Friday, September 23, 2011

7 wonders of our Solar System

Okay guys… if you have even the slightest interest in our back yard aka Space, you do not want to miss this article. So, yesterday night after a very rigorous workout at the gym followed by a delicious meal; my partner and I watched a breath-taking documentary about Space. Here it comes…

7th One of Saturn’s Moon named ‘Enceladus’
Space craft Cassini recently flew by Saturn and discovered a whole lot about the planet and Enceladus. This moon is loaded with water ice and constantly generates humungous geysers from its surface.

6th Saturn’s Rings
Some say this is the most beautiful planet in our Solar System. Don’t be fooled by its pretty and bewitching rings. The closer you go, the more you know about the deadly rings. The debris revolving around Saturn is 35 trillion trillion water, ice and rock. Infact, the Space craft Cassini discovered few moons embedded in the rings itself. There are altogether 62 known Moons of Saturn and more are still getting discovered… Relax, Saturn! Thank God, we have only one Moon.

5th Jupiter’s Red Spot
I’m guessing everyone reading this article is quite familiar with ‘The Great Red Spot’ on Jupiter. It’s been there ever since we started peeking at our back yard. Did you now the red spot is three times the size of Earth? The ancient storm has been in action for past countless centuries. The odd thing about the storm is that it revolves counter clockwise which is not the case on our Earth. Believe it or not, this is my most favorite Planet in our Planet belt. The formations on Jupiter are mesmerizing. Layers of storms, with different colors, moving against each other…it’s all a mystery!

4th Asteroid Belt
The asteroid belt is also known as the cosmic junk yard. All the debris and junk left from the making of our Solar System. After the big bang, most of the rocks found their home by lagging on to their Planets but tons is still left flying around in the asteroid belt. I would like to call it ‘the homeless rocks’. They might be homeless but they are considered the biggest threat to our Planet. Remember the time when an enormously colossal asteroid hit Earth and wiped out all the Dinosaurs? Could happen again…don’t you think?

3rd Olympus Mons
For those of you who are clueless about this… It’s the largest Volcano situated on the north pole of Mars. It is the biggest ever found in our Solar System. One can view the entire Martian land from the highest peak. It is 100 times larger than the Earth’s Volcano. Hiking on this mountain with a view of Stars all over you and the Space will be magnificent. Anyone up for it?

2nd Sun
We cannot make our ‘Suraj Devta’ mad by leaving him behind. It’s the most chaotic place in our Solar System. Always boiling and bubbling holding 10,000 tons of plasma embedded in it. Sun likes to throw blobs of ionized particles in the space which generates storms on Earth. It’s also very hazardous for the astronauts working on the Space Station. However, we can’t complain because without its existence we won’t exist!

1st Planet Earth
What else did you expect? Of course, it had to our home Planet any day, any time. Where else can you find life? We are situated in the perfect position where humans can sustain life. Vast oceans, colossal mountains, gravity, trees, fresh air, summer, winter, spring, fall, food, entertainment, electricity, diverse cultures, and the list can go on and on… You name it, we got it!



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