’s the largest Volcano situated on the north pole of Mars. It is the biggest ever found in our Solar System. One can view the entire Martian land from the highest peak. It is 100 times larger than the Earth’s Volcano. Hiking on this mountain with a view of Stars all over you and the Space will be magnificent. Anyone up for it?

2nd Sun
We cannot make our ‘Suraj Devta’ mad by leaving him behind. It’s the most chaotic place in our Solar System. Always boiling and bubbling holding 10,000 tons of plasma embedded in it. Sun likes to throw blobs of ionized particles in the space which generates storms on Earth. It’s also very hazardous for the astronauts working on the Space Station. However, we can’t complain because without its existence we won’t exist!

1st Planet Earth
What else did you expect? Of course, it had to our home Planet any day, any time. Where else can you find life? We are situated in the perfect position where humans can sustain life. Vast oceans, colossal mountains, gravity, trees, fresh air, summer, winter, spring, fall, food, entertainment, electricity, diverse cultures, and the list can go on and on… You name it, we got it!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Who’s scared of 2012?

Ever wondered what will actually happen in 2012? The end of the world, the destruction, the doomsday, judgment day… are these just hype’s created by the people and media or is it really true? I can’t recall how and what triggered me to watch documentaries on Mayan culture and tsunami videos this past weekend? Doesn’t it strike you that too many natural calamities are going on around the globe? I doubt any one of us have heard about Earthquakes back to back so frequently. In the past month, we encountered Earthquake every week. Twice in some weeks… and don’t forget the catastrophic Tsunami which shook the entire Japan. Infact, the entire island was shifted from its current place.

Any of you recall what happened after New Year’s? Nearly 3,000 dead birds fell from the sky in Arkansas. Not so much of a (Happy) New Year. Scorching sunshine to torrential rain to disastrous hurricanes. This makes me wonder if the end is near. Coming back to Mayan culture – according to Mayans, 21st December 2012 is the day when Earth will complete its wobble around its axis. It takes 26,000 years to complete one wobble. So, every 26,000 years some sort of destruction transpires. As far as 2012 is concerned, the Mayans only predicted that Earth will be experiencing Earthquakes and possible volcanic activity. Many other predictions were made by the people in the last decade.

I strongly believe some catastrophe will occur next year. One can see the signs this year already. Mother Nature is bashing us up in every way possible. Don’t forget the prediction of a colossal Earthquake on California. I vaguely remember scientist predictions post Japan quake. The videos I watched of Japan’s Tsunami in the weekend were extremely disturbing. It’s hard to imagine yourself in that situation. While watching the Youtube, I heard the news of an Earthquake in Sikkhim, India. Many people died and several others lost their home in a devastating 6.8 Earthquake. My prayers go out to all the people who lost their lives in this disastrous quake. I fear how much more Mother Nature has stored in her Pandora box?

Earth will perish one day. It’s just a matter of time… Are you scared?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Yet another Black Wednesday for Indians

So, where should I begin? Another attack on India? Correct me if I’m wrong, don’t you think we are beginning to reach our tolerance level? Yup, we are! The count of the dead in Delhi Blasts is 12 and 90 injured. Not sure if this is accurate, as we all are familiar with our media. May the 12 souls rest in peace. I can’t even begin to imagine how those 90 injured will cope with this pain and trauma? Can you imagine them living a peaceful life? I think living a disable life is worse than dying. That’s just my perception, yours can differ.

While conversing with my mom this morning, I found out about one of the deceased. Unfortunately, this man had forgotten his overcoat at home which is considered the uniform to work in High Court and decided to stand in the visitor queue. How innocent was he? The so-called-political-thekedaar will continue to give their somber sounding statements. Ask the country to stay calm and remain united. Those responsible for the security and safety of our nation will continue to clutch tightly to their kursi’s. This isn’t America, Dost! Our government cares less about its public. They don’t have the guts to barge into someone’s country, shoot the bloody culprit or the mass murderer (if I may) and abduct the body…!

What does the average Joe do in such a desperate situation? The mental torture caused by our neta’s is worse than the terrorist destruction. I really wonder when these high profile people will understand the pain a mango man goes through in such tragedy. In the past 5 years not a single politician was directly affected by any of the terrorist attacks in our country. God forbid but what if the next attack is right on the footsteps of our neta’s? Our Manmohan Ji seems to be undisturbed by terrorist attacks or any kind of change in the country. As if he’s a puppet. Oh wait…did I say too much?

Along with America, there are many other countries which have declared zero tolerance to terrorism. Why are we lagging behind? We, as a country will not get immune to any terror attacks. You dare not think that Indians are tolerable people. Public anger is as lethal, as dangerous as a roadside bomb. Do not make the mistake of triggering it. It will come out to be more destructive than a suitcase bomb left abandoned.

Don’t try to fool the public, you morons…!

Memorable trip to Poconos

The long weekend kicked off astonishingly with a long drive to Pocono Mountains. The two of us settled on Cove Haven Resorts. Started driving at the wee hours of the morning. The vaadiyan throughout the trip were breathtaking. Passed by corn fields, mountains, and many clouds. Crossed several bridges positioned in the middle of the mountains. It was staggering to see the mountains cut out from the middle to create a colossal highway. Do you ever imagine how many trees are in United States of A? Each time my beau and I took a road trip, it daunts us how much wood this country holds.

The Sun decided to play hide ‘n’ seek that morning. In less than five hours, we arrived at the Cove Haven Resort. Oh my…seemed like a paradise on Earth. Okay, I’m exaggerating but that’s how they like to describe. The resort is equipped with any and everything a couple would like to do. Yup, it’s only a couples resort. NO kids allowed. The place has its own restaurant and a theatre built at their property. One can call it a five start restaurant. The food was delectable and the service was top notch. Outside resort, it’s a dead location and that’s why the resort arranges their own activities. From stand up comedians to live bands to DJ…it’s all there!

The resort is established right next to the Lake Wallenpaupack. Believe it or not, but it’s a man-made lake. I was stupefied at this fact. It was a humongous lake spread over 30 some miles and 60 feet deep. Apparently, it’s one of the sources to generate electricity in that area. Spotted a mansion right next to the lake. Wondered how much it was worth? The boat ride was enjoyable around the lake. Since the lake was a part of the resort, all the activities linked with the lake were free and unlimited! I doubt I can count the number of games I played. It was delight to observe all the couples competing with each other. Everyone seemed so benevolent and cordial amongst other couples. Love was literally in the air.

You must experience it…