Monday, September 12, 2011

Memorable trip to Poconos

The long weekend kicked off astonishingly with a long drive to Pocono Mountains. The two of us settled on Cove Haven Resorts. Started driving at the wee hours of the morning. The vaadiyan throughout the trip were breathtaking. Passed by corn fields, mountains, and many clouds. Crossed several bridges positioned in the middle of the mountains. It was staggering to see the mountains cut out from the middle to create a colossal highway. Do you ever imagine how many trees are in United States of A? Each time my beau and I took a road trip, it daunts us how much wood this country holds.

The Sun decided to play hide ‘n’ seek that morning. In less than five hours, we arrived at the Cove Haven Resort. Oh my…seemed like a paradise on Earth. Okay, I’m exaggerating but that’s how they like to describe. The resort is equipped with any and everything a couple would like to do. Yup, it’s only a couples resort. NO kids allowed. The place has its own restaurant and a theatre built at their property. One can call it a five start restaurant. The food was delectable and the service was top notch. Outside resort, it’s a dead location and that’s why the resort arranges their own activities. From stand up comedians to live bands to DJ…it’s all there!

The resort is established right next to the Lake Wallenpaupack. Believe it or not, but it’s a man-made lake. I was stupefied at this fact. It was a humongous lake spread over 30 some miles and 60 feet deep. Apparently, it’s one of the sources to generate electricity in that area. Spotted a mansion right next to the lake. Wondered how much it was worth? The boat ride was enjoyable around the lake. Since the lake was a part of the resort, all the activities linked with the lake were free and unlimited! I doubt I can count the number of games I played. It was delight to observe all the couples competing with each other. Everyone seemed so benevolent and cordial amongst other couples. Love was literally in the air.

You must experience it…

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