Monday, September 12, 2011

Yet another Black Wednesday for Indians

So, where should I begin? Another attack on India? Correct me if I’m wrong, don’t you think we are beginning to reach our tolerance level? Yup, we are! The count of the dead in Delhi Blasts is 12 and 90 injured. Not sure if this is accurate, as we all are familiar with our media. May the 12 souls rest in peace. I can’t even begin to imagine how those 90 injured will cope with this pain and trauma? Can you imagine them living a peaceful life? I think living a disable life is worse than dying. That’s just my perception, yours can differ.

While conversing with my mom this morning, I found out about one of the deceased. Unfortunately, this man had forgotten his overcoat at home which is considered the uniform to work in High Court and decided to stand in the visitor queue. How innocent was he? The so-called-political-thekedaar will continue to give their somber sounding statements. Ask the country to stay calm and remain united. Those responsible for the security and safety of our nation will continue to clutch tightly to their kursi’s. This isn’t America, Dost! Our government cares less about its public. They don’t have the guts to barge into someone’s country, shoot the bloody culprit or the mass murderer (if I may) and abduct the body…!

What does the average Joe do in such a desperate situation? The mental torture caused by our neta’s is worse than the terrorist destruction. I really wonder when these high profile people will understand the pain a mango man goes through in such tragedy. In the past 5 years not a single politician was directly affected by any of the terrorist attacks in our country. God forbid but what if the next attack is right on the footsteps of our neta’s? Our Manmohan Ji seems to be undisturbed by terrorist attacks or any kind of change in the country. As if he’s a puppet. Oh wait…did I say too much?

Along with America, there are many other countries which have declared zero tolerance to terrorism. Why are we lagging behind? We, as a country will not get immune to any terror attacks. You dare not think that Indians are tolerable people. Public anger is as lethal, as dangerous as a roadside bomb. Do not make the mistake of triggering it. It will come out to be more destructive than a suitcase bomb left abandoned.

Don’t try to fool the public, you morons…!

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